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DVD Box Set 3.2
Release Date: 6th May 2002Region Available: UK
Released by: Contender VideoMSRP: 24.99 (Regular) /
Buy DVD Box Set 3.2 from Amazon UK

The second DVD set for Farscape's stunning third season delivers the following episodes:

Disc One

Eat Me - With their transport pod damaged, Crichton, Chiana, D'Argo and Jool are forced to land on an old, diseased Leviathan in a Peacekeeper Control Collar. Their fears of running into Peacekeepers aboard the ship are soon replaced by terrifyingly real foes: mutant scavengers who are feeding on each other, the Leviathan's Pilot, and the Leviathan itself... and Kaarvok, a madman with an horrific taste for brain matter.

Thanks for Sharing - Crichton has been duplicated into two identical Crichtons. Moya's crew, trying to buy a healing agent for the injured gunship Talyn, becomes embroiled in a planet's deadly politics. Meanwhile, Aeryn discovers that her own mother, Xhalax Sun, is leading the Peacekeeper Retrieval Squad sent to recapture Talyn.

Green Eyed Monster - When Talyn is swallowed by a giant space creature, a Budong, Crais's neural connection to Talyn malfunctions, and he asks Aeryn to accept the 'Hand of Friendship' to help him control the hybrid gunship. Warily avoiding the Budong in a Transport Pod, Stark and Rygel come up with a way for Talyn to escape, but Crichton's jealousy complicates the plan...

Disc Two

Losing Time - After passing through a magnetic cluster, the crew experiences strange blackouts and periods of lost time. They discover that Pilot has been posessed by a being who is pursuing an evil 'Energy Rider'. The being inside Pilot warns our crew that the Rider is inhabiting one of them, and if that person isn't found, and the Rider extracted, the crew will all die.

Relativity - The Peacekeeper Retrieval Squad lead by Aeryn's mother, Xhalax Sun, traces the crew of Talyn to a Jungle Planet where the gunship is recuperating. When Crichton, Aeryn and Crais easily divert the squad away from the gunship, they realize that Talyn might not be the only target of the Peackeepers' mission. When Aeryn's attempts to reason with Xhalax fail, she realizes that the pursuit of Talyn will not stop until Xhalax is dead.

The set also includes the following extras:

  • "Relativity" Commentary by Lani Tupu and director Peter Andrikidis.

  • Deleted Scenes

  • John Crichton Info-Pod including Ben Browder interview

  • Jool Info-Pod

  • Behind-the-Scenes Episode Facts

  • Original SCI FI Episode Trailers

  • Gallery of Stills Featuring Concept Artwork

  • Character and Prop Photography

    Also available on 6th May will be a special Deluxe Edition, strictly limited to a run of 2500!

    The Deluxe Edition comes in a beautifully-packaged collector's box themed around another character, this time Aeryn Sun, with the chip of her mother given to her by Crais in "Thanks for Sharing" within.

    As well as the personal item, it will also contain two more spectacular lithographic prints of design for the show, an exclusive mouse mat, nine specially commissioned framable Farscape images, in addition to the DVD set that comes out on the same day in the original packaging, so you can take it out and stick it on your shelf.

    Click here for a review of DVD Box Set 3.2
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