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Season 3 Wrap - SciFi Channel US Chat
Conducted on 26th July 2001

From: SciFi US

This chat took place on the last day of filming for season 3 (hence the name of the chat), however, filming for the cliffhanger was still taking place. Because of this, the chatters had to come and go, and it was as hectic as always. Screen names: Wrap Day: Various ChickWithGun: Claudia Black (Aeryn Sun) FrooniumRicky: Ricky Manning (Executive producer, writer) DebPeart: Deborah Peart (Post production supervisor)

Moderator: Tonight (or today if you're in Sydney) we're holding our second annual Farscape Wrap Day chat.
Moderator: Today is the day for ANYBODY who works on the show to come over and say hi.
Moderator: I would expect a mix of familiar and unfamiliar faces.
Moderator: And we've got one already..."WrapDay," please identify yourself!
WrapDay: Hi everyone, I'm Tim Ferrier, the Farscape Production Designer. ga
Moderator: Hi Tim!
Moderator: Last year at this time, you told us you had a fabulous chair in store.
Moderator: I thought you were kidding, until I saw "The Ugly Truth." What can we look forward to this year?
WrapDay: We've got 2 chairs. The 1st one was for The Ugly Truth, and the 2nd one is for Scratch 'n' Sniff this Season - both are torture instruments which are our specialty!
WrapDay: ga
Moderator: to : Tim, what was the weirdest thing you had to design for Season 3?
WrapDay: I'd have to say the Freslin extracting chair in Scratch 'n' Sniff..ga
Moderator: to : Hi, Tim! Welcome. We just saw "Scratch 'n Sniff" here in the States. It was certainly a different look than most FS episodes. Can you give us some insights on the set design for that?
ChickWithGun: Hello from chickwith gun
Moderator: (I believe we also have a 2nd guest with us!)
Moderator: Ms. Black, I presume?
ChickWithGun: yes, it's me, claudia
Moderator: I'll try to manage questions for Tim AND Claudia...
Moderator: to : Thanks for coming tonight Claudia. What has been the most difficult scene to get through this season and why?
WrapDay: Tony Tilse and I felt that it was a good oportunity to move away from the dark, claustrophobic feel of the second seriees just for one episode.
WrapDay: Also the subject matter was pretty heavy stuff.
Moderator: (good lord...I never new 280 people could type this fast...)
WrapDay: Slavery, intoxicants.... but we wanted it to have a kind of hallucinatory, dance party feel.
ChickWithGun: gosh, let me think about that for a microt......
ChickWithGun: how about someone mentions some episodes to refresh this overworked brain?
WrapDay: So, we thought we'd go crazy retro colours to reflect the hedonistic planet.
WrapDay: ga
Moderator: to : Tim, how long does it take for a set to go from idea to reality?
WrapDay: On this show.....
ChickWithGun: anyone out there?
WrapDay: a couple of weeks. For me, that's the hardest thing. We rarely have enough time to really explore concepts as much as we'd like to.
WrapDay: And we have to act very quickly. ga
Moderator: to : Tim, what's the largest set you've designed/constructed for Farscape?
Moderator: Claudia, just shout out when you're ready for another question!
Moderator: (I've got soooooo many for you, so shout often!)
WrapDay: Probably the Shadow Depository at the end of last season. There were a lot of big sets in that Ep.
WrapDay: ga
Moderator: to : Tim: did you design that ball like think Crichton was strapped to in Liars, Guns and Money, and was it as uncomfortable as it looked?
WrapDay: My regard for Ben Browder grew imeasureably after that experience.
WrapDay: Yes, I did design it and yes it was uncomfortable but I personally didn't try it out!!
WrapDay: ga
Moderator: to : Greetings, Tim! Applause for the wonderful work you do on the 'scape. We know, however, there are possibilities which annoying dull constraints like $$$ currently deny us, like Rygel going home: what one thing would you love to produce on Farscape, that so far budgets don't allow?
WrapDay: Well, I think Rygel's planet would be great!
WrapDay: We could design lots of small sets!
ChickWithGun: I have an answer. There is a scene i had to shoot with Ben which will be on air in two weeks time. It speaks for itself. i'm afraid to spoil it so wait and see
ChickWithGun: ga
Moderator: to : How do you feel about Crichton and Aeryn FINALLY getting together?
WrapDay: ga
Moderator: For Tim: to : Tim, how hard is it to change the scenery, feeling, for each episode, especially now with 2 crews?.
ChickWithGun: well, ben and i are having fun we just hope the audience is enjoying it :)
ChickWithGun: ga
Moderator: to : For Claudia: Greetings from the German fans to the whole team ! My question: How was it like playing the scenes with Ben for "Meltdown". I guess you had some fun with them...
WrapDay: We're lucky, we have both Talyn and Moya standing at the same time.
WrapDay: So, it's not hard to jump form one to the other. ga
ChickWithGun: I felt like i had rented a boyfriend for week on meltdown.
ChickWithGun: ga
Moderator: to : Claudia, where did you find your emotional motivation for Relativity? Superb job!
Moderator: to : Tim: was the party room in Scratch n Sniff the same room that John had his flashback in Rhapsody in blue?
WrapDay: No - completely different room... ga
Moderator: to : (For Tim) do you design all the bondage equipment or buy from a store ;)
Moderator: (and do you get a volume discount...?)
WrapDay: Good question! It's all designed in - house.
WrapDay: Maybe you'll be able to buy it wholesale through the Farscape mag??!!
WrapDay: ga
Moderator: to : Tim, how often are sets reused? Were parts of "Moya" used for the diseased Leviathan in Eat Me?
WrapDay: Yes. It was a big redress for us. There was lots of licorice, the painters did a great job.
WrapDay: And Russell Bacon, our terrific DOP, created a totally different feel through lighting changes.
WrapDay: ga
Moderator: to : Tim: I just love the look and feel of Talyn. Who designed Talyn? Was that a group effort? And is more going to be done with Talyn's nascent Pilot's chamber?
Moderator: (if you're having any trouble, please see Bouncer2...I'm just the question guy...)
ChickWithGun: ga
Moderator: Claudia, did you see this one?
Moderator: to : Claudia, where did you find your emotional motivation for Relativity? Superb job!
WrapDay: Ricky Eyres designed the Talyn bridge and all the new sets this year were designed by myself and my team.
