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News by category: Network News

  • Syndication update: big sale for Farscape by Dani Moure on Saturday, February 12th 2005 (Network News)
  • WatchFarscape and FarscapeWorld talk to Ira Bernstein by Dani Moure on Wednesday, February 9th 2005 (Network News)
  • BBC Three to repeat Farscape in the UK from the beginning by Dani Moure on Tuesday, February 1st 2005 (Network News)
  • Syndication update: Farscape sold in about 50% of the market by Dani Moure on Tuesday, January 25th 2005 (Network News)
  • Every episode of Farscape to be rerun in the US in October by Dani Moure on Friday, August 6th 2004 (Network News)
  • Sci Fi gets new General Manager; Breaks ratings barrier with Stargate: Atlantis by Dani Moure on Monday, July 19th 2004 (Network News)
  • Sci Fi Upfront announcements - upcoming "Events", TV series and movies by Dani Moure on Monday, April 5th 2004 (Network News)
  • Vivendi choose merger bid with NBC by Dani Moure on Friday, August 29th 2003 (Network News)
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