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Chat Transcript: Ben Browder & Claudia Black
by Dani Moure - Tuesday, April 20th 2004

Category: Series Information

SPOILER ALERT... There may be spoilers in this post, so take note of the subject and beware!

Ben Browder (John Crichton) and Claudia Black (Aeryn Sun) took part in a chat on SciFi.com earlier this evening, to talk about the upcoming mini series, Farscape: Peacekeeper War, and more. A transcript of the session is below.

Ben Browder is chatting as Black Tee, with Claudia Black talking under the handle ChickWithGun.

[ChatMod] I'll explain how to ask questions once we start
[Black Tee] ahhhh
[Black Tee] look ma... I can talk
{Barbarella} I was hoping we could keep the gag on
[ChatMod] We'll start in a minute folks
[ChatMod] Ben can you type?
[Black Tee] Don't suppose chickwithgun can do a little singing for us?
[CHICKWITHGUN] ben can you shoosh now?
[ChatMod] Hi everybody, thanks for joining us. I'm Ben Trumble for SCIFI. Tonight we¹re pleased to be chatting with actors Ben Browder and Claudia Black about SCIFI's original mini-series Farscape Peacekeeper War, coming later this year.
[Black Tee] Yes Mam
[ChatMod] Brief word about the drill. This is a moderated chat -- please send your questions for our guests to ChatQ, as private messages. One question per person please. (To send a private message, either double-click on ChatMod or type "/msg ChatMod" on the command line - only without the quotes.)...Then hit Enter (or Return on a Mac.)
[CHICKWITHGUN] hi everyone
[ChatMod] Well. We zillion of Q's... so lets begin
[Black Tee] Wow... de... ja... vu...
[ChatMod] {Trip} to {ChatQ}: Hi Ben and Claudia! How does it feel to be back working on Farscape again?
[Black Tee] lets do it
[CHICKWITHGUN] It was very gruelling
[CHICKWITHGUN] but really fun to see everyone
[Black Tee] It was outstanding to be back
[ChatMod] Guys do me a favor and type GA at the end of your answer so I can go on to the next thing
[Black Tee] But very surreal
[Black Tee] A massive family reunion
[CHICKWITHGUN] Surreal, but nice, as they say in "notting hill"
[Black Tee] very nice
[Black Tee] ga
[ChatMod] {Ryalin} to {ChatQ}: Thanks so much for being here. How do you feel about the steady growth of reality tv worldwide and the decline of scripted television, particularly in the sci-fi/fantasy genre? Do you think we've seen the end of this kind of format, or do you think people will get a clue one of these days and realize that they're watching garbage?
[CHICKWITHGUN] Ben , i think you are done answering that one...
[Black Tee] With reality TV they are not really watching reality
[CHICKWITHGUN] I think numbers are dropping off gradually ratings wise on reality shows but everything has cycles of popularity
[Black Tee] anytime a camera is pointed it takes a pov... point of view
[Black Tee] Quiz shows ruled the 1950's
[Black Tee] Reality TV rules today
[Black Tee] perhaps the next cycle of TV will be Westerns
[CHICKWITHGUN] I have to admit that I watch survivor and I love rupert ga
[CHICKWITHGUN] Claudia blushes ga
[Black Tee] or Fan scripted TV???
[Black Tee] ga
[ChatMod] {Necro`} to {ChatQ}: Do either of you feel as if you have been typecast because of your work in Farscape, or do you feel it's only propelled your career's forward into new arena's that weren't open to you before?
[CHICKWITHGUN] I have no idea what Fascape will or won't do for my career, only time will tell GA
[Black Tee] I haven't been cast enough outside of Farscape to know what my type is.
[Black Tee] Let's come back to that question in 10 years.
[Black Tee] ga
[ChatMod] {DoctorWho} to {ChatQ}: Ben, Claudia thank you very much for taking the time to join us. How did the two of you react when you were contacted about reprising your roles for the upcoming mini-series?
[CHICKWITHGUN] yeah when they are doing " Farscape.. where are they now???"
[Black Tee] I refused to believe it
[Black Tee] I'm still not sure I believe it
[CHICKWITHGUN] I didn't believe it either. I thought it would take too long and we would be in zimmerframes GA
[Black Tee] Isn't Farscape that show that died off quietly?
[Black Tee] I mean... Far... what?
