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Season 2 DVD Set 2.3
Release Date: 8th October 2002Region Available: US
Released by: ADV FilmsMSRP: $39.98
Buy Season 2 DVD Set 2.3 from Amazon US

The second two-disc set from Farscape's second season includes the episodes:

Disc One

Out of Their Minds - When Moya is blasted by a Halosian ship, the minds of her crew are thrown into each other’s bodies! Into this confusion come the Halosians, an aggressive bird-like race whose merciless code of “kill or be killed” has our jumbled crew squarely in its sights.

My Three Crichtons - A spherical, automated research vessel sent to collect unfamiliar life forms attempts to carry off Crichton for analysis. When Aeryn fires on the sphere to stop it, it imbeds itself in Moya and spits out not one, but three Crichtons – the one she knows, a “caveman Crichton,” and a super-evolved “future Crichton!”

Disc Two

The complete Look at the Princess Trilogy!

Part 1: A Kiss is But a Kiss - The crew stumbles across a Royal planet at coronation time. Princess Katralla cannot assume the throne and keep the peace without a DNA-compatible mate, but her treacherous brother, Clavor, has poisoned her genes. Enter Crichton, with compatible DNA! Enter Scorpius, in pursuit of Crichton!

Part 2: I Do, I Think - To escape capture by Scorpius, Crichton agrees to marry Princess Katralla, and be transformed into a living statue for 80 cycles! But his life is still in danger as familial, political, and military forces collide. Far away, Zhaan and Pilot meet Kahaynu, Moya’s deity, who says it’s time for Moya to die.

Part 3: The Maltese Crichton - As living statues, Crichton and Katralla stand side by side in the Royal Court. Clavor is still intent on the throne, and to achieve this, Crichton must die. To save Crichton, D’Argo and Scorpius must form an uneasy alliance.

Includes the following extras:

- Farscape Dictionary: The Moya Menu
- Alien Encounters
- Actor Biography: Virginia Hey
- Character Backstory: Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan
- Conceptual Drawings
- Farscape: The Game Trailer

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