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Finally... a Burbank Con report (and a site message)!
by Dani Moure - Friday, December 31st 2004

Category: Site News

And what a year 2004 has been. We've been through an awful lot, including the official announcement right through to the world premiere airing of the Farscape mini-series The Peacekeeper Wars. But admittedly, in December things kind of got on top of all the staff, including myself (in terms of work and so forth), so we've kind of been a bit lacking in updates this month. So yes, belated though it is, it's kind of fitting that the last thing on the site this year is my con report.

So go read Dani's Burbank 2004 Con Report for a recount of my journey to Burbank for the third year. Again, sorry it's late, but sometimes life does that to us!

We'll be kicking off 2005 with a bang with our Christmas/New Year treat I've mentioned before, which I hope everyone will enjoy. From there, we're not resting on our laurels, as I have a number of enhancements I want to make to the site, which yes, does include filling out some of the sections that have fallen by the wayside in recent months (which is most of them outside the Episodes and News sections). Look for enhancements throughout the coming months, as well as more content in the form of more music videos (from me at least), more fiction, and all the latest Farscape info. So stay tuned in the new year, we're not going anywhere!

Have a good one!

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