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Farscape Magazine # 7 (Jun/Jul 2002)
Release Date: 21st May 2002Region Available: ALL
Released by: Titan MagazinesMSRP: 3.25

Farscape Magazine Issue 7 is a season three special, including an extensive episode guide and interviews with the likes of Ben Browder, Claudia Black and Gigi Edgley. Plus, we’ve got Farscape fiction starring Chiana (only available inside the magazine), news from David Kemper, Furlow, Neeyala and loads more!

Nominations Galore!

FARSCAPE has been nominated in five categories at this year’s Saturn Awards ceremony. Among the nominees are Ben Browder, for best actor and Claudia Black, for best actress. Following the nominations, executive producer David Kemper enthused about value of the ceremony. "This is an award that is bestowed upon us… it validates us in such a huge way," he told Farscape Magazine.

Game On

GAMERS will soon be able to take on the role of their favourite Farscape character in the official video game - Farscape: War & Peacekeepers.

The acting skills of Ben Browder and Viginia Hey were called on to bring the characters in the game to life, while the game’s mechanics were created by Red Lemon development studio.

Alan McDairmant of Red Lemon explained "You can control a team of up to three characters at a time, taking direct control of one of them while the other two follow and act intelligently depending on their personality."

Three Styling

IT was the season that brought us, amongst many other things, Jool, D’Argo’s ship, two Crichtons and Seer Cresus (ugh!). It was also the season that saw us bidding farewell to Zhaan, Crais and Talyn.

Now that the season has finished Farscape Magazine reflects on all 22 episodes. Find out what the cast and crew thought of the season, and perhaps most importantly, find out which episode uses the word "frell" the most with our special ‘frell-o-meter’. Plus, the most apposite quotes from each episode are selected to put you right back in the drama.

Crais on a Bike

LANI TAPU may have laid Bialar Crais to rest in the last season of Farscape, but that’s not the last we’ve seen from Lani. Oh no. The warm up for season four is just beginning as his other character, Pilot, prepares for some extreme turbulence.

Lani discusses the impact Crais had on the crew of Moya, reminiscing about the action, the funny moments, and the sad bits, in a massive interview in the Aurora Chair

The Farscape Magazine Issue 7 (June/July 2002) is available now in all good newsagents in the UK and the US and Canada. For subscription information call:

(+44) 01536 764 646 in the UK & Ireland, or
1-877 363 1310 in the US and Canada.

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