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Ben Browder talks about the cancellation and conventions
by Dani Moure - Thursday, December 12th 2002

Category: Old News

In the latest issue of Impact (#132 – December 2002), Ben Browder gives some of his thoughts on Farscape's cancellation, conventions and more. Here are some excerpts:

Regarding how season four ends, in light of the cancellation:

"I imagine we would've structured season four a little differently, if we had known it was going to end at the end of the fourth year. We took probably more side journeys in season four than we would have if we knew it was going to end. But, quite literally, we didn't know until after we'd shot episode twenty-two. We had wrapped all main unites – even B unit – and were doing pick-ups from earlier episodes when the news came down that we weren't proceeding. But, realistically, knowing how contracts are structured in Hollywood, when I heard 'two seasons', I went 'that sounds great, I'll wait 'til I see it.' But that's just my experience with Hollywood where I've been offered parts, told it's a 'go,' then the project falls apart."

On Farscape's demographics:

"The interesting thing to me is that Sci Fi is talking about expanding their demographics. Farscape has the demographics they're talking about. We've got more women watching than probably any science fiction show that's on the air. I don't know whether more women watch Buffy or not, but certainly for space-based science fiction our numbers and the quality of our demographics in regards to women and income and educational level and age group, man, we've got great demographics! Farscape is space-based science fiction, you can't get away from that. It is what it is. It's a show on a space ship. But it's all the other stuff. It's all the smart stuff. Women are smart. If women watch it, it's smart. That's my opinion."

On the fan response to the show:

"I've said repeatedly that I am proud of the bad stuff I did on Farscape, because at least we were trying to do stiff. I don't think that there'll ever come a time where I'll disavow or walk away or say 'oh, yeah, that Farscape thing.' I can't imagine that. My experience of it is such that I've enjoyed myself too much doing it to ever do a Brutus. But, whether I'd do a convention or not is a completely separate issue. Fans have seen me. They've seen me twice. What's more to see? There's not much more to see about me. I'd love for them to have more time with the other people, [but] I'm sire I'll end up at a convention somewhere at some point. Conventions are, to me, actually exhausting because I don't necessarily function well as someone with a bunch of flashes of light in my eyes. I keep wondering why anyone would want to take a picture of me? I wonder why anyone would want my autograph. I've come to get somewhat used to it, but you just kind of go 'why would you want that?'"

Ben talks much more in-depth about the cancellation and where he'll go next in the December 2002 issue of Impact magazine (#135), priced at 3.25, and is in store now. For more information visit the Impact website.

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