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Burbank con photos now online - UPDATE: Other photos added
by Dani Moure - Tuesday, December 3rd 2002

Category: Old News

UPDATE: The "Other Photos" page of the gallery is now online.

As promised, our Burbank Con 2002 photo gallery is now online. We have over 130 photos from the con itself, with some other photos, of fans and such, coming tomorrow (I just didn't have time tonight, sorry). You'll have to forgive the few blurred images - this was my first time taking photos (other than the odd one or two) and combined with the guests moving on stage, well, you know. Also, the lighting caused some of the pictures to come out a little dark, but I chose not to use a photo package to brighten them (I'd consider it, though).

Anyhow, you can view the photos in our Burbank Convention 2002 Gallery.

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