ChickWithGun: just answered it..
ChickWithGun: ga
Moderator2: Currently, please submit all questions to Moderator. I will be talking questions for the next quest that arrives.
Moderator: Did anyone else not see Claudia's answer, or is it just me...?
WrapDay: The nascent Pilot's Chamber is currently in limbo... ga
Moderator: sorry Claudia -- can you resend the answer/
Moderator: to : Tim, was the parts of Moya used in "Eat Me" the same parts that were involved in the fire at the studio?
Moderator: (or if not used, did they provide a little "inspiration?")
ChickWithGun: ga
Moderator: to : To Claudia: Are you going to be doing any more movies during the hiatus?
WrapDay: We can always use inspiration from any source.. but those sets were in a different studio. ga
Moderator: to : 'Lo, Tim! What is the status of Moya's "Terrace" from "Exodus from Genesis"? Will we ever see it again in the series?
WrapDay: We've not got a new guest joining us with Tim, Marusha Kushniruk Xeros - the visual effects supervisor. ga
Moderator2: Currently, please submit all questions to Moderator. I will be taking questions for the next guest that arrives.
Moderator: Marusha, can you give us a quick thumbnail of what your job entails?
ChickWithGun: I have been sent some film scripts to consider, it 's all about timing. I always want to keep working to apply the knowledge I've gained on the last gig. i find film work exciting, very challenging
ChickWithGun: ga
Moderator: (and please send all questions for Marusha and Tim to Moderator2...I'll still take Q's for Claudia)
Moderator: to : 'Lo, Claudia! Does filming only every-other-episode make your life any easier this year?
WrapDay: That set was very difficult to shoot, therefore it's unlikely we'll see it again. ga
Moderator2: to : (For Tim) What has been the effect that you feel has turned out best this season?
ChickWithGun: I was able to do more adr sessions while i was offset, however the every-other -episode deal was short lived.
ChickWithGun: ga
Moderator: to : Claudia, are you looking forward to the upcoming Farscape conventions in Burbank and New York? Anything in particular you are looking forward to during your stay in the US?
WrapDay: I think Marusha can better answer this question...
WrapDay: There are hundreds of effects and some of the work we are particularly proud of.... is coming up tomorrow night.... watch out for it.. ga
ChickWithGun: I always look forward to coming to a country that is screening our show! I love meeting the fans we have such fun as a group when we come over. It reinforces the spirit in our little family
ChickWithGun: ga
Moderator: to : Claudia, love your work, and I know I and a lot of others were looking forward to meeting you in Sydney next weekend. Any chance of the convention being reheld soon?
ChickWithGun: hey?
ChickWithGun: ga
Moderator2: to : Hey, Tim! How did you get started as a Production Designer? Any special schooling? Just dumb luck...?
Moderator: Claudia, I read something online about a Sydney con being cancelled...I think that was what the question was in reference to.
ChickWithGun: does anyone know who melanie sykes is?
ChickWithGun: ga
WrapDay: Who's calling me a dumb frell???!!!
Moderator: cl to : yes - she's a brit actress!
Moderator: to : in terrible beer adverts!
Moderator: to : Melanie Sykes, British actress/TV Host
ChickWithGun: what's she been in ?
ChickWithGun: ga
Moderator: we'll find out...meanwhile, here's a question to chew on
WrapDay: No, seriously, I started out as a theatre designer, and them moved on to film and TV.
Moderator: to : Ms Black, the 'Pandora Diaries' were great! Ever thought of penning an episode?
WrapDay: I studied theatre design at NIDA. ga
Moderator2: to : Hello Marusha, what's been the most challenging effect to pull off so far this season?
ChickWithGun: there was an sfx magazine special which compares aeryn to melanie
ChickWithGun: ga
Moderator: to : Ms Black, the 'Pandora Diaries' were great! Ever thought of penning an episode?
WrapDay: The Budong Episode was challenging for us in 3D given the intricacy of the shots and the volume within the timeframe.
WrapDay: ga
Moderator2: to : Thank you both for chatting with us tonight. When you are not working (both of you) are you working on other productions and if so, what can we look forward to here in the States?
Moderator: Claudia. more Sykes info from someone who sounds like they would know:
Moderator: to : I think the implication is that Melanie Sykes is a tough chick..I think that is where they are coming from..
ChickWithGun: Thank you i am glad you enjoyed the piece. I loved working on it and asked the actors permission to write the diary as i had been approached by someone to do it. I sent it to the publicist to make sure i wouldn't get sued for any of it! I might write an episode of something on of these days, whether or not its for farscape is up to DK
ChickWithGun: ga
WrapDay: There is no time to work on anything else!!! ga
Moderator2: to : Tim, what alien FS race/characters would you most like to design more for?
Moderator: to : Claudia, Do you have any say in costume or hairstyle for Aeryn? Any preference for a certain look?
WrapDay: The Scarrans, I am a Scarran - Lover! ga
Moderator2: to : Marusha, what was the creeping vomit in "Out of their minds" actually made of?
WrapDay: Some of it was a mixture created by Chris Murray in Special Effects and we matched that in 3D for a couple of shots that couldn't be done practically.
WrapDay: ga
ChickWithGun: I am very in sync with terry ryan. i alway love what he comes up with but he always asks for my opinion. i have as much input as i want. they trust that i understand more than most, what is best for the character where makeup and costume is concerned. sometimes i have designed things so that they will suit the way i work on set. or in ways that will help the sound dept.i designed the vest with the two-way zippers...
ChickWithGun: ga
Moderator: to : Hey, Claudey! Here in San Diego, Anth gave you the highest praise I've EVER heard from one actor about another. I was wondering if you felt you were really comint into your own... do you feel like you're becoming a star?
Moderator2: to : Hey, Marusha! Fantastic to see more Cast members in chat!!! Are the FX and the like added into the episodes with Avid ro something similar? (I'm assmuing Avid is what is used)
WrapDay: The editing is done in AVID, the Visual Effects are done at Animal Logic and droppped in as final shots in the on line sessions at Frame, Set & Match.
WrapDay: ga
Moderator2: to : Tim, Marusha-what has been your favorite non-farscape design?
WrapDay: What do you mean "Non-Farscape" - another show??? ga
Moderator: (for those looking to ask questions of Tim and Marusha, please send them to Moderator2...he's the taller one, over in the corner. you can't miss him.)
