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Season 2 DVD Set 2.2
Release Date: 27th August 2002Region Available: US
Released by: ADV FilmsMSRP: $39.98
Buy Season 2 DVD Set 2.2 from Amazon US

The second two-disc set from Farscape's second season includes the episodes:

Disc One

The Way We Weren't - Chiana discovers a datacam vid that reveals the murder of a previous Pilot aboard Moya. The crew is shocked to see one of their own in the Peacekeepers' firing squad... Aeryn. Crichton must intercede in the violence and confusion that overwhelm Aeryn and Pilot as both struggle to face their dark pasts.

Picture if You Will - After visiting a passing Trader's ship, Chiana returns with a picture whose image magically changes. This "window in time" depicts a future which becomes a gruesome reality - brutal death for Chiana and D'Argo. Zhaan discovers the picture's origin - a powerful enemy who must be faced to save her friends!

Disc Two

Home on the Remains - The crew is starving. Worst affected is Zhaan, whose plant-evolved body begins sprouting buds of toxic pollen. Crichton, D'Argo, Chiana, and Rygel head for a mining colony on the giant carcass of a Budong to seek the help of old friends. They enter a world of dictatorial control, lechery - and a murderous beast.

Dream a Little Dream - Suffering nightmares of guilt, Zhaan reveals to Crichton what really happened after Moya Starburst from the Gammak Base, leaving him, Aeryn, and D'Argo behind. On Litigara, a planet inhabited almost exclusively by lawyers, a scheming lawyer framed Zhaan... for murder!

Includes the following extras:

- Deleted scenes
- Farscape dictionary of technical terms
- Conceptual artwork
- Actor profile of Claudia Black
- Character back story of Aeryn Sun
- Alien encounters, weapons & ships
- 5.1 and 2.0 Dolby Surround Sound

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