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Teen Angst interviews Richard and Cheryl Manning
Conducted on 20 November 2004

In November 2004, while at a fan convention for the hit television show Farscape in Burbank, California, Teen Angst reporters Mary Wood and Dani Moure sat down with two fan-favourites from the show; executive producer and writer Ricky Manning, and his wife Cheryl. Well known to fans, the pair were well prepared to answer any questions our roving reporters could throw at them, live from our hotel room. Here, unabridged, are the results...

(Photos: Cyn Edwards; Hair and Makeup: Bronwyn Lewis)

Teen Angst: First, we have to cut right to the chase. How does it feel to be a sex symbol?

Ricky Manning: Exhausting.

TA: Exhausting?

RM: Exhausting. But for the fans, it's worth it.

Cheryl Manning: So clearly those fans are demented, blind and...

RM: That's just how we like them.

CM: Braindead! Yes!

(Random comment from Photographer: Damn, they figured it out.

TA: Yeah, they did.)

TA: OK, we have to ask Cheryl, are you dating anyone right now?

(Dramatic pause followed by outburst of laughter)

CM: Well...

RM: They don't need a list, just yes or no.

CM: Well, not at this minute. But I've been dating in my dreams for decades. Unfortunately it hasn't been with Mr Manning.

TA: We'll talk later.

CM: Pictures at 11.

TA: Ricky, we have to ask you. What's it like to kiss Ben Browder?

RM: Fuzzy. [pause] I mean he's a sweet man and a dear friend, but dental hygiene is not one of his strong suits.

CM: And unfortunately, he does not have a tongue as long as D'Argo's.

(Another random comment from Photographer: So that's why Ben's always trying to one-up Anthony [Simcoe, who plays D'Argo].)

TA: So Ricky, boxers, briefs or commando?

RM: Am I putting in an order, or...?

CM: Nothing! [pause] Let me check...

RM: We don't know each other that well! Bad touch! Bad touch!

TA: Cheryl, thong, bikini or granny panties?

CM: And again, you haven't given the usual choice, nothing! You forget the fourth choice!

TA: That's what commando is!

RM: Pay attention woman.

CM: Excuse me. And you didn't do wet suit?

RM: Ever since we got here.

CM: Yeah, it's ankle to neck.

RM: What's the opposite of chastity belt?

TA: I think that went with "commando".

RM: "This space for rent?" "Your message here?"

CM: For some of us, less is more. And for others of us, more is preferable.

TA: For both of you, if you could be one of the Backstreet Boys, who would you be?

RM: What's a "Backstreet Boy"?


TA: Is this who you were dreaming about, Cheryl? Is that why you have that look on your face?

CM: [her eyes light up] Boys?! Boys?!

RM: Is this a TV series? I don't know. Like The Monkees or something? I've been out of town.

TA: Alright then, what is your dream car?

CM: Well I can tell you Richard's is a Yugo, 'cause he's said that to me before.

RM: That's your dream car. My dream car is a stretch hummer full of cheerleaders.

TA: That sounds good. What's your favourite ice cream?

RM: Chocolate.

CM: And my favourite ice cream is his chocolate.

TA: Describe your dream date.

RM: I can't.

TA: Like, what would you do with your dream date?

CM: God, I've forgotten what a date would be like. Hmmm... [some thinking] A nice little getaway on Moya. How's that? Love that one.

TA: So if you were a vegetable, what kind of vegetable would you be?

CM: I am a vegetable. I've been obviously sitting around too long. I'm a rotted, mouldy, disintegrating vegetable. And quite frankly I can't remember what it was. It's unrecognisable.

RM: I'd be a Backstreet Boy.

TA: Cheryl, what do you look for in an ideal man?

RM: Moi.

CM: Clearly I haven't found it. I guess somebody with intelligence, sense of humour. A wonderful, wonderful guy, with a great laugh. Just comical timing, and wonderful talent... And someday if I find that man I'll tell you about it.