ChickWithGun: We have a lot of respect for each other on this show. But Anth's praise means so much to me because i think he is a bit of a genius. his support has helped me blossom into a more confident actor. He has made me believe that i can do anything. so i am quite excited about what the future may hold for me workwise. according to him, it's going to be great!!!
ChickWithGun: ga
Moderator: to : Claudia--How wild was it at the beginning of Season 3, with Aeryn 'dead', to read speculation about yourself--things like "She must be renegotiating for more $$$" or "She must be pregnant"?
Moderator2: I Are there plans for any cool new ships in future episodes? Everyone loves what you guys have done with Tayl, but what about any other alien ships?
ChickWithGun: How funny, i didn't read or hear of any such speculations...
ChickWithGun: gaq
Moderator: to : Claudia - have you done commercial voice overs? I think I've heard that lovely accent of yours on some...
WrapDay: There's always the possibility of new ships... keep watching.. ga
ChickWithGun: i am about to record a voice-over for National Geographic which i am very excited about. That project will be my first official one so whomever you have heard is a melifluous imposter! :)
Moderator2: to : Hello Tim, Was the scene with Jool in the tub shot on location or was it all on a soundstage?
ChickWithGun: ga
Moderator2: And more importantly. What was under those bubles?
Moderator: inquiring minds want to know:
Moderator: to : Hey Claudia, loved you in the ep GEM! Could you PLEASE tell us what the Frell a drannit is???
Moderator: to : claudia, btw, what's a drannit? or did ben never tell you?
WrapDay: It was at my house!!
ChickWithGun: All i can tell you is it's a very funny visual for a sebacean imagining someone frelling it...
ChickWithGun: ga
Moderator: to : Hi, Claudia! We've heard all kinds of dates bandied about for when "Queen of the Damned" will be out. Can we have it from the horses mouth (so to speak), please? And how do you feel about having done the film now?
ChickWithGun: very minor role horse's mouth btw, I just did adr for the film and my role is *tiny*. I believe that they will release it around march 2002
ChickWithGun: ga
Moderator: to : Claudia, I am the AP on the Geographic show you are doing, and I wanted to tell you we are even more excited than you are that you are doing it! Thanks.
Moderator2: Who's home was it? Tim's or Moderator: (and can we get invited to a party there?)
WrapDay: Tim's house - Marusha's very private! ga
Moderator2: to : Tim or Marusha: Were the creatures in out of their minds based on the skeksis of the dark crystal?
WrapDay: That's a Dave Elsey question.. ga
Moderator2: And we did have him the other night. I'll save that question for him next time...

Moderator2: : Marusha, could you give us an idea of what other work you've done, and how you got into the business?
ChickWithGun: chickwith gun called back to set... thanks for being here to night...and for supporting the show, c.
WrapDay: Interestingly enough, the reason I'm in Australia now is because I met my husband in Australia almost 5 years ago working on the mini-series "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea".
Moderator: Thanks for dropping by, Claudia!
WrapDay: Prior to that, I worked out of Vancouver, Canada on a number of shows like "X- Files", "Sleepwalker" "Poltergeist", "Doctor Who", "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" etc ga
Moderator2: to : how closely do Tim and Marusha work with Dave's people? do the two depts. interact? is it crucial?
FrooniumRicky: Ning, you bums
FrooniumRicky: howaya?
Moderator: Moderator 1 (just call me "Primo") will be collecting questions for the inimitable Ricky Manning...
Moderator: send 'em on in...
Moderator: Hey, Froon, here's one everyone out there is dying to know: what's the subtitle for 315?
WrapDay: Our involvement depends on the situation, some creatures require some clean-up assistance or enhancements. It all depends...
FrooniumRicky: "Untitled"
Moderator: Infinite Possibilities Part 2: Untitled?
FrooniumRicky: Why not?
WrapDay: Sometimes the puppets need special living quarters built. ga
Moderator: oooookay.
FrooniumRicky: Doesn't the ScheduleBot have the full title?
FrooniumRicky: Tsk
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator2: to : HI! Tim, what set are you most proud of?
Moderator: The ScheduleBot only supports so many characters. Much like Talyn.
Moderator: On to the questions:
Moderator: to : Hey, Froon! Between "Meltdown" and "Scratch 'n SNiff", we've all been wondering if the writers have been visiting Aaron Sorkin's mushroom farm. What gives? Are you guys all on laughing gas lately?
Moderator: to : Hey, Froon! Between "Meltdown" and "Scratch 'n SNiff", we've all been wondering if the writers have been visiting Aaron Sorkin's mushroom farm. What gives? Are you guys all on laughing gas lately?
Moderator: (ooops, I stutter)
FrooniumRicky: "Lately"?
FrooniumRicky: Haven't you been watching?
FrooniumRicky: We try to mix things up
FrooniumRicky: pharmaceutical-wise and otherwise
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: to : Evening Ricky, a brief question on "Incubator"... I was wondering if Scorpius' childhood was too dark even for Farscape. It left little to the imagination and was quite bleak. How did Scorpius develop compassion later in life?
FrooniumRicky: Hi, Missy!
WrapDay: The shadow Depository at the end of Season Two. From this season, the Kanvia Office form Ep. 307 ga
FrooniumRicky: Well, we didn't have a chance to talk about Scorpy's "missing years"...
Moderator2: to : Tim or Marusha, In LATP where Crichton is floating in space, did you actually suspend Ben on cables or how was that scene shot?
FrooniumRicky: We know he must've met Natira somewhere in there...
FrooniumRicky: Maybe she taught him a few things (nudge nudge)
FrooniumRicky: Some would dispute how much compassion Scorpy has, if any
FrooniumRicky: I think he's just misunderstood, myself
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: to : Froon, did you go to any special school to learn your sadistic arts?
FrooniumRicky: USC
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: somehow I was thinking Starfleet Academy...
FrooniumRicky: it was a course in the film school, actually
WrapDay: We have a greenscreen stage where we suspend our actors from wires for our exterior space sequences. ga
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: to : How long can you go without hanging Chiana from chains? ;p
Moderator: (that question could go to anyone, actually...)
Moderator2: to : 'Lo, Tim and Marusha. Regarding the spaceship that is (currently) D'Argo's new toy, how much was designed around the Luxan and how much was just designed and the Luxan will have to fit as best he can?
