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What happened to Farscape World part 413: It ain't over until it comes back to kick you in the ass
by Dani Moure - Wednesday, January 8th 2003

Category: Old News

You may recall, back last June, we had a few hiccups. OK, it was one major hiccup – the entire site and all its files were deleted without notice. At the time, we transferred to a completely new hosting company, and in the process transferred the domain name (farscapeworld.com) over to them as well, renewing it for two years.

Or so we thought.

Imagine the surprise then, on Sunday morning, when Angie comes on IRC and tells me she can't get on the site. It all looked great my end, but she also mentioned that several others couldn't get on either. So, I do some quick investigation, and after several WHOIS searches, discover the domain has expired, so it's been detagged (that is to say, the site was still there, it's just the name farscapeworld.com no longer pointed to anything).

Yes, that's right folks. We paid for the domain to be renewed for two years (until 2005), and yet it expired.

So, I get worried and e-mail our hosting company (since it's a Sunday). They tell me that the domain transfer was authorised their end, but apparently never happened at the other end; so they don't have it. They tell me it's registered to... a company in Australia, and I need to contact my previous host. Oh, joy. It's Sunday, and night – everywhere's closed.

Monday comes, and just happens to be the day I go back to Uni, so it has to wait until I get home. I contact our old hosts and, yes, you guessed it – they say the domain was transferred and they have no control. It's in the hands of our current hosts. Wonderful.

Back I go to e-mail the current hosts again, but they are positive that the domain was never transferred, so it looks like we have to contact the company in Australia. So I e-mail and fax them, then wait. After all, they don't open until 9:30 UK time. I try my hardest to enjoy the new episode... but can't stop thinking about the darn site problem. Eventually, it gets late, and as I'm drowning my sorrows with a bottle of vodka (OK, so that's not true, but still), Mary offers to phone the Aussie company, since she has a much more desirable time difference. They explain that yes, the domain expired, and our hosting company should've been contacted to renew it.

But not me, of course. Forget about me; why would I need to be told to renew the domain?

Ahem, anyway. We decide to see what our hosts have to say since they were paid for a renewal, and they tell me on Tuesday that, because of the expiration, I have no choice but to renew through the Australian company. That's no one's fault, just the way things work.

So I do, immediately, and get the domain retagged. And then we wait for the internet to update our nameservers and the changes to propagate, which apparently happened in the early hours of this morning when I was sleeping. So I wake up to the site again, and a lot of e-mail.

Needless to say, we were less than happy at what happened, but really don't know whose fault it is. Supposedly our hosting company had been contacted, but they say the transfer never took place on the Australian end. What this basically boils down to is... an administration error. Yes, that's right. Something, somewhere went wrong, even though to the best of my knowledge it was all OK, and we were left out in the lurch. Who is at fault? Well, at the end of the day that's not what's important.

I can only emphasise that if I had been aware of the expiration myself (and not blissfully unaware that the two year renewal I thought had took place, hadn't) there would've been no problem.

So I deeply apologise. Depending on how your ISP works, you may have seen the site up even on Tuesday (as evidenced by posts on our forum), or you may have not seen it since Sunday. But this is unacceptable and I deeply regret it happening, especially this week with a new episode just airing in the UK, and new episodes returning to the US on Friday (although you'll remember the deletion last June came just over a week before the fourth season started; what luck). I do feel responsible, obviously, even though I was oblivious to any problems because I hadn't been contacted at all.

Suffice it to say, I have taken control and will now be administrating the domain name myself.

Again, many apologies. These things seem to happen to us at the absolute worst times, and they suck bigtime (oh, yes, what a great start to the year!). But we are back (not that we ever really left, just no one could see us), and hopefully things will stay that way. Of course, that'd be too easy.

Thanks for sticking with us, it's sincerely appreciated.

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