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Farscape Magazine # 10 (Dec 2002/Jan 2003)
Release Date: 14th November 2002Region Available: ALL
Released by: Titan MagazinesMSRP: 3.25

This issue is the "All-Blokes" Issue! Ben Browder will be answering readers’ questions, there are brand new interviews with Anthony Simcoe (D’Argo), David (Braca) Franklin and also an extensive look at Pilot and his fellow pilotting chums in our Alien Analysis. Full details follow:

We’ve got a double Ben whammy this issue! First up, in our news section, we’ve got an exclusive interview with the series’ star as we get his reaction to the show’s cancellation. Then we’ve got Ben as the star of our third very special reader Q & A. Just one day before the news of Farscape’s cancellation leaked, we posed your questions to Ben, including such important topics as Jesus, nudity and Tweety Pie!

We’ve got a special news section on the SCI FI Channel’s unbelievable decision to end the show. There’s a day-by-day account of what exactly happened, we’ve got series creator Rockne S. O’Bannon, executive producer David Kemper, the Farscape puppeteers and Ben (Crichton) Browder sharing their thoughts on the situation, and we’ve got news on what’s next for the show.

Farscape’s D’Argo drops in to discuss the final season of the show - and drops hints about the Macton storyline, his romance with Jool, the return of ‘D’Argo the slut’ and loads more!

In his first interview with the official Farscape Magazine, the actor who portrays Captain Braca discusses just how the frell his character has managed to survive into season four! Also on the conversational agenda are punch-ups with Crichton, the Farscape fans, and Grayza’s evil breasts!

Farscape Script Co-ordinator Joshua Mapleston provides this issue’s brand new Farscape story! Chi and Jool bring two lovely, fluffy alien creatures on board Moya - but they turn out to have a less lovely, less fluffy side to them! It’s up to Aeryn, Crichton and D’Argo to sort it all out…

We’ve also got Pilot... Well no, not an interview with Pilot, but we’ll be analysing the Pilot race, we’ve got a mini Q & A with Jonathan (Rygel) Hardy, posters, the latest Farscape merchandise, reviews, your letters and looooads more!

That’s Farscape Magazine #10 - on sale 14 November in the UK and 3 December in the US. For subscription information call:

1-877 363 1310 in the US and Canada, or
(+44) 01536 764 646 in the UK, Ireland, and rest of the world.

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