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UK season four DVD information and episode spread
by Dani Moure - Tuesday, December 17th 2002

Category: Old News

As a taster of information on the upcoming UK region 2 DVD release of season four, we have the episode spread for the DVDs, and a message from Lee Binding, producer of the UK DVDs. As a note, there are still no confirmed release dates (there are estimates for retailers, but like last year they are likely to change). As soon as there are, we'll let you know.

The episode spread is as follows:

Double DVD Box 4.1

Disc 4.01: "Crichton Kicks", What was Lost, Part 1: "Sacrifice" & Part 2: "Resurrection"

Disc 4.02: "Lava's a Many Splendored Thing" & "Promises"

Double DVD Box 4.2

Disc 4.03: "Natural Election", "John Quixote" & "I Shrink Therefore I Am"

Disc 4.04: "A Prefect Murder" & "Coup by Clam"

Double DVD Box 4.3

Disc 4.05: "Unrealized Reality" & "Kansas"

Disc 4.06: "Terra Firma" & "Twice Shy"

Double DVD Box 4.4

Disc 4.07: "Mental as Anything" & "Bringing Home the Beacon"

Disc 4.08: "A Constellation of Doubt" & 418

Double DVD Box 4.5

Disc 4.09: 419 & 420

Disc 4.10: 421 & 422

Lee also had this message:

"I'm right in the middle of pre-production for the DVDs – and this is the most exciting part where I get to say how the whole of the Season will look. I've got my graphics house working on the covers now with the design of those is a very dark, stylised - but it's amazing how much detail goes into it. I had a three-page email discussion with the Powers That Be yesterday as to where the Farscape logo was to go. It's taken that seriously.

(We haven't moved it. But we are now calling the show ‘KittenScape’. It's going to be the adventures of my tiny wee kitten Gilbert who’s shot through a catflap to the other side of the garden, where he’s on a shed – a living shed – full of escaped cats (his friends). He’s just trying to find a way home, you know.)

We'll be working on the menus shortly; it's fantastic that Season Four's in widescreen, but an absolute pain in the bum for us as we're going to have to scrap the menus we did last year and create new ones. They’re going to be similar, but... different. Possibly more 3D in their movement... And I'm also off to sell a kidney so we can get 5.1 Dolby explosions on them again!

(I know for a fact that Gilbert will *not* be cancelled after he's four years old. Try anything like that and he'll scratch your eyes out.)

Here is also how the DVD releases are going to be broken down. We're possibly going to mirror the DVDs with the VHSs, and only have five releases of those too, as the VHS market is almost dead.

Have a lovely Christmas!

(and Commander Gilbert)"

And don't forget, there's still time to order DVDs in time for the holidays from UK DVD Section of the Farscape World Store.

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