FrooniumRicky: me personally?
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: to : Hey Ricky, what has it been like to shoot two ship shows simultaniously? Are they really that different?
FrooniumRicky: Not all that different
WrapDay: The initial designs were not directly assocaited with the Luxans, it just turned out that way.. ga
FrooniumRicky: Would've been tougher first season, but now that we all know the characters pretty well,
Moderator2: to : Hello Tim, Was the starburst chamber a challenge to build, considering the lasers, lights, and whatnot that was included?
Moderator2: Tim, I must say. When I read the script to "Losing Time," I had a vision of the starburst chamber in my head. And, when I saw the final edited version on tape, it looked exactly as I picttured it. How much does the script help you in designing the Farscape sets?
FrooniumRicky: it's not a big deal
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: to : Ricky - If all of the Farscape episodes were to be wiped off the face of the Earth, and you could only save one, which one would it be?
FrooniumRicky: Well, the most recent one I've written, of course, as it'd pay the highest residuals in future
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: to : 'Lo, Froon. Of the episodes you've written, have there been any scenes left on the cutting room floor that you wish could have stayed in?
FrooniumRicky: That's a popular question; it's been asked before
WrapDay: Conceptually, the Starburst Chamber had to be Moya-esque but unique to anything we'd seen before.
FrooniumRicky: Generally, whatever gets cut is the least appealing stuff anyway,
FrooniumRicky: so most of the time... nah, I don't usually miss what gets excised
WrapDay: How starburst occured was also subject to a lot of discussion...
FrooniumRicky: at times, writer and director and editor and DK will disagree as to WHAT should get trimmed...
FrooniumRicky: that's the process...
FrooniumRicky: but generally I are Happy with the result.
WrapDay: I enjoy an enormous ammount of creative freedom and the script was very loose in its description of the starburst chamber.
WrapDay: I'm glad you liked it. ga
FrooniumRicky: hang on, I'm turning over the reins to another...
Moderator2: to : What inpspired the look of the Scarran vessel? I believe they said the PK designs were based a Russian Industrial look of the early 20th century.
Moderator: Deb? Are you with us?
DebPeart: HI All from the wonderful world of Farscape Post Production
DebPeart: I'm here!!!!!
Moderator: Deb, when you're not here, what are you normally up to?
WrapDay: Stay tuned....
WrapDay: Signing Tim and Marusha off. We have a new guest joining us....
DebPeart: Busy finalising all the episodes of the show, completing the soundtrack, making the pictures look beautiful
Moderator: Oooh, neat. We *like* you. :)
Moderator: Here's a question:
Moderator: to : Deb: Hi...how long does Post Production typically take on each episode, and how do you manage to get all these great new episodes done and to us during the summer?
WrapDay: Hey guys....It's Fweakn here
WrapDay: :)
WrapDay: Sorry...Gigi
WrapDay: How ya doin
WrapDay: HAppy Wrap Day
Moderator: Questions for Deb --> Moderator. Questions for Gigi --> Moderator 2.
WrapDay: :)
Moderator2: Thanks for your time Tim and Marusha. And now, here's GIGI....
DebPeart: We basically begin post on an episode while we shoot it. The editor gets going and it usually takes about 4 to 5 weeks to complete an edit. We have 3 editors working fulltime at the moment and the occasional guestie VFX have also started at this time and we allow around 16 dyasfor editing and mixing.
DebPeart: How do we get it out so fast......with great difficulty!!!
Moderator2: to : Hi Ms. Edgley! (Thanks for the autographed pic BTW) How did you do that fire twirling in Scratch and Sniff? It was GREAT ! I want to do that! :)
WrapDay: I picked it up through university....
WrapDay: What can I say I graduated with an arts degree
WrapDay: tee hee
DebPeart: 16 days for editing and mixing of sound that is.....
DebPeart: GA
Moderator: to : Hey Deb, what is the hardest part of your job?
WrapDay: lotsa trips to the park with bongos....firesticks and chains
WrapDay: The scene was originally written as Chi pick'n someone up at the bar.....thoguht that one had been done a few too many times so I had a chat with Tony and pulled out da fire chains
DebPeart: Making sure that everything that we finish is off the best quality possible. Everyone works so hard on the show, so we really try andmakesure that we polish everythingoff as best as we can. The hardest thing is the time factor
DebPeart: GA
Moderator: to : Hey Deb, was "Scratch 'n Sniff" a bigger challenge, considering all the edits required?
WrapDay: Hopefully gonna squeeze my trapeze work in next time
WrapDay: tee...heee
DebPeart: Scratch n Sniff was huge we are talking about 1300 picture edits - the biggest ever!!!
WrapDay: GA
DebPeart: GA
Moderator: to : Deb: what do you think was the best dress-up you ever did on a picture/scene?
Moderator2: to : Gigi, great job you're doing there. I love your ability to do the whole possession eps. "Losing Time" was awesome. Are we going to be getting any more backstory on Chi anytime soon?
WrapDay: It's awsome to play with all you guys here today...thanks for coming
WrapDay: HAve to chat to da writers about that one
WrapDay: IT was great to fool around with the possessed
WrapDay: Got too play with yet another one of my split personalities
WrapDay: :)
WrapDay: GA
DebPeart: Farscape certainly has an established "look" so its great fun when we get to play with that. I particularly enjoy changing the color of trees and skies etc to make landscapes look more alien. We do this in conjunction with our amazing DOP, Russell Bacon!
Moderator2: to : For Gigi: G'Day Mate ! Are you actually in makeup right now ? Just wondering... ;-)
DebPeart: GA
Moderator: to : Deb, is the show filmed in widescreen or standard dimensions?
WrapDay: Yup...dressed up for da occassion
WrapDay: don't blame me for the bad spelling...it's the contact lenses
WrapDay: tee...heee
DebPeart: Standard dimensions (fullscreen 4:3) for all you tech heads out there
WrapDay: GA
DebPeart: GA
Moderator: to : Hello Deb. The Imagery in Farscape is beautiful. What episode are you most proud of?
Moderator2: to : Hey Gigi, so how do you plan on spending your hiatus?
DebPeart: That's really tough, by the way Gigi will spend her hiatus doing ADR
WrapDay: waiting for your offers
WrapDay: :)
DebPeart: No holiday for you! GA
WrapDay: playing....learning...sleeping..travelling...coming over to play with you guys...oh yeah...and ADR
Moderator: to : Deb, have you ever got to the stage where you have thought, I am never going to get this done in time?
