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Where are all the updates?!?!
by Dani Moure - Tuesday, March 15th 2005

Category: Site News

Yes, I realise that there's been an extreme lack of anything on the main site for the past month, and for that I apologise (and give a MASSIVE thanks to everyone who continues to visit and post on the forums, which keeps discussion alive). With all the staffers having had real life come up and bite them, it's been tough. Likewise, this past month has seen me up to the eyeballs with work and family stuff, and lots of things are generally going on that have kept me from making the updates I've been planning (you know what it's like, "I'll definitely do it tomorrow..", and then tomorrow something comes up).

But there are some updates I hope to catch up on soon. Of course, news is slow so it's natural there'll be less posts, though that shouldn't stop anyone signing up to our forums, where you can join in with one of the many active discussions, or if you like make a new one yourself.

So this is mainly just a news update to say we're still around (and I've updated the TV schedule to prove it!), just really having real life issues. Not in a bad way, it's just keeping us all busy. But updates will come, so thanks for sticking with us.

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