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Full transcript of the ADV chat with David Kemper and DVD Producer
by Dani Moure - Saturday, November 13th 2004

Category: Merchandise

SPOILER ALERT... There may be spoilers in this post, so take note of the subject and beware!

On Friday, 12 November ADV Films hosted an online webchat with Farscape's Executive Producer/Writer David Kemper, and DVD Producer Chip Schneider.

During the chat, Schneider discussed various upcoming extras on future Starburst Edition DVDs, while Kemper answered various questions about the future of the show, his current projects, the mini-series and more. A full transcript appears below.

[01:02] [Chip] As of tonight, there are 14 exclusive, new commentaries across the entire series with various combinations of Ben Browder, Claudia Black, Rockne O2019Bannon, and David Kemper. (We may do a few more before all is said and done.)
[01:02] [Chip] And there are several new documentary-style interviews. There2019s a great interview with Brian Henson on the first set. We2019re also getting some of the commentaries that have been on the international releases. There will be more extras added to the list soon.
[01:02] [Chip] I2019ve been working very actively to acquire as many of the international commentaries and extras as I can. I2019ve been in touch with Guy Gross, who did the music for Seasons 2-4 and the PK Wars, about doing some special features about music.
[01:03] [Chip] I2019m also working closely with the great folks at the Jim Henson Company to access as much unreleased material as we can find. That2019s not as easy as you might think. When the show wrapped in Australia, loads of tapes were boxed up, sent to LA, and put in storage.
[01:03] [Chip] (Imagine hundreds of boxes full of Farscape footage. Makes me dizzy.)
[01:03] [Chip] Finding any specific tape in there, even with a good database, can be a really, really difficult process. But we2019re working on it! They2019ve been very patient with my constant nagging2026
[01:03] [Chip] The first volume comes out next Tuesday, November 16 with the first 7 episodes of Season 1.
[01:03] [Chip] When I was organizing the four days of commentary recording sessions at Post Haste Sound in Santa Monica, I got a great deal of help from a guy who2019s sitting at a computer out there somewhere -- David Kemper.
[01:04] [Chip] David and I spent hours on the phone talking all about the complexities of the pivotal episodes and who could offer the best insights on each one.
[01:04] [Chip] I always knew 2013 as I think any Farscape fan does 2013 that there were some very cool, funny, emotional, smart people working really hard on this series. And no doubt about it, David is one of the best. Period.
[01:05] [Chip] So2026 let2019s have questions... I have one.
[01:05] [Chip] David, did you enjoy doing the commentaries? Being stuck in a dark, steamy room hour after hour with Claudia, Ben, and Rock?
[01:06] [DK] Um... Do I really have to answer that?
[01:06] [DK] 2 of the 3 of them are great. One... not so great.
[01:06] [DK] Hygiene issues....
[01:06] [DK] But seriously,
[01:06] [Chip] ooooo
[01:07] [DK] The four of us are so close now as friends, co-workers and almost family,
[01:07] [DK] that we can almost finish each others' sentences. I think the fans will
[01:07] [DK] hear on the new DVD commentaries that we're firing on all cylindars.
[01:08] [DK] As you know, everything we talk about is brand new -- the fans have never
[01:08] [DK] heard any of it before. Including the "dangerous" commentary
[01:08] [DK] that we all went out on a limb on.
[01:08] [DK] GA
[01:08] [Chip] He means "Jeremiah Crichton!"
[01:08] [DK] Oh yeah!
[01:08] [ADV_Chris_Ten] A user asks: "Question for Chip: Can we get a commentary for Dog With Two Bones and Terra Firma? I'd really love to hear what Ben and Claudia had to say about those."
[01:09] [DK] Ben and Claudia, Ben and Claudia, Ben and Claudia.
[01:09] [DK] Jeez, I'm so sick of it always being about them.
[01:09] [DK] Don't you want to hear what I... oh, never mind.
[01:09] [Chip] What about DK and Rock????
[01:10] [DK] Ben and Claudia DID a commentary for Dog With Two Bones, and
[01:10] [DK] as an extra special extra, Ben and I did one also.
[01:10] [DK] So there.
