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Season 4, DVD Collection 2
Release Date: 27th January 2004Region Available: US
Released by: ADV FilmsMSRP: $39.98
Buy Season 4, DVD Collection 2 from Amazon US

The second two-disc set from Farscape's explosive fourth season includes the next five episodes:

Disc One

Natural Election - Crichton predicts a wormhole’s appearance near Moya, but just then a giant space plant captures the Leviathan. D’Argo attacks the plant in his ship, sending it into Moya’s conduits, making it even more difficult to kill. Finally, an agent is found to repel the plant, but it exists only in Scorpius’s cooling rods. To save Moya, Crichton will have to trust his enemy.

John Quixote - Chiana and Crichton are sucked into a game world ruled by a virtual Stark, who sends Crichton on a quest to “Kiss the Princess.” To escape the game, they must battle old friends and enemies in fantastic guises. Meanwhile, onboard Moya, Scorpius escapes and brings the crew under his control.

I Shrink Therefore I Am - When Moya is raided by bounty hunters working for the Peacekeepers, all the crew is captured except for Crichton and Noranti. The armored intruders shrink their captives, and imprison them in holding cavities… inside their bodies. If Crichton kills the intruders, he risks killing his friends as well.

Disc Two

A Prefect Murder - The crew lands on a planet divided by generations of clan war. After experiencing strange hallucinations, Aeryn is subliminally coerced into assassinating a clan leader. When Crichton also starts having hallucinations, they realize that someone is using both of them.

Coup by Clam - While in quarantine above the planet Khurtanan, the crew shares a meal of alien mollusks and suffers a violent physical reaction. Each crew member becomes bodily linked to one of the others, Crichton to Sikozu, Aeryn to Rygel, and so on. It soon becomes clear they have been deliberately poisoned by the local doctor and are being blackmailed in exchange for the cure.

Includes the following extras:

- Behind-the-scenes interview with Jonathan Hardy (Voice of "Rygel")
- Deleted Scenes
- Inside Farscape: Villians
- From the Archives: "Revenging Angel" animatics
- Printed insert with official episode synopses
- Cool Farscape Facts
- Alien Encounters
- Sets, Props, & Costumes Gallery
- Farscape trailers.

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