[CHICKWITHGUN] fire-escape
[Black Tee] It's a miracle.
[Black Tee] And we owe a whole bunch of people.... big time
[Black Tee] I think you know who you are.
[Black Tee] ga
[ChatMod] {Scaper1} to {ChatQ}: Ben & Claudia: At what stage of the Mini are you working on?
[Black Tee] Post production
[CHICKWITHGUN] The part where Claudia gets to work on her sun tan"
[Black Tee] Still haven't done the additional dialogue
[Black Tee] Claude... you have a tan????
[Black Tee] I wanna see.
[CHICKWITHGUN] They are in early post production at the moment
[Black Tee] no you shuddup
[CHICKWITHGUN] I wanna watch you surf
[CHICKWITHGUN] you should do a surfing "how to" video ben
[Black Tee] do they still have the naked surf contest at Bondi?
[CHICKWITHGUN] Yes, you did it remember and they called you the bondi yeti
[Black Tee] Okay... you win
[CHICKWITHGUN] It 's ok ben, it's only us in a room with four hundred other people, i feel i can say this stuff
[Black Tee] we're in post... ga
[ChatMod] {skchwojko} to {ChatQ}: What did you enjoy/dislike about playing Aeryn as a new mother?
[Black Tee] Aeryn's a mamma?
[CHICKWITHGUN] Always needing to pee
[CHICKWITHGUN] Yeah. It's time for Palimony
[Black Tee] Cept... who's the daddy?
[CHICKWITHGUN] I didn't like it much because Aeryn hated it.... it's in her way of contributing to the ship
[Black Tee] They feed babies to moya for fuel
[Black Tee] Finally we find out her power source
[Black Tee] Farscape tech at it's best
[CHICKWITHGUN] Deep down she hated it, it wasn't really in the script but that's what andrew prowse and thought
[CHICKWITHGUN] and I thought. oops. GA
[Black Tee] ga
[ChatMod] {DoctorWho} to {ChatQ}: Did the two of you find it difficult to step back into characters you said good bye to almost two years ago? If so, what aspect did you find the most challenging?
[Black Tee] They difficulty was in accepting that time had passed...
[CHICKWITHGUN] Stepping back into a costume that might not have fit
[CHICKWITHGUN] and we were older...
[CHICKWITHGUN] and slower
[CHICKWITHGUN] and un-used to early starts
[Black Tee] It seemed like the year away never really happened.
[CHICKWITHGUN] and going out to Homebush
[Black Tee] Everything was the same... But DIFFERENT}
[CHICKWITHGUN] It was quite surreal going back and seeing the sets in different sheds... i got very discombobulated
[CHICKWITHGUN] same same, but different as they say in thai restaurants
[Black Tee] Yeah... and the sets had moved around
[CHICKWITHGUN] I could never find the lunch room
[CHICKWITHGUN] and y'all know how important lunch is to me
[Black Tee] But the maure factory next door was the same
[Black Tee] Manure
[Black Tee] even
[Black Tee] ga
[CHICKWITHGUN] I found that Aeryn did not do the things she normally does because she was slowed down by the pregancy
[CHICKWITHGUN] oh, my the smell was BAD
[ChatMod] {Accido} to {ChatQ}: Now that you know how it ends, are you happy with the closure the mini-series is supposed to be bringing to the farscape story?
[CHICKWITHGUN] but farscape is the show that never ends
[Black Tee] I think there is a "To be Continued"
[Black Tee] at the end
[CHICKWITHGUN] and it goes on and on my friends
[Black Tee] like that beer song
[CHICKWITHGUN] do a beer... a mexican beeer
[CHICKWITHGUN] a guy that buys me beer
[Black Tee] I knew we'd get her to sing
[CHICKWITHGUN] me a guy, i buy beer for..
[Black Tee] ga
[CHICKWITHGUN] fa..... a long way to the baaaaarr
[CHICKWITHGUN] soooooooo
[CHICKWITHGUN] i'll have another beeeeeer
[CHICKWITHGUN] la...lalalalalalallalalalllala
[CHICKWITHGUN] no thanks, i'll have a beer
[Black Tee] GA
[CHICKWITHGUN] and that brings us back to ....
[CHICKWITHGUN] dododododododododo
[Black Tee] PLEASE
[ChatMod] {Trip} to {ChatQ}: How long did it take you to film the mini-series?