[01:10] [DK] GA
[01:10] [Chip] We did lots of new commentaries this summer. Here's the list: DNA Mad Scientist 2013 2 commentaries
[01:11] [Chip] Jeremiah Crichton, Nerve, Family Ties
[01:11] [Chip] The Way We Weren2019t 2013 2 commentaries
[01:11] [Chip] The Locket, Die Me, Dichotomy
[01:11] [Chip] Wolf In Sheep2019s Clothing, Dog with Two Bones
[01:12] [Allen] a user asks: I have a question for Mr. Kemper: "Do you remember the specific moment from your past when you became an evil genius?"
[01:12] [Chip] John Quixote, Kansas
[01:12] [Chip] Bad Timing
[01:12] [Chip] whew!!
[01:13] [DK] I do not consider myself the latter, so I don't know. That moniker was assigned to me by some rather over-caffeinated fans. (The first part I will own up to.)
[01:13] [DK] GA
[01:13] [ADV_Chris_Ten] A User asks: "njak: what episode did DK enjoy doing the commentary for the most?"
[01:14] [DK] Good question.
[01:14] [DK] They're all challenging, as we're forced to recall distant events and derive
[01:14] [DK] a great deal of pleasure from reliving them. But, I'd have to say Die Me and Two Bones were my favs.
[01:14] [Chip] Jeremiah Crichton was pretty fun for everybody.
[01:14] [DK] GA
[01:15] [Allen] a user asks I wish to know if there would be any chance to see Bloopers on these new DVDs?
[01:15] [DK] Jeremiah was sick, man. Wait till they hear us. For your info, it's Ben, Claudia, Rock and myself going just WILD.
[01:15] [DK] GA
[01:16] [DK] That is always a possibility and is being negotiated right now. Please refer
[01:16] [DK] back to Chip's earlier comment about having to literally FIND the stuff.
[01:16] [DK] GA
[01:16] [Chip] There will be some. We're working on getting more!
[01:16] [ADV_Chris_Ten] A user asks: "Do you prepare for commentaries ahead of time by watching the episode and making notes (mental or written) or do you all just sit down together and wing it?"
[01:16] [DK] Wing it. Scotch. Licorice.
[01:16] [DK] GA
[01:16] [ADV_Chris_Ten] A user: "DK.. Since the beginning of FarScape through the PK Wars, could you tell us how being involved has helped you personally in your growth as a writer/producer. What were your brightest points?"
[01:16] [Chip] David and I talked quite a bit ahead of time.
[01:17] [DK] G-R-E-A-T question.
[01:17] [DK] I have matured in writing on-going stories and relationships -- learning how to juggle
[01:17] [DK] the needs of the characters AND the audience. The characters NEED certain
[01:18] [DK] things, the audience WANTS certain things. As for my brightest point...
[01:18] [DK] I'd have to peg that twice -- Die Me on a personal level -- and watching
[01:18] [DK] how we all handled the cancellation as the true highlight. We all
[01:18] [DK] hugged and cried -- cast, crew, writers, everyone! -- and were truly a family. That
[01:19] [DK] is why we all came back together from all over the world to make Peacekeeper Wars.
[01:19] [DK] GA
[01:19] [ADV_Chris_Ten] A user asks: "David-- What kind of professional reputation have you gotten as a result of being Farscape's showrunner? Has the complexity and audaciousness exhibited by Farscape scared off any potential new employers?"
[01:19] [DK] Another insightful question.
[01:20] [DK] Farscape has solidified my reputation as being a bit mad (which is good), and
[01:20] [DK] cemented me for the moment as a Sci Fi Guy (which can be bad). However,
[01:20] [DK] I am making the most of this "purgatory" by working on other fun projects (some of them to be
[01:20] [DK] released by ADV.)
[01:20] [DK] GA
[01:20] [Allen] A user asks: Why is ADV re-releasing farscape?
[01:21] [Chip] I expect a lot of people are wondering why ADV is re-releasing Farscape. The main reason is this:
[01:21] [Chip] Most big video retail stores -- like the Walmarts, Targets, and Best Buys of the world 2013 carry only *new* releases.
[01:22] [Chip] Sure, they may carry a few massive sellers and Hollywood blockbusters as part of their general stock, but mostly, it2019s new titles.
[01:22] [Chip] We felt like there were Farscape fans and potential Farscape fans who, for lots of reasons, buy their DVDs in stores and might have trouble finding the early seasons.
[01:22] [Chip] That was the original idea 2013 to get Farscape back on the store shelves.