WrapDay: GA
Moderator: (ADR is the additional dialog recording -- where they rerecord the lines and redub them in)
Moderator2: to : Gi - the chemistry between you and Tammy has been marvelous - as someone who experienced being the "new girl" on a close-knit set, how do you think her experience compared with yours?
Moderator: (like because everyone is wearing black leather and it makes too much noise. :)
DebPeart: Definetly but the post crew are amazing - we've never not done it (she says biting her nails and thinking about Eps 316 to 318) GA
WrapDay: I think we were both equally dren scared....so I guess we had that in common
Moderator: to : Deb - I am 3yrs fresh out of a college post-pro program. I absolutely love the work (if the edit doesn't take out my favorite parts) and was wondering what, if something specific, gave you the push into the industry?
WrapDay: Tam plays around alot with method acting so it was great to have a new playmate in da sand box
DebPeart: Ricky likes your handle SiMPTE
DebPeart: He was a member to
WrapDay: GA
Moderator2: to : hi gigi, do u find it confusing translating english slang to farscape slang ( ex: f*** = frell )?
WrapDay: I'm beggining to find it confusing translating farscape slane to english slang
WrapDay: have had a few funny looks from people in the 'real world'
WrapDay: whatever that is???GA
DebPeart: I guess I was always interested in television so when I finished university I got busy and nagged about 60 odd companies until I got ajob as an assistant editor, it all sort of happened from there GA (lost one though gotta go!)
Moderator2: to : Yo Gigi, what up? Looking forward to seeing you in Burbank again this year!! Out of the eps for S3 which one has been the hardest for you to do, which one the most fun, & which one your favorite?
Moderator: last one? I'm going to go for a two-fer:
Moderator: to : Deb, what percentage of the scenes have dubbed dialogue in an average episode?
Moderator: to : 'Lo, Deb. Which of the cast is the best at ADR? And who needs more ... practice? ;-)
WrapDay: Hmmmm........
WrapDay: the hardest ep of season three has probably been the cliffhanger.....
WrapDay: we got the script....after we shot about three days of it
WrapDay: So it is interesting...challenging and exciting...to try and figure out where your character is heading
DebPeart: Well that really depends on a lot of factors like location & whats going on in the scene etc. So its hard to estimate, we try and minimise it as much as possible and our dialogue team (Nick Breslin, Christian Bass & Rod Berling - giving you a plug guys) as wel as our mixer Peter Purcell do a great job in trying to use as much as possible
WrapDay: My Fav.....the pleasure planet was funky to hang out on for a while...
WrapDay: always enjoy a good milking
WrapDay: Green eyed monster....is stunning.....
WrapDay: up there with my favs
DebPeart: Really have to head off butI'm loving this - one more question. And I can't day who is the best at ADR on the grounds that it may incriminate me! GA
WrapDay: The most fun
Moderator: to : It seems each season has had a subtle difference in its look-not just costumes but actual picture quality(ie S2 looked "grittier")-do you use different cameras, film treatment etc each yr?
WrapDay: ......combinations of lotsa different eps....
DebPeart: By the way are you guys just loving my typing skills?
WrapDay: BEing possessed...was good...and juicy....fun
Moderator: It's chat...typos are de rigeur.
Moderator: You're way ahead of the curve!
Moderator: (..in the good sense, that is)
WrapDay: Hate to admit it but play'n around with Jothee wasn't that bad either...heeehhhee.....Chi indulged though gi was fearful
WrapDay: :)
WrapDay: GA
Moderator2: to : Gigi, those leather costumes look very hot. Any relief in sight? Are you ever going to be able to take off the glove that go up past your elbows?
Moderator2: Or anything else for that matter?
DebPeart: We've been using similar cameras since we started, and treatments are usually up to the descretion of the director and DOP, lighting did change slightly from series 1 and 2 however I'd say across the board that things have stayed fairly consistant.
WrapDay: Ohhh...so you guys haven't seen the cliffhanger...tee...heee....just kidding
WrapDay: GA
Moderator2: to : Gigi: Greetings from all your fans down here in the Caribbean islands. Is there anything concerning your character that you'd like to explore but haven't had the chance yet? Or anyplace you'd like the writers to go with the show if you had more of a say?
DebPeart: OK one more GA then I'll Go Away
Moderator: Thanks for the indulgence!
Moderator: to : I know that several eps have different cuts for the USA, do you have to do the editing and finalizing for both versions?
WrapDay: YEah....I would appreciate it if Season four was shot in the Caribbean Islands
WrapDay: yuuuummmmmm
WrapDay: I still want to dive into the more alien characterisics of chi....
WrapDay: Sometimes I look at my work and think....I could trust alot more....
WrapDay: to play ...to explore...to be....
DebPeart: In series 1 there was a difference in length with the US and International version - this has not been the case though in the last two years. The only difference really is where you want your color bars (another techo joke and note how I'm using color as opposed to colour!)
WrapDay: I have been blessed with an unbelievable opportunity and I long to offer my truth as an actor and a human....alien...
WrapDay: GA
Moderator2: to : Gigi, want any special powers, like D'Argo has his toungue and Ryge farts helium??
WrapDay: It would be lush to see chi on NEbari Prime....
WrapDay: And play with her flying abitlities a little more
DebPeart: Gotta run guys, this has been great hope you enjoy the rest of the season - stay tuned for some serious action!
Moderator: Deb, thanks agin for coming out (all the way to Homebush?) to chat with us today. Now please hurry back and post more episodes! We're showing 316 in, what, 15 days...? :)
DebPeart: You THINK you are
* Moderator gulps. *
DebPeart: I'm off to finish it right now, in fact
WrapDay: Would be awsome to invest some time in her special abilities.....it'd also help me to return to chi the alien as opposed to gi the actor
WrapDay: GA
Moderator2: to : Hi, Gigi! So, all of us inquiring ladies want to know... is Anth a good kisser?
Moderator: ...and welcome back, Ricky Manning.
FrooniumRicky: Anth's a great kisser
FrooniumRicky: o, sorry Gig, that was for you
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: <---- questions for Ricky to me.