[CHICKWITHGUN] Go surf naked or somethin'
[Black Tee] with you?
[CHICKWITHGUN] three months, was it?
[Black Tee] Tan lines and all
[Black Tee] 3
[CHICKWITHGUN] is quite pervy
[Black Tee] months
[CHICKWITHGUN] calm down yeti
[Black Tee] fur is a natural sunscreen ya know
[CHICKWITHGUN] three months of me and Ben picking on each other
[Black Tee] three months of her being cruel and unusual
[CHICKWITHGUN] what-e-ver
[Black Tee] it was TORTURE
[CHICKWITHGUN] I am normal
[CHICKWITHGUN] very normal
[Black Tee] GA
[CHICKWITHGUN] yeah, torture.. .ben couldn't remember his lines...EVER
[CHICKWITHGUN] just kidding
[ChatMod] {guido} to {ChatQ}: Claudia, you said something at Burbank about what you gave up to work on the "unnamed" project. Is that anything you can share with us yet? No is an acceptable answer if you can't.
[CHICKWITHGUN] a lot of people made a lot of personal sacrifices
[ChatMod] {GutPageant} to {ChatQ}: Speaking of pervy-- am I right that the actor who played Aeryn's made-up lover Lechna is the same guy who played her Scarren torturer Jenek? Very Farscape, that.
[CHICKWITHGUN] so mine is one among many
[CHICKWITHGUN] did any one know that? is it in the credits?
[Black Tee] yes... it's true
[CHICKWITHGUN] well spotted
[Black Tee] ga
[ChatMod] {Otaku-Smeghead} to {ChatQ}: I had a question for Ben and Claudia will the Cast make an apperance in San Deigo like last year?? and thanks for Showing up Last year =)
[CHICKWITHGUN] If i am asked and in town. I would love to.
[Black Tee] No plans at the moment past getting the Miniseries finished
[Black Tee] hopefully that will be mostly done in June... Junish?
[Black Tee] Ask Brian on thursday.
[Black Tee] GA
[ChatMod] {AlmostOutOfFuel} to {ChatQ}: David Kemper and Rockne O'Bannon often referred to how, from the beginning, they had specific ideas for how the show would end. Does the mini take us that far (to their original goal), or is this an intermediate ending?
[CHICKWITHGUN] kinda close.
[Black Tee] Ending... WHAT STINKING ENDING
[CHICKWITHGUN] david talks like a jazz muso jams.... so some things he says, he's thinking out loud
[Black Tee] We don't need no stinkin ending
[CHICKWITHGUN] but this is close to how i remember him saying he wanted to do it
[Black Tee] This is the song that never ends
[CHICKWITHGUN] do a beer....
[Black Tee] see?
[CHICKWITHGUN] franchise is the word of the new media millenium... things will never end the way they used to
[ChatMod] {CaptainKirk} to {ChatQ}: Hi. What sort of emotions do your characters go through during the mini-series? Will there be tears?
[Black Tee] Yes
[Black Tee] many tears
[CHICKWITHGUN] never... soldiers never cry
[Black Tee] mostly from the fans
[CHICKWITHGUN] ben crys like a big fat girl
[CHICKWITHGUN] but a cute hairy one
[Black Tee] I take that as a compliment
[Black Tee] there were and will be tears
[CHICKWITHGUN] what was that mollusc ep called?
[ChatMod] {Oziscifif} to {ChatQ}: Are there special effects on par with the destruction of the Dreadnaught (sp?) in the mini?
[CHICKWITHGUN] you got more wolf whistles than me
[Black Tee] Haven't seen the CGI
[Black Tee] Expect there to be more
[CHICKWITHGUN] you mean, do we blow as much s%^& up?
[Black Tee] and bigger
[Black Tee] We blowed up the entire galaxy
[CHICKWITHGUN] it was pretty high production values they were aiming for
[Black Tee] Nothing left behind
[Black Tee] no expense spared
[CHICKWITHGUN] but no fireworks on wrap this year. :( that's my favourite.
[Black Tee] Truly... it was big on the explosive front
[Black Tee] the sfx guys actually ran out
[Black Tee] of hits
[Black Tee] and had to import more from America
[CHICKWITHGUN] No they just had to go and do mardi gras
[Black Tee] Australia ran OUT of PYRO HITS!
[Black Tee] True.