[01:22] [Chip] I figured, if we2019re gonna do that, let2019s take the next step, and add some new things for fans.
[01:22] [Chip] And make it at a less expensive price.
[01:23] [Chip] DVDs are dropping in price nowadays since the format has become more widespread.
[01:23] [Chip] GA
[01:23] [ADV_Chris_Ten] grapeshot asks: "Say, I'm curious if there are more technical featurettes -- such as how the pyros are done, or how that great cinematography gets done?"
[01:23] [DK] That's a tough ask. Here's why...
[01:24] [DK] You really need to film some of those at the time they're being done. And what's more,
[01:24] [DK] the people responsible for all that great work are either in Australia or scattered all
[01:24] [DK] around the world working on other projects. Although, trust me, I share
[01:25] [DK] your love of those elements. We WILL have all of that on DVDs of future projects, though.
[01:25] [DK] GA
[01:25] [Allen] Nostromo asks: Hi, please ask, what ever happened to that Farscape Anime, that was a potential for the Asian Market? And if there is any hopes of something new in relation to farscape now with it being over... Thank you...
[01:25] [DK] Anime notame domain...
[01:25] [DK] But as for other FS projects, I hear
[01:26] [DK] we're exploring the hezmana out of the feature possibility. (For what it's worth.)
[01:26] [DK] GA
[01:26] [ADV_Chris_Ten] Anon260 asks: "Mr. Kemper, a couple of years ago at the NYC convention, you mentioned that there was unused footage for Revenging Angel. Is any of that available for the dvds?"
[01:27] [DK] Those are part of the "lost" tapes that Chip is trying his darnedest to recapture for you.
[01:27] [DK] GA
[01:27] [Chip] Reeeaally workin on that!!!
[01:28] [Allen] Anon455 asks: For DK: How far have you schemed the story beyond Peacekeeper Wars? I'm sure you have plenty of ideas!
[01:28] [DK] The way I work, I don't lock in until it's time to go go go. However, I also
[01:29] [DK] have 3 or 4 roads the story can travel, and they're all pretty mad and fun.
[01:29] [DK] Just waiting for Brian and Rock to call and say, "Hit it."
[01:29] [DK] GA
[01:29] [Chip] I wondered if PK Wars would end with "To be continued." Was that discussed?
[01:29] [DK] Nope. This was always -- in the grander scheme -- meant to be a chapter stop.
[01:29] [DK] GA
[01:29] [ADV_Chris_Ten] NaKain asks: "DK, can you give us any indication as to whether Farscape will be back? There are now questions from the mini that just beg to be answered(Ex: D'Argos fate) If the mini is the last we see I have to say well done. It was everything I hoped for and much more. Thank you soooo much."
[01:30] [DK] NaKain, thanks for the compliment. We were all about giving you guys
[01:30] [DK] what you wanted and the story needed. As for D'Argo....
[01:30] [DK] D'Argo dead.
[01:30] [Chip] ouch
[01:31] [DK] ............ I think...........
[01:31] [DK] GA
[01:31] [Allen] JustPlainLisa: DK, speaking of the future of Farscape, and specifically a feature, what role can the Scaper community play in bringing that about?
[01:31] [DK] I'm loathe to give out my home address,
[01:31] [DK] however, if everyone sends me $1,000 dollars
[01:31] [DK] I won't have to work on it.
[01:32] [DK] Other than that, just buy the DVDs, keep your ear to the ground, and remember to let
[01:32] [DK] us all know you're still out there. We're trying to get it up.
[01:32] [DK] GA
[01:33] [ADV_Chris_Ten] A user asks: "Will the DVDs be double sided?"
[01:33] [Chip] Yes!
[01:33] [Chip] More eps less metal.
[01:33] [Chip] GA
[01:34] [Allen] an anonymous user asks: Questions for DK: Where you happy the way the mini series turned out? Were you disappointed not to be able to explore some of the story threads in more depth?
[01:35] [DK] I always want more time, but I was very pleased with the emotion ending.
[01:35] [DK] We brought the story
[01:35] [DK] full circle and left John somewhat as we found him...
[01:36] [DK] Free of Harvey, Wormholes, etc. The tradeoff for him was,
[01:36] [DK] he can never go home, but he's found friends, the girl of his dreams, and has a family.
[01:36] [DK] (How large, one can only guess.......)
