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DVD and VHS Volume 10
Release Date: 22nd January 2002Region Available: US
Released by: ADV FilmsMSRP: $19.98 (DVD) / $14.9

The penultimate volume of Farscape season one features two of the finest episodes from that season - episodes 19 and 20.

Nerve (Part 1 of 2) - To save Aeryn from a near-fatal injury, Crichton and Chiana must infiltrate a secret Peacekeeper Gammak Base. Though they find an ally on the site, Crichton meets an adversary far more dangerous, more ruthlessly cruel than Crais could ever be--Scorpius, a terrifying Scarren-Sebacean hybrid. And when Scorpius discovers Crichton holds powerful information, he uses the tortuous Aurora Chair to rip the memories from his mind!

The Hidden Memory (Part 2 of 2) - As the crew plans to rescue Crichton, Moya suddenly goes into labor. So while Chiana and Rygel remain aboard to deal with the delivery, Aeryn, Zhaan, and D'Argo wage an assault on the base. Unfortunately, Crichton's rescuers aren't the only visitors to the fortress. Crais has arrived as well! But is the greater danger the double-threat of Crais and Scorpius, or is it Moya's strange and terrifying progeny being born miles above?

These episodes include footage previously deleted from the US TV broadcasts, and the DVD version includes the following extra features:

- Wayne Pygram profile (Scorpius)
- Exclusive Conceptual Artwork
- "The Hidden Memory" downloadable screensaver

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