[Black Tee] ga
[ChatMod] Station Identification
[ChatMod] We're chatting with actors Ben Browder and Claudia Black about SCIFI's original mini-series Farscape Peacekeeper War, coming later this year.
[ChatMod] Brief word about the drill. This is a moderated chat -- please send your questions for our guests to ChatQ, as private messages. One question per person please. (To send a private message, either double-click on ChatMod or type "/msg ChatMod" on the command line - only without the quotes.)...Then hit Enter (or Return on a Mac.)
[ChatMod] {skchwojko} to {ChatQ}: Do you think Baby Sun looks more like Claudia or Ben?
[Black Tee] Rygel
[CHICKWITHGUN] ah.. .that's a sensitive subject
[Black Tee] Who kinda looks like Yoda
[CHICKWITHGUN] the equivalent of mail man in space looks like what?
[Black Tee] Who kinda looks like Frank Oz
[CHICKWITHGUN] or milk man
[Black Tee] Damn Henson Company
[CHICKWITHGUN] who looks like the next actor they'll bring in for farscape with the next gen
[Black Tee] But if we had a baby... it would be CUTE!!!
[Black Tee] But Hairy
[CHICKWITHGUN] yeah... but..
[CHICKWITHGUN] took the words right out of my mouth
[Black Tee] LOL
[Black Tee] GA
[CHICKWITHGUN] but i know a great beautician
[Black Tee] Ouch
[ChatMod] {RedKarma} to {ChatQ}: What season posed the most difficult challenges for your characters?
[Black Tee] ALL of THEM
[CHICKWITHGUN] i loved season three the most because aeryn had so many great story twists.
[Black Tee] I LOVED season three cause... well
[CHICKWITHGUN] I felt i was being challenged in all the right ways
[Black Tee] you know
[CHICKWITHGUN] cause of all the kissin'
[Black Tee] yeah
[Black Tee] blowin up things and kissin
[CHICKWITHGUN] season three
[CHICKWITHGUN] yeah and that day on the dune buggies
[Black Tee] that's why I like going to work
[CHICKWITHGUN] that was soooooo cooool
[Black Tee] and the kissin
[CHICKWITHGUN] yeah, blowin stuff up
[Black Tee] that's what we call Drahma
[CHICKWITHGUN] gen x is such a sex/death culture isn't it?
[Black Tee] guns and rose
[Black Tee] s
[Black Tee] hmmmmm
[CHICKWITHGUN] jeez is that your taste in music?
[Black Tee] but hey... it worked for shakespeare
[CHICKWITHGUN] i thought you were too old for that?
[Black Tee] funny... old wench
[CHICKWITHGUN] i don't remember axel rose in merchant of venice
[CHICKWITHGUN] did you really train as an actor?
[Black Tee] he played lorenzo
[Black Tee] wasn't very good
[CHICKWITHGUN] he didn't need a wig neither
[Black Tee] NEXT...GA
[ChatMod] {RoguePlanet1} to {ChatQ}: So, any plans to continue the story in further miniseries? Any other "Farscape" projects sitting on the far horizon? (Pun intentional.)
[Black Tee] Brian mentioned something with the F word
[CHICKWITHGUN] ask the puppet master, brian ga
[Black Tee] ASK
[Black Tee] and then tell us
[Black Tee] we're looking for things to blow up
[CHICKWITHGUN] yeah, i am sure you guys out there will be making it happen
[Black Tee] they made me kiss HER!!!
[Black Tee] GA
[ChatMod] {AxezCore} to {ChatQ}: Hi Ben and Claudia, you guys are kinda like UFO's... various sightings of you regularly occurs on the net, but with no apparent evidence. Do you lurk at various websites or even post under pseudonyms?
[Black Tee] I have 5000 pseudonyms... I used them all at save Farscape
[Black Tee] I also am currently using 300 nicks
[Black Tee] in chat
[CHICKWITHGUN] I have a rule in my household which came from my mum.... people before machines.... so less time watching telly and surfing online, more time face to face with people
[Black Tee] ANYTHING to work with Claudia Black
[Black Tee] More time surfing naked
[Black Tee] you mean
[Black Tee] GA
[CHICKWITHGUN] and waxing apts
[Black Tee] ouch
[ChatMod] {rx-queen} to {ChatQ}: Who would win 12 rounds of bare-knuckle boxing? Braca or Crais? btw, Ben, you're hot : )
[Black Tee] hmmmm
[CHICKWITHGUN] just thought youd slip that in, hey rx-queen.
