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"Kansas" image gallery now online, and a bit more
by Dani Moure - Monday, December 30th 2002

Category: Old News

The image gallery for "Kansas" is now online, with 196 images for you to savour, or spoil yourselves (not that I'd recommend it) if you're in the US. You can see the image gallery in the Episodes section.

You will notice that the synopsis isn't yet there. And I do have a very good reason for that. When I went to capture the images, my PC went haywire and nearly died, and in the end after over an hour running ScanDisk several times, it turns out that something had caused several invalid directory entries on my PC, meaning several things, including the image still capture file, were invisible to me. I got it working, but it's literally about to turn 5am, so I doubt I'd get a good synopsis done. Hopefully I'll get some sleep, and have something good in the morning. I do apologise, but like a lot lately, this crap is out of my control. It's extremely frustrating for me, too.

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