[01:36] [DK] GA
[01:36] [ADV_Chris_Ten] ShipsCat asks: "Are you going to add Farscape Undressed to the new DVDs?"
[01:37] [Chip] There are some international clearance issues about that show. BUT I'm very hopeful we'll get it.
[01:37] [Chip] I've seen it, and it's great.
[01:38] [Chip] GA
[01:38] [ADV_Chris_Ten] A lot of our users are asking whether or not David will be at the Burbank convention next week...
[01:39] [DK] I will probably be out of town, doing prep on one of the new, aforementioned sci fi projects.
[01:39] [DK] Have a good time without me.
[01:39] [DK] GA
[01:39] [Chip] ADV is sending a cool Farscape mini-poster that you'll get at the con.
[01:39] [Chip] It be free.
[01:39] [Chip] GA
[01:39] [Allen] GutPageant asks: Farscape reminds me of my favorite 'underground' bands-- great critical acclaim, and a (mostly) discerning fandom that while not massive, is fiercely dedicated and enthusiastic. It sounds snobby, but do you find there's a certain appeal in being a cult favorite?
[01:40] [DK] There are many different forms of "success" -- and I like cult favorite just fine, thank you.
[01:40] [DK] GA
[01:41] [Allen] crazychick asks: I know this is OT to the Starburst DVD's, but we outside of the US are kind of in a limbo with regards to what happens for us. Does DK have any news on when we'll all get to see the mini-series? Specifically the UK.
[01:41] [DK] Wow. I thought you'd already seen it. That's not an area I'm steeped in,
[01:42] [DK] so those question as best sent to the Henson company. They'll certainly
[01:42] [DK] have a release schedule for the mini.
[01:42] [DK] GA
[01:42] [Allen] quite a few users have asked: what's the deal with jeremiah crichton?
[01:42] [ADV_Chris_Ten] Anon526 asks: "Hi, David: When & where were the commentaries made?"
[01:42] [Allen] hehe.. sorry, mods fighting for dominance
[01:42] [DK] Jeremiah Crichton, first...
[01:43] [DK] That was an ep -- singularly for us -- where despite every best effect,
[01:43] [DK] the train kept, under it's own force, jumping the tracks. Ben, Claudia, Rock and I
[01:43] [DK] address this issue in a novel, and I am told, funny way. You'll have to hear for yourself. As for the commentaries--
[01:44] [DK] some were done here in LA with Chip, others in Australia at the studio.
[01:44] [DK] GA
[01:44] [Chip] The JC commentary is frelling hilarious. It's in the second Starburst volume.
[01:44] [Allen] anon653 asks: What ever happened to the Nebari, sadly it seems the writers just forgot all about them and the contagion.
[01:44] [Chip] The Starburst commentaries were recorded this summer
[01:44] [Chip] Post Haste Sound in Santa Monica
[01:45] [Chip] GA
[01:45] [DK] The Nebari were not forgotten, anon653. I suspect you may hear more about them should FS be fortunate enough to rev up again.
[01:45] [DK] GA
[01:45] [Allen] jacl here. How many Starburst editions will there be?
[01:45] [Chip] 12 volumes. 3 per season.
[01:46] [Chip] GA
[01:46] [Allen] anon526 asks: Hi, DK: I read somewhere that you are working in Oz & it's with some of the Farscape actors. Can you tell us more about this?
[01:47] [DK] I am prepping two small features that will shoot early next year in a very wonderful -- but secret location.
[01:47] [DK] They will air here in the states on the Sci Fi Channel, be available on other broadcast venues around
[01:48] [DK] the world, as well as on DVD (courtesy of these ADV knuckleheads, here). As for
[01:48] [Chip] Woo-hoo!!
[01:48] [DK] the cast, I'd bet you know some of them quite well, and maybe the directors, special effects people, music
[01:48] [DK] guy, post prod folks, etc, etc, etc, etc.
[01:48] [DK] Hmmmmmmm.....
[01:48] [DK] GA
[01:48] [ADV_Chris_Ten] A user asks "did crichton really go to earth in a human reaction"
[01:49] [DK] I encourage the questioner to watch the ep again. There is no way he went to earth. It was
[01:49] [DK] all an illusion fomented by the Ancients.
[01:49] [DK] GA
[01:49] [ADV_Chris_Ten] Anon397 asks "DK... is PKWARS going to be in a book (meaning do we get to read it sometime) great work on the mini... i loved it ;"
[01:50] [DK] Thanks for the compliments. As for the book, that's a Henson marketing question. Your humble correspondent no do books.
