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Transcript of David Kemper interview on SciFi.com
by Dani Moure - Saturday, August 21st 2004

Category: The Peacekeeper Wars

SciFi.com have posted a video interview with David Kemper (Executive Producer/Writer), in which he discusses the transition from series to mini-series, the sexual tension on Farscape and of course, teh fans. For those that can't download the video, here is a transcript.

"My name is David Kemper, I'm the Executive Producer of Farscape the mini-series, as I had been on the series. I'm also one of the two writers on this, this epic that we're destroying before everyone's eyes."

Series to Mini-series

"Some of the challenges of taking a series and moving it into a mini-series, which is its own animal, we had to pick up certain story elements that were inviolately left the way they were. We could not, in truthfulness to all of our fans, change things. So we were stuck in a starting place that was constricting, and we used it to our advantage, as we always do. The mini-series certainly pushes things to an edge that we didn't have in the series. In terms of revealing more, I would say that it's pretty consistent across the board. What we've done is consistently maintained the characters, and no one will be disappointed. Old fans will go, "Yes! That's Farscape; I know it, I love it." New fans will go, "Where the hell did this show come from, and how come I missed it?", and it'll probably cause them to go back and watch the series."

Sex and Sexual Tension

"People always wanna know about the sex and sexual tension on Farscape. Most of the people who work on Farscape and create Farscape like sex and sexual tension, therefore we felt, well, why not put it in the show? It's somewhat revolutionary, only because I think all the people who did certain science fiction shows before us were afraid to tackle the subject. I did say this in the very beginning, and I will, this is just one sentence I'll take credit for, how can you lock six men and six women up in a tiny ship for like three years together, and not expect something to happen? I mean, I don't understand that, so we just figured, it might happen on Farscape. Even Rygel gets some, okay? Sex on our show is very integral, because it's part of life, and the sexual tension between Crichton and Aeryn really is on the centre of Farscape. That's what Farscape's about. It's an extraordinary journey of two people who are perhaps meant to be together, but haven't been able to figure that our for themselves yet. And I think people who watch the mini-series may find a great deal of satisfaction in where this journey goes."

The Fans

"Our fans are very loyal, and what they are, a fan, you know, fan comes from the word 'fanatic'. I'm a fanatic! Our fans our smart. Our fans made DVDs that they distributed to the press. They did media buys. Media buys! I don't know how to make a media buy! Our fans are running ads on cable TV that they produced themselves. What kind of fans are those, I mean, I've never heard of fans like that. You know, it's not a teenage girl writing a letter and saying, "I love you, send me your picture," these are sophisticated, really smart people who raised money, came up with a business plan, executed the plan, and had an influence on almost everybody. I mean, you can't say enough for the people who organised that and followed through. They were just above and beyond what you would expect, and I've met many of them now, and they're great people. So the fanatic part, you're expecting that kind of Galaxy Quest, you know where they're all wearing the helmets and the hats, we get a few of those, but overall you meet people and they go, "I'm a neurosurgeon, I'm a nurse, I'm marine biologist," and you get people that, "I'm in the military," and you just go, "Wait a minute," these are our fans, they’re smarter than we are. I'm just a television writer, these people are smart, and they brought the series back. I didn't know how to do it. The fans had kept the steady drumbeat up, and I don't think it would've happened without the fans actually. I would say, having my inside knowledge, it would not have happened without the fans. So the fans are pretty critical, and this'll be their gift. They earned it."

Head on over to the SciFi.com Farscape page to download the video.

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