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We're back!
by Dani Moure - Wednesday, July 13th 2005

Category: Site News

First things first, yes, I am OK. I am really sorry for worrying anyone on that fact as some people e-mailed me and I took too long to respond for various reasons, but bottom line I suck and really should keep on top of these things. So sorry again but I am OK, and there are threads in the forums about everyone's safety so check those out if you're wondering about anyone specific.

Now, as for business, well, a bit of background would be that the past couple of months I've been doing insane hours of overtime at work, including two nights staying till 1.30am and working the past two weekends. Hopefully the brunt of that is over now, but regardless, I was inspired by some DVDs I received the other day to post some new Farscape stuff and dammit, I will!

So I do have some news items to post, mostly catching up with missed things, over the next few days. Then I will do my utmost to keep on top of things and start working on the new site features gradually as well as providing some new content.

Just so you all know we are still here and ticking away. Meanwhile, it's times like these when the forums are an excellent way to keep in touch and up to date without relying on me!

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