[01:50] [DK] GA
[01:50] [ADV_Chris_Ten] a user asks "DK you wrote most of the seasons closers why?"
[01:50] [DK] I was the only one left standing AND sober by that time.
[01:51] [DK] GA
[01:51] [Chip] Ha
[01:51] [ADV_Chris_Ten] GutPageant aks: "I love that Farscape never succumbed to stunt casting. Was that a conscious choice and was there ever pressure to try it, especially for the mini? No suggestions that to boost ratings, Moya ought to be visited by, oh, let's say, the Olsen Twins, or William Shatner, or Paris Hilton?"
[01:51] [Chip] Paris on DVD would be a huge seller.
[01:52] [DK] Good Q. There WAS pressure in the first season. Silly suggestions that would make you DIE if you heard. And you're not going to. And...
[01:52] [DK] it was a strongly conscious decision to keep the series "real."
[01:52] [DK] GA
[01:52] [ADV_Chris_Ten] njak asks " What about Grayza's pregnancy? Any reason the father was not addressed in PKW or did you just want to leave us wondering because you really are an evil genius?"
[01:53] [DK] Um... Was Grayza pregnant? I hadn't noticed. Gosh, I bet that might mean....... Oh, NO! No no no no no. It COULDN'T be! Could it?.....
[01:53] [DK] GA
[01:53] [ADV_Chris_Ten] A user "asks why did you do two commentaries on some of the eps?"
[01:54] [DK] Well, Ben and Claudia would address the ep from an actor's perspective, and then I would do one to tell you the truth.
[01:54] [DK] GA
[01:54] [Allen] an anonymous user asks: how much input did the actors provide as the stories and series continued?
[01:54] [DK] All of our actors were computer generated, so...
[01:55] [DK] But seriously, I would frame the larger aspects of the journey with the writing staff, then
[01:55] [DK] the actors, directors and everyone else would chime in with thoughts that we would canabalize.
[01:55] [DK] In the very specific case of Ben, you
[01:56] [DK] should consider him a full-fledged writer from DAY ONE. That means he had extraoridinary access, input, and weight (he's since lost the weight).
[01:56] [DK] GA
[01:56] [ADV_Chris_Ten] NaKain says "One more for DK and this is just a compliment. Dk, I just want to thank you again for Farscape and the mini. I still have confidence we will see it again. There has never been a show that will ever rival the brilliance of Farscape nor will there ever be."
[01:56] [Chip] Right on.
[01:57] [DK] Thank you so much. We're all a bit proud, I must say. Single best work experience of my life. And I doubt it will ever be equaled again, sad to say.
[01:57] [DK] GA
[01:57] [Allen] All right, everyone, we're hitting the witching hour. I'd like to thank Chip and David for taking time out of their schedules to sit and chat with us.. gentlemen, do you have any closing thoughts for the loyal fans?
[01:57] [DK] Hey. How about a few more for the people who've been waiting?
[01:57] [DK] GA
[01:58] [Allen] cbglacier asks: was there any back story reason to cast the mean nurse from prayer as the preistess in PKW
[01:58] [DK] Great actor. And available. Couldn't have found anyone better.
[01:58] [DK] GA
[01:58] [Allen] animeotak asks: can u ask, what were some of ur inspirations for making this show
[01:59] [DK] Started with Rockne S. O'Bannon, Farscape's creator and guiding light. He envisioned a world, the characters, and the tone.
[01:59] [DK] After that,
[02:00] [DK] we relied on each other (meaning the other writers, directors, etc.). We didn't
[02:00] [DK] know what we were going to end up with, we just knew what IT WOULDN'T BE. Boring, science mumbo-jumbo,
[02:00] [DK] tame, sexless, and uninspired. That was out goal.
[02:01] [DK] Good question.
[02:01] [DK] GA
[02:01] [ADV_Chris_Ten] Nessus aks: a question for DK: How much of the projected season 5 story did the mini cover, episode wise?
[02:01] [DK] Not much. Themes were condensed. But you saw the last 2 eps mostly the way they might've been.
[02:01] [DK] GA
[02:02] [Allen] Nostromo asks: Please ask, why they changed the look of Sikozu!!! thanks!