Moderator: to : Froon: Do you have any inkling what the fans will do to you and other such people high on the totem pole if the Crichton on Talyn get's killed? :)
WrapDay: Go ricky...Go Ricky
WrapDay: .....ohhh...my......blushing as I tap....
WrapDay: :)
WrapDay: Think that says it all....
FrooniumRicky: As if there's anything we could do about it Now, if that were indeed what we were indeed doing?
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: to : Hey Ricky, have you read the incredibly brilliant FARSCAPE novel HOUSE OF CARDS?
WrapDay: Hey guys...I have to dive back into the uncharted territories to pump out a cliff hanger for you
FrooniumRicky: The one with the messed up continuity?
WrapDay: am being pulled from me chair
FrooniumRicky: Well, for one, we don't have any Copies down here
FrooniumRicky: [hint to publisher]
Moderator: to : HEY!
WrapDay: luff faeriest of kisses and lotsa shooting stars
FrooniumRicky: for two... "read"? it's all I can do to keep up with this season's scripts
Moderator2: Thanks for stopping by Gigi. We hope to hear from you again...
WrapDay: Thankyou sooooo much for coming to play.....hope to collide soon....
FrooniumRicky: I've heard the novel doesn't suck, tho
FrooniumRicky: Maybe during "hiatus"
WrapDay: or could just meet ya in tier nine.....will be waiting there for you
WrapDay: :)
FrooniumRicky: Tony Tilse is here
Moderator: to : I'll try to make sure some go back with David, Ben, and Claudia after the NYC Creation show. :)
FrooniumRicky: but is shy
FrooniumRicky: Ask him a question
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: Tony, is Ricky a good kisser?
FrooniumRicky: Tony: "The best"
Moderator: (ok, now send me some REAL questions for Tony Tilse...)
* FrooniumRicky does a little wavy-hand "eh" motion *
Moderator2: Ok. Tony questions to me please.
FrooniumRicky: no, Tony's with me
Moderator2: Ok.
Moderator: Tony directed Scratch N' Sniff, no?
Moderator2: Thanks for the break Ricky.
FrooniumRicky: Tony: "Define 'direct'"
Moderator: Ah...
Moderator: to : Tony, we all really enjoyed "Scratch 'n Sniff"! That was great! There's been some discussion about which movie the directorial style was inspired by.
FrooniumRicky: (He's so modest, our boy Tony Woo)
FrooniumRicky: Tony: "Good question"
FrooniumRicky: "A mixture between Any Given Sunday and Natural Born Killers"
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: to : TONY! THE GREATEST DIRECTOR EVER! How did you accomplish the Talyn POV in GEM? Like the Evil Dead cam?
FrooniumRicky: Tony:
FrooniumRicky: "Luck"
FrooniumRicky: He can't even remember
FrooniumRicky: It was so long ago
FrooniumRicky: Probably a better question for the DOP
FrooniumRicky: ga

Moderator: to : Tony, do you get to "experiment" on Farscape as much as you would like? And what is your very farvorite scene so far (that we have seen)?
FrooniumRicky: Tony: "Yes I do get to experiment. Stacks. In fact, far too much."
FrooniumRicky: (These 'favorite scene' questions are tough)
FrooniumRicky: Tony: "Aeryn and Crichton on the PK run in Way We Weren't"
* FrooniumRicky concurs... that's the scene that MADE the ep work *
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: to : Tony: In GEM, was the little "winking star" at the end in the script, or was it your own idea?
FrooniumRicky: Tony: "That was my idea, I'm afraid"
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: to : Greetings, Mr. Tilse! Love what you bring to the show! One question: What is Aeryn's big frelling gun - a fav of yours, no? - called on set?
FrooniumRicky: Tony: "The big frelling gun"
* FrooniumRicky suggests "Aeryn's special friend" *
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: to : FInally-i've waited so long to have the honor of chatting w/ my fave FS director!Who are your influences?(I often see some David Lynch nods...accurate guess or just wild speculation on my part?)
FrooniumRicky: Tony: "Tough question because I've got a lot of favorites
FrooniumRicky: but yes, David Lynch, John Woo of course...
FrooniumRicky: Oliver Stone...
FrooniumRicky: David Fincher...
FrooniumRicky: Stanley Kubrick...
FrooniumRicky: And Andrew Prowse.'
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: to : Ricky/Tony: What color shirt is Ben wearing in the episode you filmed today? (She asks innocently...)
FrooniumRicky: Ben who?
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: to : Tony, are you a shipper at heart?
FrooniumRicky: Tony: "No shirt, we had to remove it to mop up the blood"
FrooniumRicky: Tony: "Yeah, yeah, yeah"
FrooniumRicky: (i.e., yes, he's a shipper)
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: to : Hi guys, thanks for coming! For Tony, or whoever can answer, a question about Scratch and Sniff - where'd they get inflatable chairs in the uncharted territories? ;)
FrooniumRicky: Tony: "Aren't they everywhere, like beanbags?"
FrooniumRicky: Some things transcend space and time
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: to : Tony, how pleased where you with Bens first effort in writing a script? Was it easy to direct?
FrooniumRicky: Tony: "Yes and yes."
FrooniumRicky: (Can you tell he's a director?)
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: to : Hello, Tony. Ben said he was excited to find that you'd be directing GEM and put in some stuff that he knew you could really do up well. Can you clue us into which items he was referring to?
FrooniumRicky: Lil chimes in "Tilsevision"
FrooniumRicky: tony: "which is the Talyn-cam"
FrooniumRicky: We've actually started using the term in scripts now
FrooniumRicky: "Tilsevision POV as the monster rips off Aeryn's arms" for instance.
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: to : Hello Tony, is their any special shot in "Scratch 'n Sniff" that you particularly liked?
* FrooniumRicky says yes, but we cut it out *
FrooniumRicky: Tony's stumped
FrooniumRicky: there were so MANY shots in SnS
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: (Lil spoke up, so she's fair game too. Send quesitons for Tony/Lil/Ricky. As you'll recall, she wrote Scratch 'N' Sniff...)
FrooniumRicky: Lil's on the other machine, by the way
Moderator: really? where?
Moderator: to : could You ask for Me ?? do Thier family Members enjoy the show or tease Them :o) ??
FrooniumRicky: Type something, Lil, you bludger
Moderator: Tonly/Ricky questions to Moderator, Lil questions to Moderator 2...
FrooniumRicky: Both, actually
FrooniumRicky: tease us about what?