[Black Tee] Crais is Dead
[Black Tee] Hard to whup a dead man
[CHICKWITHGUN] Braca doesn't fight with his knuckles
[Black Tee] He doesn't fight bare
[Black Tee] Or does he?
[CHICKWITHGUN] btw, ben, you're hot
[CHICKWITHGUN] just slipped it in
[Black Tee] Wench
[Black Tee] Crais wins
[CHICKWITHGUN] me, i mean
[Black Tee] ga
[ChatMod] {ChaoticDreamer} to {ChatQ}: Hi Ben and Claudia: If you could play any role on stage- which would you pick?
[CHICKWITHGUN] one that pays
[Black Tee] lots
[Black Tee] Dunno...
[CHICKWITHGUN] one with ben
[Black Tee] Okay... yeah
[Black Tee] We should do who's afraid of Virginia wolf
[CHICKWITHGUN] I would be nervous about getting back on stage, but i would love the challenge of agood shakespeare
[CHICKWITHGUN] with axel rose
[Black Tee] he rocks
[Black Tee] anything with Claudia
[Black Tee] ga
[ChatMod] {Oziscifif} to {ChatQ}: What's the most embarassing thing the other has done on set?
[CHICKWITHGUN] well we all know mine
[CHICKWITHGUN] ben feel free to remind them if you dare
[CHICKWITHGUN] i told EVERYBODY at the con
[CHICKWITHGUN] ben is never wrong
[Black Tee] You told them about the fart?
[CHICKWITHGUN] the loud one, just after i danced around
[Black Tee] never happened... it's a lie
[Black Tee] you never fart
[CHICKWITHGUN] ya,,,, it never happened
[Black Tee] you told me so
[CHICKWITHGUN] we are done here
[CHICKWITHGUN] i am being nice and saying nothing abouty you
[Black Tee] Many things I do on set are embarrassing
[CHICKWITHGUN] like what?
[Black Tee] But I'm blessed with selective memory
[CHICKWITHGUN] i love you
[Black Tee] back atchya
[Black Tee] GA
[ChatMod] {Joff} to {ChatQ}: So assuming you guys get re intergrated early on in the mini, Who ends up carrying the baby???
[Black Tee] Crais
[Black Tee] Crais gets the Baby
[Black Tee] wait...
[Black Tee] Moya's baby
[Black Tee] right?
[CHICKWITHGUN] there is no baby
[CHICKWITHGUN] that was a jedi mind trick
[Black Tee] Sorry...
[Black Tee] there is no baby
[Black Tee] move along
[Black Tee] GA
[ChatMod] {skchwojko} to {ChatQ}: I just wanted to thank you for the great care and respect you showed in your performance in “The Choice”. It was magnificent and helped me learn how to say good-bye to a baby I lost a couple of cycles ago and move on, but never forget, as well. Thank you and God Bless You!! WAS THAT THE MOST DIFFICULT EPISODE YOU HAD TO DO?
[CHICKWITHGUN] It was fulfilling. was it the hardest for you to watch? you are very brave.
[Black Tee] Claudia was fairly magnificent in the Choice
[Black Tee] ga
[Black Tee] ...
[CHICKWITHGUN] a lot of people say the same about the choice. it was my version of grief up there. i drew on personal experience so i am glad it translated and had resonance for others. thank you for what you said.and i am so sorry for what you went through. may you be blessed with a joyous life
[ChatMod] {KOBA-TV} to {ChatQ}: Ben, does Fran reprise her role as Akhna? Say hello to her for us! She's part of the Farscape family, too!
[Black Tee] Francesca is of course in the Mini
[Black Tee] I'll say hi
[Black Tee] No farscape would be complete with her getting a chance to bust my chops
[ChatMod] no other reason :)
[CHICKWITHGUN] sorry that last answer tracks as though i agree that i am fairly magnificent. it was a response to previous question
[ChatMod] {GutPageant} to {ChatQ}: Has there been any involvement in the mini by some of our Farscape favorites-- Monjo, Manning, Prowse, Woods. Tilse, etc.?
[Black Tee] You do agree
[Black Tee] Jedi mind trick
[CHICKWITHGUN] i do agree with what?
