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Screencaps of the first teaser for The Peacekeeper Wars
by Dani Moure - Saturday, July 10th 2004

Category: The Peacekeeper Wars

SPOILER ALERT... There may be spoilers in this post, so take note of the subject and beware!

Last night, during the season premiere of Stargate SG-1, Sci Fi aired the first teaser trailer for the upcoming mini-series, The Peacekeeper Wars.

Head on over to the Image Gallery - The Peacekeeper Wars - Sci Fi Teaser 1 to see some screencaps.

The teaser opens at the closing moments of the fourth season finale, "Bad Timing", with John and Aeryn on the boat. "We have some unfinished business," John says. "Yes, we have," Aeryn replies. We then see John propose, and Aeryn accept, followed by a montage of short clips from The Peacekeeper Wars, intercut with the tagline "This October, The Saga Continues". The clips include images of several major characters, including Crichton, Aeryn, D'Argo, Chiana, Rygel, Scorpius, Sikozu, Grayza and several Scarrans. Check out the Image Gallery to see what it looks like.

Sci Fi also aired a shorter (15 second) version of the teaser, which included the two additional shots below:

Several people have also posted videos of the promo for download, for the benefit of those who couldn't see it for whatever reason, including OboeCrazy at Scaper's Sanctuary.

You can talk about the promo in this thread on the forums.

Why not discuss this news on the Farscape World Forums?

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