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Site status update: Where have we been and what's going on? (With an important note about bookmarks)
by Dani Moure - Monday, September 29th 2003

Category: Site News

If you're wondering why things this week look awfully similar to last, I can only apologise for the lack of updates. I've pretty much confined myself to behind the rock, to get the final coding for the site finished. There are a couple of kinks with the main page to iron out, and one tiny thing more to code, but other than that, I'm done. That means I'll be converting things over and we'll be ready to roll!

Originally, I was going to say that the changeover would take place on Thursday, but instead, to allow for problems (which are very much inevitable), I'm going to say that things will change on Friday.

If that confuses you, I'm sorry. I know some people don't have a clue what I'm on about when I ramble like this (I guess I'm just technobabbling myself...), so in order to appease the forum-goers (no, I haven't forgotten you, and I am reading some posts! I'll catch up soon!), here is an explanation in plain English.

Currently, the site is stored in SHTML files (which is why the URLs always end in ".shtml"), which are created by programs written in Perl to run with CGI. Yes, it's tech-speak, but the important thing to note is that will change from Friday. The past several months I've been working on (and the past month or so really been going at) coding the site in PHP. This means that the content of the site will be stored in a MySQL database. Now, when you load a page, the PHP code will retrieve the content from the database and show it to you on screen. This basically allows a lot more options, and has allowed me to fully tailor the site to our needs.

But, this brings with it one problem.

Because of the change, from Friday, all the URLs used to accesss the site will change (with the exception of Forum pages, Image Gallery pages and Databank pages, which are run off PHP already). This means that every URL on the site will end with ".php" instead of ".shtml".

As such, any bookmarks of your favourite pages will need updating. Before you think I've gone crazy, I want to assure you that no content will be lost in this transition. Just the URL you currently use to get to a page will change.

So please be aware that the site may be unavailable temporarily on Friday. This is unlikely, but I want to cover my back. I will put a redirect on some of the higher-impact pages (including the main page), but please don't be alarmed or surprised if you get some sort of message somewhere (I'm not sure how I'll do this yet) that asks you to update your bookmarks.

Again, I'll note that no content will be lost, so if you get a 404 error (and many of you most likely will), you will be able to renavigate from the menu to your left to the desired page.

If you have any questions or comments, please post on the forums or e-mail me. I will read them, I assure you.

And finally, when this is over, I'll actually be answering my e-mails in a more timely fashion and posting on the forums more!

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