[CHICKWITHGUN] that i am magnificent?
[Black Tee] You are Magnificent
[Black Tee] yes?
[CHICKWITHGUN] like the soccer song, there can be only one... directore
[Black Tee] Prowsie was around quite a bit
[Black Tee] shooting second unit
* CHICKWITHGUN (CHICKWITHGUN@this.chat.server) Quit ((signed off))
[Black Tee] He also produced on this one.
[Black Tee] I really CAN'T imagine Farscape without Andrew Prowse
[Black Tee] The others we missed
[Black Tee] But until they invent the multi-director mini
[Black Tee] we'll just have to settle for season FIVE.
[Black Tee] GA
[ChatMod] Just to let people know, we're into the last five minutes. We've been lucky holding the server togather under a load of about 800 ppl. Thanks to Barbarella for that. We can't push our luck too far... So... Three more questions then we open the floors
[ChatMod] {samati75} to {ChatQ}: Ben have you been writing (screenplays, etc) lately?
[Black Tee] Am working with a group of folks on a screenplay at the moment
[Black Tee] News....
[Black Tee] Claudia has been locked out of chat
{Barbarella} one second
{Barbarella} now she should be able to come back in
{Barbarella} unless she lagged off
[Black Tee] See's tying
{Barbarella} ok hang on
[Black Tee] tring
[Black Tee] trying
* CHICKWITHGUN (CHICKWITHGUN@this.chat.server) has joined #auditorium
[Black Tee] while we wait for Claudia..
[Black Tee] oh... she's back
[Black Tee] well done Barb
[ChatMod] Claudia can you type?
[Black Tee] So... where were we...?
{Barbarella} looking just one sec large list
[Black Tee] Screenplay?
[Black Tee] Yes.
[CHICKWITHGUN] i am here...
[CHICKWITHGUN] anyone out there
{Barbarella} yes
[CHICKWITHGUN] i got lost for a minute
[Black Tee] hellooooo
[ChatMod] {imloco2} to {ChatQ}: Are they saving the sets this time?
[CHICKWITHGUN] i saved a piece of set
[Black Tee] Dunno
[Black Tee] Oh... Claudia has the sets
[CHICKWITHGUN] yeah... all of them
[CHICKWITHGUN] i got my prowler too
[Black Tee] we'll be doing a Farscape play over at her house
[CHICKWITHGUN] i drive around in it
[Black Tee] anyone wants to watch.... it's a musical
[CHICKWITHGUN] you can play aeryn this time
[CHICKWITHGUN] this is the show that nver ends
[Black Tee] about beer.
[CHICKWITHGUN] toot toot i'm in my prowler
[Black Tee] ga
[ChatMod] {DRD1812} to {ChatQ}: "Did the other Farscape directors, like Tilse and Woods, consult with Henson on the direction of the mini?
[Black Tee] Not that I know of
[CHICKWITHGUN] woodsie is now being fancy pants and doing a film with kate blanchett
[Black Tee] But Brian may have secretly been channeling some of them
[Black Tee] Yeah... WOodsie is Bigtime
[Black Tee] Reckon he'll give us Job, C?
[CHICKWITHGUN] so is tilse... very very busy
[Black Tee] Or he can play Zaahn in our Musical?
[Black Tee] GA
[ChatMod] Claudia and Ben -- thanks for joining us. Any comments before let you go?
[Black Tee] Uh...
[CHICKWITHGUN] um..............
[Black Tee] That's it?
[CHICKWITHGUN] "dude where'smy country by michael moore
[Black Tee] Yes of course we have comments.
{Barbarella} again?
[Black Tee] First... I have to thank a whole bucket of folks for providing me with work!
[Black Tee] Claudia left again?
[ChatMod] Claudia's connection seems to have dropped again
{Barbarella} bot it taken care of she should be back soon
[Black Tee] And I can thank those folks for Claudia as well.
[Black Tee] It is a priviledge for us to be working for you all.
[Black Tee] Thank you
[Black Tee] Thank you
[Black Tee] Thank You!
[Black Tee] Ah... hell... I'm just gonna get sentimental... these chats become like therapy.
[Black Tee] Just open up the server and unleash the hounds of chat!
[Black Tee] Thanks Ya'll
[ChatMod] Ben. Thanks again for joining us. I certainly hope we'll talk again soon.

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