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Starburst Edition season 2 release well under way; 2.2 DVD out today with some special extras!
by Dani Moure - Tuesday, August 9th 2005

Category: Merchandise

Catching up a bit on the DVD news, today ADV Films released the second of three season 2 DVD releases of the Starburst Editions.

The two-disc set of Starburst Edition 2.2 retails at $24.98 and includes the next seven episodes: "Dream a Little Dream", "Out of Their Minds", The "Look at the Princess" trilogy - Part 1: "A Kiss is But a Kiss", Part 2: "I Do, I Think" and Part 3: "The Maltese Crichton", "My Three Crichtons" and "Beware of Dog".

Extras on the set include Building Zhaan, a new in-depth interview running over 30 minutes with Virginia Hey filmed exclusively for this DVD; Farscape in the Raw, which includes segments from never-before-seen directors cuts of two episodes from Season 1 "The Flax" and "Through the Looking Glass"; Listening In with composer Guy Gross discussing his score for "My Three Crichtons"; Deleted Scenes; Season 2 Blooper Reel; The Farscape Chronicles; Alien Encounters; Cool Farscape facts; Farspeak: The Moya Menu; Character and Actor Biographies.

I just want to point out that, having seen the "Farscape in the Raw" feature on the the Starburst Edition 2.1 DVD, this is an absolutely amazing extra and it is wonderful to see more raw footage of Farscape that's never been seen before. For me, this extra makes the sets worth their asking price alone.

You can order the release now, using the Amazon.com - Farscape: Starburst Edition 2.2 direct link.

Additionally, since we haven't had a full update on it, Starburst Edition 2.1 is available now for $24.98, featuring the first seven episodes of the second season: "Mind the Baby", "Vitas Mortis", "Taking the Stone", "Crackers Don't Matter", "The Way We Weren't", "Picture if You Will" and "Home on the Remains".

The extensive lis of extras for this set includes: commentary for "Crackers Don't Matter" with Claudia Black and Ian Watson (Director); new commentary for "The Way We Weren't" with Ben Browder and Claudia Black; "Re:Union", the original season 2 premiere; Farscape in the Raw: scenes from never before released director's cuts of every episode in this collection; Deleted Scenes; Farspeak - Alien Slang & Technical Terms; Actor biographies and Character backstories; The Farscape Chronicles; Cool Farscape facts; Alien Encounters; Weapons & Ships Glossary; Production Design Gallery.

You can order the release now, using the Amazon.com - Farscape: Starburst Edition 2.1 direct link.

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