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Keep writing those letters - Reminder
by Dani Moure - Sunday, January 19th 2003

Category: Future Farscape

As culled from the Save Farscape To-Do list, we want to remind you all to keep writing those letters and keep on going with the campaign. It's not over yet, by a long shot. Here's some details on who to write to (don't forget we also have our Help Save Farscape page with more details):

"OK, here's the deal. We have reliable information that indicates that the Sci-Fi Channel is not yet out of the running as a savior, and that they may be making a decision well before the end of the season.

What's that mean? It means it's VITAL that you send letters this weekend. Got that? VITAL. We need letters, as many and as fast as possible.

So this weekend's homework is to take a few minutes after watching "Terra Firma" and write letters to three people (addresses at the bottom of this page):

Barry Diller, head of USA Networks
Mark Stern, Head of Programming, Sci-Fi Channel
Tom Vitale, VP of Programming, Sci-Fi Channel

When you write to Barry Diller, make sure to say a few words about "Terra Firma". We've been told now would be the time to urge Mr Diller to take another look at Farscape and ask himself if it really makes good business sense for the Sci-Fi Channel to drop such a quality show.In fact, if you want, feel free to tape the midnight showing of "Terra Firma" and send it to Mr. Diller. We want to make sure he has all the facts on hand, after all. *G*

Make sure that your letters to all are polite, and include your demographics -- age, gender, education, job, and income. If you watch with your family, be sure to mention that as well. Farscape has a very attractive viewership to advertisers, and it is important to emphasize that.

You can find "I am Farscape" letterhead at: this site.

PLEASE NOTE: the correct email for Mark Stern is mark.stern@unistudios.com.

Mark Stern, VP of Programming
Tom Vitale, Head of Programming
The SCI-FI Channel
1230 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020

Barry Diller, Chairman & CEO
USA Networks
152 West 57th Street
New York, NY 10019

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