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Calendar - Official Farscape 2004

Item Description
This is the Official 2004 Farscape calendar, featuring large glossy images of the Farscape characters for each month of the year.

by Dani Moure

Faced with the job of reviewing the latest Official Farscape Calendar, I found myself asking a question. How do you review a calendar? After all, it's just a bunch of pictures with a list of days in the year. Well, that was it. Talk about the pictures. They're the important thing. So that's what I'm going to do.

There's no doubt that the presentation of the calendar is pretty top notch. Most of the pictures used are promo shots of some form or another (several of which have appeared on this site in the past), which can be both good and bad. On the one hand, you may have seen some before. On the other, they're nice and hi resolution, and generally look good. But what makes the calendar great is the nice clean layout, and interesting arrangement of the aforementioned pictures. Each month is divided into two halves. The top has one big shot, and the bottom has the calendar, with several smaller shots scattered around. So here's a rundown of each month, with some thoughts.

January 2004

The top half of this month is dedicated to a group shot that I really like, having John sitting in a chair, with Aeryn standing beside leaning her arm against it, Chiana just behind and Sikozu on the other side. In the bottom half, to the left of the calendar we have your John Crichton gun-toting action pose™, and the only problem I have with it is that his leg covers several of the days of the month. To the right, you have two John shots, and one of John and Aeryn together with Sikozu in the background, and slightly raised. January looks pretty nice.

February 2004

Ah, shock of all horrors, it's shipper month. The top half is a huge image of Aeryn on top of John, him leaning back, as they're about to kiss. It's displays the actors sexual chemistry well, and to be fair, it does a good job to represent the month of love. The image to the right of the calendar is one that most people will be familiar with, having Aeryn in front of John, leaning to the side slightly, and again ready for a smooch. To the left we have a shot of John at the top, one of Aeryn at the bottom, and a central image of John and Aeryn, again in one of those sexual poses. This is a nice month.

March 2004

March is devoted to our friendly neighbourhood teddy err, alien D'Argo. The top half here is a sweet picture of D'Argo cuddling his wife, Lo'Laan (from "Mental as Anything"). The right side of the bottom half has an action shot of D'Argo with a railgun, and the left is populated by a shot of D'Argo as Jool in "Unrealized Reality", and another as Rygel in the same episode, with a regular D'Argo shot in between.

April 2004

April is a good month. It's the ladies of Farscape, with the top half being a lovely sultry image of Sikozu. To the left of the calendar, we have a great image of Chiana, with Zhaan, Jool and Noranti from top to bottom on the right hand side. It'd be safe to say this is one of my favourite months.

May 2004

This is Aeryn month, with the top half being a promo shot of Aeryn, I believe one released around the time of "Bringing Home the Beacon". To the right of the calendar is an Aeryn action pose, with her aiming a pulse pistol. On the right, we have a half body shot of her in the coolant suit in "Promises", below that a familiar shot from "Kansas", and below that Aeryn as Chiana in "Unrealized Reality". This is another nice month.

June 2004

The main shot here is D'Argo standing with his Qualta Blade in front of Lo'La, circa "What Was Lost, Part 2: Resurrection". To the left of the calendar is an interesting shot of Stark, while Pilot and Scorpius appear on the right. At the bottom is a picture of Rygel, captured in "I Shrink Therefore I Am". While this page is just as well arranged as them all, I think it might've been nicer to give one of the other characters the top slot, since D'Argo had it in March, too.

July 2004

The creature month, July has a nice image of Pilot in the top half, sitting at his station. Below to the right of the calendar, Rygel sits on his thronesled with an amusing grin on his face and a polished-off can of beer in his hand, which just looks hilarious, although again we find a picture placed on top of the calendar dates. To the left side, there are pictures of Oo-Nii ("What Was Lost"), Paroos ("A Prefect Murder") and Skreeth ("Terra Firma").

August 2004

The top image here is another John and Aeryn pose, this time walking through a hallway. It's another nice image, but another John and Aeryn pairing in the main image may be a bit much for some, given the limited space in the calendar. Aeryn gets another pose to the right of the calendar, with an image of John (and D'Argo's shoulder) from "Lava's a Many Splendored Thing" on the left hand side, a picture of John and Aeryn from "John Quixote" in the middle, and a very nice promo shot of Aeryn and Sikozu at the bottom from "Bringing Home the Beacon".

September 2004

This is another of my favourite months. In the top half, we have another shot from "Lava's a Many Splendored Thing", this time featuring Chiana and Sikozu looking nice. To the right of the calendar is a shot of Chiana, with the left side populated by three nice pictures of her from "A Constellation of Doubt", "Terra Firma" and "Natural Election" respectively.

October 2004

October is another really good month, this time featuring the bad guys. The main image is a really cool, menacing shot of Emperor Staleek, with a great image of Scorpius to the right of the calendar. Unfortunately, Scorpius is a little underused in this calendar overall. Nevertheless, the left three images are, top to bottom, Commandant Grayza from "What Was Lost, Part 1: Sacrifice", War Minister Ahkna from "Bringing Home the Beacon" and Captain Braca from "Terra Firma".

November 2004

Taking us in to the home stretch, this month's main image is a sweet one of Noranti and Rygel from "We're So Screwed, Part 1: Fetal Attraction". On the left of the calendar is another image of D'Argo holding his Qualta Blade, while on the right is an interesting image of Sikozu, with John and Chiana from "John Quixote" in the centre, and an odd image of Aeryn with a flashlight, odd because it's from "Suns and Lovers", which seems a bit old for this calendar.

December 2004

The final month is solely dedicated to John Crichton (well, he had to have one month to himself!). The main image is another familiar one, of him against a red backdrop with arms folded. To the right of the calendar, we get another John Crichton gun-toting action pose™, I believe from the same series of shots as the January one. To the left, we have a dumbfounded shot of John in the centre, book ended by two promo shots.

In addition to the images mentioned above, there is a rather nice two-page centrefold of Moya in space, which is actually just an enlarged version of the cover. The back displays the main images for each month, as well as an advert for the DVDs. A nice additional feature is that all the key cast birthdays are already marked on the calendar.


It's hard to fault the calendar in terms of presentation. The layout and design is excellent (bar the occasional image overlapping a few days), and it all looks very nice and glossy. The use of the images chosen was good, my only problem really is with those that they did choose. A few of the screenshot-style images seem a bit old (some of the promo ones are, too, but don't seem so), but the biggest problem is that a couple of characters are noticeably under-used. Most obviously Scorpius, who spent most of the fourth season on Moya, and only gets two smaller images in the calendar, while the combination of John and Aeryn got two. Perhaps a Scorpius and Sikozu combination picture could've replaced one of those, though obviously John and Aeryn are the fan-favourite couple. Besides the lack of images of certain people (in addition, we could've perhaps had more of Grayza, Braca and maybe even more Scarrans and John's family), it is a nice product that should satisfy a lot of fans.

Buy from Calendarmart (Click to view their website)

Item Details
Item: Farscape: The Illustrated Season 4 Companion
Recommended Retail Price: 7.99
Publisher: Slow Dazzle Worldwide
ISBN: 1-843-372-142

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