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Season 4, DVD Collection 1
Release Date: 2nd December 2003Region Available: US
Released by: ADV FilmsMSRP: $39.98
Buy Season 4, DVD Collection 1 from Amazon US

The first two-disc set from Farscape's explosive fourth season includes the first five episodes:

Disc One

Crichton Kicks - Crichton ekes out a quiet existence alone onboard Elack—an old, dying Leviathan. But the peace ends with the intrusion of a female alien, Sikozu, and a squad of pirates intent on harvesting Elack's neural tissue. Reunited with former shipmates Chiana and Rygel, Crichton fights to save his new home from the pirates and their vicious pet—the Brindz Hound.

What Was Lost, Part 1: Sacrifice - Crichton, Chiana and Rygel are reunited with D’Argo and Jool at an archaeological site run by Jool’s people, the Interions. The purpose of the dig is to find a missing probe that might reverse the planet's dangerous atmospheric conditions. When Peacekeepers led by Grayza land and capture the crew, Crichton finds himself unable to fight back, mysteriously compelled to do Grayza's bidding.

What Was Lost, Part 2: Resurrection - D’Argo and Sikozu come up with a plan to crash Elack onto the Peacekeeper pursuit craft, facilitating their escape. Crichton is forced to consort further with Grayza to ensure success. When the plan goes awry, the crew begins a search for the probe that will reverse the planet's deadly atmospheric conditions, but a most unexpected enemy stops them in their tracks.

Disc Two

Lava's a Many Splendored Thing - After a forced landing, the crew is separated by an elaborate trap that leaves Crichton, D'Argo, Noranti and Rygel in a lava-filled system of underground caves. While Chiana and Sikozu are on the surface trying to reactivate D'Argo's ship, mercenaries led by a monster impervious to the fiery lava are hunting down Crichton and the others.

Promises - Crichton and the crew return to Moya and find Aeryn suffering from Heat Delirium. To their shock, she is under the care of Scorpius, who wants asylum aboard Moya. Soon, a giant Lukythian ship arrives. Its captain, Ullom, claims that Aeryn is an assassin and that he will heal her in return for information about the crime. But is anyone telling the whole truth?

Includes the following extras:

- Behind-the-scenes interview with Rebecca Riggs ("Commandant Grayza")
- "Farscape: The Story So Far" featurette
- Inside Farscape: Season 4 Visual Effects
- From the Archives: Season 2 Bloopers
- Printed insert with official episode synopses
- Cool Farscape Facts
- Aliens Encountered
- Sets, Props, & Costumes Gallery

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