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Welcome to Farscape World
by Dani Moure - Tuesday, February 27th 2001

Category: Site News

Hello, and welcome to this brand new Farscape site! I'm glad you've taken the time to visit, and hope you'll enjoy. To use the site, use the navigation table at the left side of each page. In the "site info" section, you will find a long explanation of the entire site, so if you want more information, go there.

Hopefully you'll find there's plenty to wade through: in-depth season 1 episode reviews/synopsis with images, two award-winning fanfics, a couple of interviews and some (hopefully) interesting other articles too. However, if you visit the "characters" or "merchandise" sections, unfortunately you'll notice they're empty. I assure you this wasn't the plan, however early last week I fell ill and have barely had time to do anything but lay in bed. Because of that, despite all my plans (I had something planned for each section, a lot more than what there is) I didn't want to miss the launch so there's some missing stuff.

This includes ten image galleries from season one, which will be added during the course of the week, more articles (which are now scheduled all over the place), a few more fanfics (again I've re-scheduled them for soon - keep looking), and the movies. Yes, there will be a "movie theatre" for each episode soon, but partly due to my illness and also the fact my DVD player hasn't been delivered yet, the movies will ow have to wait until next weekend, and will be added A.S.A.P. after that (I'll let you know). The "character profiles" were another thing scheduled - I had planned to have all the profiles for Moya's crew written, but alas it wasn't so. There's also some merchandise reviews, these will be coming shortly too.

Other than the unintentionally missing stuff, I do still have plenty of other content coming regularly. This Friday sees the US get a repeat showing of "The Locket", in honour of which the season 2 full episode treatment will begin - look for more detailed review/synopsis of "The Locket" this Friday. Also, leading up to the replay of "Die Me, Dichotomy" we'll be going over the "Liars, Guns & Money" trilogy, then "DMD" after the repeat. It's not just episodes though, because amongst the season 2 episode treatment we will be starting on season 3, and also continuously updating the various other sections of the site, including character profiles.

Of course, there's also the latest news, updated by myself and my fellow Farscape World staff members Mary Wood and Zita Doyle, so stick around and check back often!

In the meantime: ENJOY!

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