FrooniumRicky: FrooniumCheryl loves everything I work on
FrooniumRicky: so long as it Pays
WrapDay: Max Tilse is a HUGE fan!
FrooniumRicky: ah, that's right
FrooniumRicky: Max is a future Farscape designer
FrooniumRicky: Wields a mean crayon, does Max
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: to : What's up with shoving Fran around whenever she's a guest? First Ben, now Anth...
WrapDay: Is great with names for aliens.
FrooniumRicky: It's All Acting
Moderator2: Hi Lil. How are today?
FrooniumRicky: who on Farscape DOESN'T get shoved around?
FrooniumRicky: Certainly not me
WrapDay: Great thanks for asking!
WrapDay: ga
Moderator2: Are you ready for some questions?
FrooniumRicky: WrapDay = Lily Taylor, script goddess
WrapDay: yes
Moderator: world's tallest script goddess, in fact.
Moderator2: to : Who's idea was it in SnS to put Ben in black Thiegh highs...I still laugh about that one when I see any hoisery?
Moderator: to : 'Lo, Tony. Having done both, do you prefer shooting on the Talyn sets or the Moya sets?
WrapDay: I asked for him to be completely starkers!
FrooniumRicky: Tony: "Moya sets"
FrooniumRicky: Tony: "Not as hot. Talyn's a warm set"
FrooniumRicky: (tighter quarters)
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: to : All I really ant to know is why you and Rock never warned us about David Kemper's EVIL before now? Why did we have to see Aeryn DIE first?
FrooniumRicky: You ain't seen nothing yet
FrooniumRicky: all *I* really want to know is that it took you That Long to figure it out?
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: to : Hi Tony! Is it true that during the ADR of PKTechGirl, Claudia lifted you up?
WrapDay: Yes.
WrapDay: Yes. I get all the people in ADR to lift me up!
WrapDay: ga
Moderator2: to : Lily, "Scratch n Sniff" was....interesting. Was there anything you wanted to put in there, but couldn't? (censor reasons)
Moderator: Hey, wait, did Tony switch keyboards?
* Moderator looks puzzled. *
FrooniumRicky: Tony's left me
FrooniumRicky: and wandered over to Lil
FrooniumRicky: As they do
WrapDay: At one stage we did drop into somebody else's bedroom...
Moderator: for a taller woman. typical.
WrapDay: ga
Moderator: Ok, questions for Tony now go to Mod2. Questions for Ricky go...into one of his ears and out the other...
Moderator2: to : Lil, do you have something against chi, everytime you write a script she gets strung up, strung out, and knocked around?
FrooniumRicky: And back in the third
Moderator: to : welcome froonie, i must apologize for my questoins last time...after rewatching Eat Me i was able to notice wynona wasinthe same locker with the qualta blade...subtle but distinct when you knew what to look for. so sorry
WrapDay: Ricky has ears... that would suggest he actually listened.
FrooniumRicky: no prob, birth
WrapDay: I love Chi... that's why I always want to write about her.
WrapDay: ga
Moderator2: to : Tony--You have lots of unusual visuals involving surface materials--glass & metal reflections, transparencies (windows, portholes, blow-up chairs, etc.). Do you work closely with the set designers?
FrooniumRicky: I'm just glad we didn't drop the ball there
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: to : Question for Froon: OK, we know you're not allowed to give out spoilers ... but can you drop any cryptic hints that we can all go insane trying to analyze?
FrooniumRicky: "When the string is long, the pig is late."
WrapDay: Exactly what I tell Tim Ferrier.
WrapDay: ga
Moderator2: to : question for Lil: It seems that there were some issues in S'N'S that were deeper than I expected such as slavery, doing drugs with strangers and greed... was the social commentary intentional or did it just happen?
FrooniumRicky: Everybody think of your Favorite Character...
FrooniumRicky: ANd don't get too attached.
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: to : Hi Froon! What's your favourite episode in season 3, that you did or didn't write?
FrooniumRicky: that I Did write... hm, hard to say, I've liked 'em both so far
WrapDay: It was intentionally there - we just didn't want to hit people over the heads with it.
WrapDay: ga
Moderator2: to : Hi Lil! Was there anything else to the dancing scene between Tammy and Gigi? Or were you just teasing us?
FrooniumRicky: that I Didn't write... hey, if I don't have to write it, it's always my favorite
WrapDay: Teasing?
WrapDay: ga
Moderator2: to : Lil and Tony, what's been the toughest thing to do for Farscape? Any particular scenes come to mind?
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: sort of a related concept:
Moderator: to : Hey, Ricky! Since we as fans feel a strange sense of propriety over the show, I assume you people who actually make it feel it too. What's your proudest moment, the one you want them to play when St Peter's making the choice?
FrooniumRicky: alas, Tony and Lil have wandered off together to grab lunch
FrooniumRicky: It's just me
FrooniumRicky: hi, dik!
Moderator: So, apparently we've spoken to all 8 people who work on Farscape...
FrooniumRicky: hmmm, it's tough to narrow it down to one single moment
FrooniumRicky: or even one single ep
FrooniumRicky: many of us who labor in the fields of tv
FrooniumRicky: think that if, say, 50% of your eps are decent/okay/solid
FrooniumRicky: 25% are stinkers
FrooniumRicky: and 25% are (in our opinion) Damn Fine
FrooniumRicky: that you're ahead of the game.
FrooniumRicky: I think we're certainly doing at Least that well on Farscape
FrooniumRicky: (your mileage may vary, of course ;))
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: to : Ricky, What are the titles of the last 4 eps?
FrooniumRicky: 319, 320, 321, 322
FrooniumRicky: truthfully, we haven't even locked titles down for half of 'me
FrooniumRicky: 'em, rather
FrooniumRicky: The last ep, of course, is "Funeral For Everybody"
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: to : FrooniumRicky: you've been doing the season opening episodes, past two seasons...will you be in charge of the season 4 opener also?
FrooniumRicky: What season 4?
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: to : I've seen on the bboard that Farscape is not being shown in Australia on a regular station, but on Fox Kids and at 5 PM! Why do you hate Australian Farscape Fans? They are really bummed.
