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Ben Browder talks the cancellation, David Franklin interviewed, demise rumours denied and more in the Farscape Magazine
by Dani Moure - Monday, December 9th 2002

Category: Old News

In the latest issue of Farscape: The Official Magazine (#10 – Dec 02/Jan 03), Ben Browder gives some of his thoughts on Farscape's cancellation. Here's an excerpt:

On what happens next with Farscape:

"The ideal thing is to do movies, in the same way as the Star Trek franchise has done. You need more audience to make that splash. I think the audience is larger than the ratings would tell you. If we come back and our numbers are bigger than people expected, then that bodes well for us to being able to finish the story. Whether we finish it in a film or in a mini-series, or whatever form that someone has the cash to make those kind of decisions makes, you need the audience. It's the audience which is going to decide whether that's do-able or not. I don't see many people throwing money at us so that we can finish telling our creative end of the story. Money doesn't care about that. Money doesn't care if a story is finished. The fans care, we care, but the people holding the purse strings don't care about that. They care about whether they're getting a return on their investment."

David Franklin is also quizzed in this issue, on such things as his character's involvement in season four and interacting with the fans. Here's an excerpt:

On whether he's enjoying this season:

"I'm having a ball. It's good fun. And it's great fun working with Rebecca Riggs, my lady boss! Ninety-five percent of my scenes so far this season have been with her. Thank God we get on! It was fun filming 'What was Lost' – there she was, topless in the bath for the morning, then we went and had lunch, then she got back in the bath. I love scenes like that when the character is so far out of his comfort zone. In fact, his comfort zone was a dim, dark memory at that point!"

David Kemper also gives his run-down of the cancellation in his own unique way in his column, and it's a fantastic read. One poignant comment is this:

"Where next? Where now? The team that brought you Farscape wishes to stay together and work on another project. So that's what we're trying to do. While most people are grabbing work here and there to pay the bills, they've all expressed an interest in pulling together again on another show. And who knows? If the ratings for our last 11 eps tick up a bit, perhaps we'll even have to get together to do something Farscape related. That would be a shame, huh?

I heard a rumour – perhaps it's fact by now [Dani's note: it is] – that Sci Fi was going to move us from our most recent, we-should-never-have-been-there-in-the-first-place-10pm-timeslot to leading off the night at 8pm. That would be good news on the one hand; baffling on the other. if you accept the premise that our ratings are slipping enough to cancel us, why would you want a show that's sinking to lead off your night? Hmmm."

In addition to those features, there's a Ben Browder reader Q&A, an Anthony Simcoe interview, all-new fiction and more.

Regarding rumours of the demise of the magazine at issue 12, we asked magazine editor Martin Eden for his comments, and he told us that "no such decision has been made". So as of this moment, the magazine looks as though it may tread on (although decisions like that can be made very quickly).

As a side note, the magazine is also holding a reader Q&A with Gigi Edgley, and want your questions. You can send your questions for Gigi to farscape@titanemail.com.

They're also holding a reader poll, and would like your votes in the following categories:

1) Favourite male character
2) Favourite female character
3) Favourite Moya crewmember
4) Favourite villain
5) Favourite alien race
6) Sexiest character
7) Favourite season
8) Favourite Farscape episode (pick one from each season)
9) Best Farscape 'moment'

You can e-mail your poll votes to farscape@titanemail.com.

The Farscape Magazine Issue 10 (Dec 02/Jan 03) is available now in all good newsagents in the UK and will be available very soon in the US and Canada. For subscription information call:

(+44) 01536 764 646 in the UK & Ireland, or
1-877 363 1310 in the US and Canada.

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