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Season 4, DVD Collection 3
Release Date: 23rd March 2004Region Available: US
Released by: ADV FilmsMSRP: $39.98
Buy Season 4, DVD Collection 3 from Amazon US

The third two-disc set from Farscape's explosive fourth season includes the next four episodes:

Disc One

Unrealized Reality - After correctly sensing that a wormhole is about to appear near Moya, Crichton is sucked down it! Inside, he is confronted by an inter-dimensional being intent on discovering why Crichton was entrusted with this knowledge. The alien sends Crichton through various “realities” of past events to illustrate the danger of misusing wormhole knowledge.

Kansas - Crichton and the crew travel through a wormhole to Earth circa 1985, and find the course of time disastrously changed. Crichton’s father Jack is now slated to fly the doomed Challenger mission! Lying low in Crichton's hometown, the “aliens” use the timely Halloween celebrations to remain (almost) anonymous, while Crichton tries to change the timeline.

Disc Two

Terra Firma - Crichton and the crew return to Moya—in orbit around modern-day Earth—to find Jack and a contingent of dignitaries waiting for them. The aliens are introduced to an amazed and apprehensive public, but soon find life in the public eye difficult. Meanwhile, a monstrous assassin sent by Grayza hunts for Crichton, and will stop at nothing to accomplish its mission.

Twice Shy - Chiana purchases an abused slave girl named Talikaa from a passing Trading Ship. When the crew starts acting strangely and the girl disappears, they realize she may not be as innocent as she first seemed. Returning to the Trading Ship, they discover its occupants have succumbed to a painful death, the result of neural harvesting by an alien arachnid!

Includes the following extras:

- Behind-the-scenes interview with Lani John Tupu ("Crais" and the voice of "Pilot")
- From the Archives: Early make-up tests
- Cool Farscape facts by Paul Simpson, author of Farscape: The Illustrated Companion series guides
- Aliens Encountered
- Sets, Props, & Costumes Gallery
- Deleted scenes

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