Photographer: I take it you're with him for his wallet?

CM: What wallet? Oh yes, I need a brain transplant to figure that one out.

TA: OK, Cheryl, you were really great as Natira. How long does it take to put on the makeup and what's it like to have kinky alien sex with Wayne Pygram?

RM & CM: What makeup?

CM: Everything was natural.

TA: So now we have to ask Ricky, have you actually touched Claudia Black, and would she enjoy long walks on the beach?

RM: Who?

TA: I like that answer. One word, snappy.

RM: Did she play Natira?

TA: So you're married to Claudia Black, clearly.

RM: I know. How'd that happen?

TA: Ricky, if you were stranded on a desert island with Justin Timberlake, which episode would you show him?

RM: Who are these people? I've never heard of these people.

CM: He's the one who ripped off Janet's bosom.

RM: Why are you putting me on an island with him?

TA: Because he's so dreamy!

RM: Well if I'm stuck with him, he's gonna see "Jeremiah Crichton"! [laughter] If I'm going to suffer, he's going to suffer.

TA: Cheryl, what's your favourite swear word?

CM: Bugger.

TA: Bugger's not a swear word.

Photographer: Yeah it is, in Australia.

TA: Damn foreigners.

CM: Yeah, we think we're Australian now.

RM: Well, you know, thunderball's a swear word if used correctly.

TA: OK, so, yesterday at the con when Fran was on stage she said that when the cleaning guys came to her house she asked Ben if she could show them Winona, but Ben said "no, it's too private, hide Winona". So when I met you guys two years ago in that Fest thing in Florida, when I gave you that teddy bear, do you show that to people, or do you keep it private because it's too personal?

RM: I think we ate it.

CM: I thought the cat ate it?

RM: Well, the leftovers, yeah.

CM: Oh.

TA: Ricky, what was it like to write for Mutant X?

RM: Well it was easy, it was just "X"s...

TA: So we've written this really great fanfic, and we were wondering if you'd use it for the first feature film?

CM: That's where we're going with this. Make us happy, play us with all these great questions...

RM: Is there any RPS slash in it?

TA: There can be...

CM: Ask and you shall receive!

RM: "Sure, I can do that, yeah!"

TA: Isn't that what writers do?

RM: That's what writers do, yeah. "Can you put in a trampoline?" "Yeah, sure."

TA: So in episode 33, Scene 41A, when they go so quickly from tier 2 to tier 7, how did they get there so fast and how does that impact the John/Aeryn relationship?

RM: There was a missing scene that we had to cut for time, where the Enterprise comes in for the crossover and beams them from tier to tier, and we just felt in the cut it didn't really work, so we lost it.

TA: How did that impact the John/Aeryn relationship?

RM: What John/Aeryn relationship? She's dead.

TA: What about the John/D'Argo relationship?

RM: He's dead too.

TA: OK, so the last two personal requests. Will you autograph my retainer?

RM: Where is he?

TA: Pass me Cyn's retainer.

TA: And last question just for you Ricky. Would you like to pet my iguana?

[loud laughter]

CM: Where's that residing now, too?

RM: How scaly is it? I won't take my finger off this. More than anything I need to know that.

TA: And that's all from us.

CM: Oh thank you! We feel so loved and adored now.

TA: No, thank you. [to Ricky, still lying on the bed] Can I get a hug?

CM: You can, but you have to come to him...

Sadly, we had to stop the interview there, as our reporter Mary couldn't quite grasp the concept of a Cheryl hug, and things started to get into adult territory.

But Teen Angst magazine would like to thank Ricky and Cheryl Manning for graciously taking their time out to come to our room... to be interviewed, and also our Photographer Cyn and Stylist Bronwyn for their amazing contributions that you can't see because we don't have pictures. We hope you enjoyed the interview. Please direct feedback to teenangst@farscapeworld.com.

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