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Bonnie Hammer talks about Farscape's cancellation
by Dani Moure - Wednesday, January 8th 2003

Category: Future Farscape

TV Guide Online posted an interview yesterday with Sci Fi channel president Bonnie Hammer, in which they bluntly ask about Farscape's cancellation. Here are some excerpts of what she had to say:

When asked why they'd cancel such a "rad" show:

"We never wanted to cancel it. What we were trying to do was do 13 more episodes, not 22. The ratings had softened, and it was getting increasingly expensive to produce. [...] But financially, it was just too difficult to do."

When asked why not do a proper wrap-up, like a TV movie:

"We looked at all the options. [...] [It would] have been almost as if we were doing [the upcoming epic miniseries] Children of Dune — and with less potential upside. We love the series... and would have liked nothing more than for it to have had a little bit more of a broad appeal. If all of those incredible fans who wrote in and sent notes and flowers and [whatnot] had actually watched it every week, we would have been able to do the 22."

You can read the full interview, which includes additional comments on rerun ratings, and more, at TV Guide Online.

Interestingly, Ms. Hammer's comments have sparked quite a response from the press.

Lisa de Moraes of the Washington Post wrote in her TV Column that:

"Bonnie Hammer, president of the Sci Fi channel, was thrashed by the critics today when she attempted to sidestep a question about why the network was dumping the series "Farscape." Like AMC topper Rob Sorcher the day before, perky Hammer pulled out the old "Gee I'd love to answer that one but we're here to listen to our on-air talent blather about their fabulousness, so I'm sorry I just can't possibly." The line is on the first page of the "How to Answer Those Tough Questions at the Press Tour" handbook that is required reading for cable execs."

Read the full story at the Washington Post. Thanks to Don for posting that on the forums.

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