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Season One DVD Box Set (Limited Edition)
Release Date: 28th October 2002Region Available: UK
Released by: Contender VideoMSRP: 99.99
Buy Season One DVD Box Set (Limited Edition) from Amazon UK

During a test mission in his experimental spacecraft Farscape One, astronaut John Crichton is swept across space into a far region of the universe. Catapulted into a raging space battle, Crichton immediately has enemies and allies forced upon him – and his adventures have only just begun...

Presented in this specially produced limited edition set is the whole of Farscape's astounding first season – uncut and in DVD quality. This ten-disc set contains a wealth of behind-the-scenes imagery and interviews, plus for the first time on UK DVDs, astounding commentary tracks from Farscape's cast and crew.

The journey starts here...

Extra Features:

  • 22 uncut episodes (1.01 – 1.22)
  • Making Of Farscape Documentary
  • Original Jim Henson Company Trailer

    Interview Profiles:
  • John Crichton
  • Aeryn Sun
  • Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan
  • Ka D'Argo
  • Rygel XVI
  • Moya & Pilot
  • Costume Design
  • Australian Creature Shop

  • Premiere Commentary with series creator Rockne S. O'Bannon, executive producer Brian Henson and Ben Browder
  • Throne For A Loss Commentary with Ben Browder and Claudia Black
  • I, ET Commentary with Claudia Black and Anthony Simcoe
  • Back And Back And Back To The Future Commentary with Ben Browder and director Rowan Woods
  • Exodus From Genesis Commentary with Brian Henson and Virginia Hey
  • Thank God It's Friday…Again Commentary with Rockne S. O'Bannon and Anthony Simcoe
  • Bone to Be Wild Commentary by Anthony Simcoe
  • Family Ties Commentary by Ben Browder and Claudia Black

  • Original Concept Artwork for characters and episodes
  • Farscape PC Screensaver and Web Links
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