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Dreamwatch Magazine # 95 (August 2002)
Release Date: 27th June 2002Region Available: ALL
Released by: Titan MagazinesMSRP: 3.25

Dreamwatch #95 goes into uncharted territory this month as we chat with David Kemper about the future of Farscape. Just what should we believe on the Aeryn pregnancy and what we can expect in Season Four? We’ve also got Wayne Pygram aka Scorpius to tell us about his false teeth (!) and squeaking when in the Scorpy costume!

For highlights from this issue, here and here.

This issue in Dreamwatch...

Farscape New Series FIRST LOOK!
With the 4th season of Farscape just starting to air in the US, we chat with Executive Producer and general God of Farscape David Kemper to find out just what the new season holds, whether Aeryn really is pregnant and why Ben Browder grew a beard...again!

Buffy Bonanza!
We quiz Alyson Hannigan aka Willow as well as Nic Brendon aka Xander this issue – both have a lot to answer for in this season of Buffy so we get the lowdown on being the big bad, breaking up a wedding and just what people say to Alyson in the street (think American Pie!).

Spielberg and Cruise!
We’ve got the two heavy hitters of the industry in our Exclusive on Minority Report this issue. Find out just what they think of privacy laws and their thoughts on just what the future holds. We also get the final word on the new Indy film – hold onto your Fedora, it’s on it’s way!

George Lucas - Icon
If there was ever someone who epitomised our Icon series of interviews, then it’s George Lucas. He’s a one man industry – literally! And we get him to let us in on just how he got to where he is, what he thinks of Episode I and why he’ll be happy to have Star Wars on his tombstone – who wouldn’t!

Scully comes out of the basement!
With the final closing of The X-Files, Gillian Anderson aka the lovely Dana Scully finds herself with more free time and less need to chase things with halogen torches. We catch up with the free agent to find out what she’ll miss most and what she’s got planned after a well deserved break.

Plus even more interviews with:
- Newly Charmed Rose McGowan
- Farscape baddie Wayne Pygram
- Smallvilles’ lovely Kristin Kreuk
- Stargate’s Richard Dean Anderson
- King of horror James Herbert
- Kick Ass Jedi Samuel L. Jackson

And the latest SF news and reviews, with a chance to win Star Trek TNG DVDs, Stargate, Relic Hunter and Andromeda DVDs.

DREAMWATCH MAGAZINE # 95 ON SALE UK June 27, USA & Canada July 18 02.

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or email: dreamwatchsubs@titanemail.com

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