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More season 3 spoilers and episode information
by Dani Moure - Wednesday, March 14th 2001

Category: Old News

SPOILER ALERT... There may be spoilers in this post, so take note of the subject and beware!

Well, inside this post there are episode descriptions for all the eps of season 3 announced so far, in addition to some more "Season of Death" information.

Head on over to the Farscape section of the Zealot website, where they have some huge spoilers for season 3's premiere "Season of Death" (I can't comment as I only skimmed through them so I don't spoil myself), plus some spoiler pictures aswell. Remember, "Season of Death" airs this Friday at 9pm & midnight on SciFi for all you US scapers.

The above site is also where we got these descriptions for the season 3 Farscape episodes.

"Suns and Lovers" (March 23rd)
"Eager to spend the loot acquired from robbing the Shadow Depository, the crew of Moya head to a commerce station. The situation becomes disastrous when the commerce station is hit by a violent storm, severely damaging the station and trapping Moya in the docking cables. The storms may not be natural phenomena, but weapons of wrath used by religious zealots to protect their Sacred Stillness from the evils of commerce. With little time to lose, Crichton, Stark, and Rygel set about locating the source of the signal attracting the storm. Meanwhile, D'Argo is confronted with the ultimate betrayal by those closest to him, and becomes depressed and self-destructive. Intoxicated, he bids Pilot goodbye and heads out on the potentially suicidal mission of releasing Moya before the storm hits." Written by Justin Monjo.

Self-Inflicted Wounds, Part I: "Could'a, Would'a, Should'a" (30th March)
"While Crichton inspects a wormhole, a small ship screams out of the hole and collides with Moya. When the two crews recover, they find that the two ships have fused together in a freakish amalgam, and Crichton wakes up face to face with two aliens armed with needle-shooting gills. However, thre is little time to exchange pleasantries. The fused ships are trapped in a series of wormholes, looping repeatedly and Moya seems to be reacting badly to the collision, her systems dying section by section. It is discovered that to separate the ships, one of them must be cast into the wormhole wall and destroyed. The intruders insist that because Moya is on death's door, it is THEIR ship that must be saved, with both crews on board." Written by David Kemper.

Self-Inflicted Wounds, Part II: "Wait for the Wheel" (April 6th)
"Faced with the imminent death of both Pilot and Moya, who will be cast into the wall of the imprisoning wormhole, the inhabitants of the living ship prepare to disembark and take their chances with Neeyala's vessel. That is, until a critical discovery is made. Moya's disintegration is not a result of the collision between the two ships, but sabotage. As time runs out, and the yawning wormhole beckons, a moment of truth is reached. One crewmember will sacrifice their life so that the others may live." Written by David Kemper.

Different Destinations (April 13th)
"The crew of Moya stop at the ancient site of a great siege, where Peacekeeper forces once negotiated surrender to a vastly superior army. Then, in the midst of this tranquillity, the impossible happens. Through a freak combination of Stark's ethereal presence, and a mysterious tear in the fabric of time, Crichton and his comrades are thrust back into the past. Materialising in the midst of the ancient siege, they accidentally change the course of events. Now as time grows short, they must discover how to set right what once went wrong - before they become history, too." Written by Steve Worland.

Oh dear, it looks like things are just going to get worse. Who betrays D'Argo? How will Aeryn live? Who will be sacrificed? Suggestions to the usual e-mail address... The wait is almost over...

  • Source: Zealot

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