[02:02] [DK] Do you mean to tell me that a year from today, YOU won't have a new hairstyle?
[02:02] [DK] GA
[02:03] [ADV_Chris_Ten] Leviathan20041 aks: I'd still love to see this question I asked earlier: Can you explain the certain cut above John's left eyebrow in the Miniseries and why it was in the same place as Talyn-John's? It's driving me nuts!
[02:03] [DK] Very clever eye you have.
[02:03] [DK] Theme. Homage. A wink to our fans who are clever enough to see it.
[02:03] [DK] I applaud you.
[02:03] [DK] GA
[02:04] [ADV_Chris_Ten] Mreen asks I'd have to say you met your goal in Farscape then, a real peice of work (I mean that in the nicest way) original and inventive. I was hoping to see of more of Stark's story, guess it got condensed .. I hope you are planning on continuing with hints on how his ability evolved in the movie?
[02:05] [DK] Stark is one of my favorite characters, and Paul Goddard one of my favorite people. Unless he says "No," I can
[02:05] [DK] pretty much say you'll get your wish if we go forward.
[02:05] [DK] GA
[02:05] [ADV_Chris_Ten] AniMeOtaK asks "After Farscape is over, what do u plan to do next?"
[02:05] [DK] Um, Disneyland....?
[02:05] [DK] Well, if you read
[02:06] [DK] some of the above answers in the log, you'll see I'm working on 2 small features with
[02:06] [DK] some old friends of yours, as well as hopefully starting work on a much larger project
[02:07] [DK] for one of the networks. Keep your fingers crossed for me.... or send that $1,000 I mentioned earlier.
[02:07] [DK] GA
[02:07] [Allen] Nomad asks: For DK, In an ideal world, would you rather go back to episodic TV shooting (Season 5, 6, 7, ......) or do you like doing the Mini-Series format better?
[02:07] [ADV_Chris_Ten] Leviathan20041 asks : Question for Chip: Can I volunteer to go through those Farscape boxes in storage? Sounds like a dream come true!
[02:07] [DK] I'd like to start a new series. Series are much better for me. I like telling a long story, and I
[02:08] [DK] thoroughly enjoy working with the same people for years and years. I am a "home," family kind of guy. I like camaraderie
[02:08] [DK] and support and fun. All of those can be attained on a long-running series (though it
[02:08] [DK] is not guaranteed). We got VERY lucky with FS.
[02:08] [DK] GA
[02:08] [ADV_Chris_Ten] Leviathan20041 asks : Question for Chip: Can I volunteer to go through those Farscape boxes in storage? Sounds like a dream come true!
[02:09] [Chip] Ahhh, the boxes... it does sound cool doesn't it?!
[02:09] [Chip] We'll see what develops!!!
[02:09] [Allen] Ok, this time I mean, I would like to thank everyone that came out this evening... we peaked at over 140+ people in this chat. My thanks goes to Chip and David for taking the time to answer these questions.
[02:09] [Allen] Chip, David any parting words?
[02:09] [DK] Hey, I'd like to thank everyone for continuing to support the show, and for
[02:10] [DK] being, really, the best fans in the world. We just finished a mini-series because all of you
[02:10] [DK] cared so much. That makes this a special experience we ALL had a hand in. Whenever I'm asked to meet with you, or chat
[02:10] [DK] with you, I always say yes, because it's a great joy for me. Hopefully, you've
[02:11] [DK] had a good time tonight, also. Be safe, and catch you all later. Thanks... DK signing off.
[02:11] [DK] GA
[02:11] [Allen] one last comment from nomad: For DK, Spinoff???? The Chiana Show????
[02:11] [Chip] A last thought from me... I hope you all enjoy the DVDs. I2019ve very sincerely enjoyed working them.
[02:11] [Chip] Farscape is a smart, weird, special series.
[02:11] [Chip] And I love it a lot.
[02:12] [Chip] Thanks to all of you for supporting the series... and the DVDs.
[02:12] [Chip] You2019re the ones we make them for! THANKS!
[02:12] [Chip] See ya. -- Chip
[02:12] [Chip] Thanks DK.
[02:12] [ADV_Chris_Ten] Many users have said a big THANK YOU!!!
[02:12] [Chip] Right back at ya!
[02:13] [Allen] Again, thanks for everyone that came in tonight!
[02:13] [Allen] and we'll be opening this room up again, thanks once again, and have a great evening!

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