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It's all change with a new look Farscape World
by Dani Moure - Monday, April 19th 2004 [Updated: Wednesday, April 21st 2004]

Category: Site News

UPDATE: Most of the fixes below have now been implemented. Note that the Episode Guide fix currently implemented is likely to be temporary while I try to figure out what the problem is (it seems to be the result of a software upgrade recently on our servers). I would recommend you don't bookmark any of the episode coverage for the time being as the links should revert back to what they used to be once this is sorted.

As long time readers will know, I've been wanting to update the look of the site for some time. Alas, it's taken longer than expected, but I've finally done it tonight (sorry for the lack of warning!).

Stupidly, while this meant I didn't miss a date as I didn't give one for the change, it also means it's way too late now for me to sort any issues out... and there are some. Joy.

First, a missing image on the main page, and the Amazon boxes being slightly mis-aligned - these will be corrected tomorrow (and the text under the "Future Farscape" section will be changed).

Additionally, the Databank section hasn't been changed to the new template, so it still looks old school. I'll also be changing that tomorrow.

The Forum template hasn't been changed to the new logo (which will be the main change), and of course the new "Latest Forum Posts" feature on the main page won't be added until tomorrow.

Finally, the biggest problem is that something weird has happened to the episode pages when I rebuilt them, so, err, they cut off really soon. And at this point, I have no idea why. So no synopses, reviews, infolinks or Mary's coverage works properly at this moment. Many apologies for that, but one way or another a fix will be in place once I get back from work on Monday.

I really hope you like the change. It should allow me to concentrate now on content updates (well, after the initial bug fixes are complete). Please let me know your thoughts either in this thread on the Farscape World Forum, or drop me an e-mail.

Thanks for all your support, and I hope you stick with us (you'll get used to it)!

I also forgot to originally thank a few people, but I really need to. Special thanks to Cyn, Angie, SorlkLewis and Fialka for taking a look at the various incarnations of the redesign and for being very frank with their feedback. Especially Fi, who helped inspire my final idea. Many thanks, as it wouldn't look as good as I think it does without their help.

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