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The Peacekeeper Wars trailer hits the net - images and transcript
by Dani Moure - Thursday, August 26th 2004

Category: The Peacekeeper Wars

SPOILER ALERT... There may be spoilers in this post, so take note of the subject and beware!

The full-length trailer for Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars is now online at Apple.com Trailers, which you can download in three different sizes from their Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars trailer page. We have a full Image Gallery with 135 images from the trailer in our Image Gallery section.

If you weren't excited already, you should be now, as this trailer manages to display the massive nature of the mini-series (with enormous explosions aplenty!) while giving very little away, just as a trailer should. I for one am just counting the days until the mini-series premieres!

Additionally, for those who are unable to view the trailer, I thought it'd be useful to provide a full transcript illustrated with the key scenes from the trailer, which appears below.

Crichton: "Once upon a time there was a boy named John."

Crichton: "I love you."

Crichton: "One day..."

"...when John was doing astronaut things..."

"...a big blue wormhole gobbled him up and spat him out..."

"...at the far end of the universe."

Crichton: "Hey, we're gonna get married."

Chiana & D'Argo: "Congratulations."

Scorpius: "John Crichton is alive."

Crichton: "Right, you heard it folks, this is the Alamo."

Narrator: "Enemies thrown together..."

"...by a war nobody wants."

Crichton: "We're done."

Crichton: "My life is you, and our baby."

Chiana: "No more fun?"

Sikozu fires something while hanging from the ceiling.

Narrator: "Lovers ripped apart..."

"...by a war nobody can win."

Emperor Staleek: "Follow Crichton."

Emperor Staleek: "Settle old scores."

A visibly pregnant Grayza.

Narrator: "One man..."


"...for death."

Peacekeeper Commander: "We are now officially engaged..."

"...in the last war of our era!"

War Minister Ahkna: "Fire!"

A ship that looks like Lo'La explodes.

Narrator: "And a terrible secret..."

"...that could destroy them all."

Water bursts onto Moya...

Scorpius' coolant system is ripped out by Scarrans.

Scorpius: "I'll show you how to win a war."

Emperor Staleek: "MOVE!"

Explosions on Moya...

Crichton: "No matter what I do..."

"...I just keep circling closer to the flame."

D'Argo stabs his Qualta Blade into the ground.

Aeryn: "You do what you have to do."

Crichton walks through a water-filled Moya...

Stark: "We're too late..."

Pilot: "We're lifting off now!"

An explosion behind Braca...

War Minister Ahkna: "I promise..."

"...you will never be reunited with your baby."

Aeryn: "I'm sure your mother..."

"...wished the same thing."

Scorpius: "This is insane, Crichton."

Crichton: "Four years on..."

"...and you're finally getting that!"

Scorpius in Pilot's den during an explosion.

D'Argo yells as he fires his guns...

Crichton falls out of the device looking worse for wear.

A massive base explodes.

You can see stills from every scene in the trailer in the full trailer image gallery

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