FrooniumRicky: Alas, it's completely out of OUR control
FrooniumRicky: They bought it, they do with it as they please
FrooniumRicky: Believe me, we sympathize with our Aussie fans
FrooniumRicky: and we are just as bummed
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: On the flip side, are you aware that SCI FI has just released a schedule indicating that we're stripping FARSCAPE Mon-Thu @ 8pm beginning later next month?
FrooniumRicky: yeah! residuals!
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: to : Do you know what species Natira is, yet?
FrooniumRicky: Don't think we ever named her species
FrooniumRicky: Maybe we should have a contest ;)
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: to : Froon - Will natira come back at any stage?
Moderator: to : Was Natira wearing some kind of body armor or was she naked?
FrooniumRicky: Well, I'd sure like to see her again
FrooniumRicky: Claudia Karvan, btw, is doing a series here in Oz
FrooniumRicky: called "The Secret Life of Us"
FrooniumRicky: sort of an Oz version of Sex in the City, kind of
FrooniumRicky: as for body armor... well, I think that was all "Natira", myself
FrooniumRicky: rather like a turtle shell
FrooniumRicky: I'll get a can opener and let you know
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator2: :::PLUG:::PLUG:::PLUG:::PLUG:::PLUG:::
Moderator2: Not interrupt this chat with promotional propagana. But, if you haven't signed up for the Farscape: House of Cards Sweepstakes, you can still do so. Just log on to www.scifi.com/farscape/sweepstakes for your chance to win an autographed copy of this Farscape novel, written by our very own, Mr. Keith R.A. DeCandido.
Moderator2: Now back to the fun.
WrapDay: We have a new guestwith us here.. Sheldon Wade - Farscape Hair and Make-Up artist.. ga
Moderator: This one cracked me up...
Moderator: to : What was most difficult about writing Funeral For Everybody, the drama of the death scenes or how to plan the funerals with no survivors to mourn and look wretched about it?
Moderator2: Cool. Welcome Sheldon.
FrooniumRicky: Oh, it's quite a happy ep
FrooniumRicky: All the cast and crew and writers and directors throw a huge Oz party
FrooniumRicky: So it ends with a bang
Moderator2: We have some questions coming your way Sheldon.
FrooniumRicky: Gotta tell ya, barbecued Moya tastes much better than kangaroo
Moderator2: to : Okay, what's the skinny on Aeryn & that tight PK braid--well-thought out symbolism? An intentional visual metaphor? No room in the budget for another hairdresser?
FrooniumRicky: Speaking of which, I'm running off to grab lunch
FrooniumRicky: back in a bit!
Moderator: Throw another Pilot on the bar-b for me.
Moderator: (please send your question for Sheldon Wade to Moderator2)
WrapDay: I'll be discussing Claudia's hair-style with her after lunch.... ga
Moderator2: to : Sheldon, did Chi get a new haircut for "Scratch 'N Sniff"? her hair looked a lot shorter?
WrapDay: Her last wig had suffered almost two years of abuse, so, we thought it was time for a new look... ga
Moderator2: to : Hello, Sheldon. How many layers of make-up are used so that Chiana's grey skin looks "real"?
WrapDay: We start with green to couteract the red of her skin, then, white, and then 5 layers of grey. It takes about 2 and three quarter hours. ga
Moderator2: to : Hi! What special things ought we to be looking for in Season 3?
WrapDay: Look out for some really cool aliens in an upcoming ep - 317... ga
Moderator2: to : So, how did Crichton manage to find all of that hair gel in the Uncharted Territories? Or was it the "Something About Aeryn" hair gel?
WrapDay: That was actually my hair-styling in Season 2 - I've now moved onto other characters. I'm now doing Jool. ga
Moderator2: to : Sheldon... do you get to design any new species colouring or is it already decided and you paint it on?
WrapDay: That's usually decided between the make-up supervisor, the directors and myself. We all have a bit of input. ga
Moderator2: to : Is Jool a "true redhead"?
Moderator2: to : How long does it take to prepare Jool's hair?
WrapDay: Yeah, Jool's a true firey, redhead!
WrapDay: There's 3 wigs and each wig takes a day to pepare. ga
Moderator2: to : Sheldon: Starting around "Losing Time", it looked like Tammy's makeup changed...slighty darker...or more "maroon". Can you tell me wether there was a slight change, or if I need a new t.v.?
WrapDay: Check your tv!
WrapDay: I keep telling Tammy to stay out of the sun! ga
Moderator2: to : What character is your favorite visually?
WrapDay: I thought Zhaan was beautiful...
WrapDay: And not to mention Chiana who's just gorgeous ga
Moderator2: to : Who's the hardest to make up..in terms of keeping them still for five minutes..or are all the cast very patient?
WrapDay: We have ways and means of sedating them which sometime means having to chain them to the chair! ga
Moderator2: to : Have you ever considered doing a alien in full body make-up? Like what they did to Rebecca Romans character in the X-Men?
WrapDay: On occassion we did Virginia in full body makeup.
WrapDay: PS: Andrew Prowse is standing behind us!
WrapDay: ga
Moderator2: Hello Andrew.
WrapDay: Get frelled.
Moderator2: to : does the cast get alot of blemishes from the make up they wear?
Moderator2: Thanks Andrew. I think I am right now.
WrapDay: Never.
WrapDay: Sheldon
WrapDay: has to go back to set now - says see you later.
WrapDay: ga
Moderator2: You can now send all questions for Andrew to Moderator 1.
Moderator: Welcome Andrew! Great to have you with us.
Moderator2: Thanks for stopping by Sheldon.
WrapDay: Be quick he has to go back to set as well!
WrapDay: ga
Moderator: Are you shooting today?
WrapDay: Yes. Ep 322. The final for Season three.
WrapDay: ga
Moderator: How's it going?
WrapDay: It's a story of hard action, huge emotion, brilliant Visual effects and incredible hard work.
WrapDay: ga
Moderator: to : Hello Mr Prose! Thanks for coming. Could you tell us about the evolution, if any, from the methods used in early season one to the lastest? Perhaps things that were done then athat are not done now?
Moderator: (Mr. Prowse, I'm pretty sure he meant...)
WrapDay: WE've refined the process. AFter three seasons were actually getting good at it.
WrapDay: (Ben Browder laughs in the background at this answer!)
WrapDay: ga
Moderator: I'm not sure everyone's aware, but your role extends well beyond directing. Do you ever have any free time? Holiday?
WrapDay: Laughs.
WrapDay: Boxing day with Kemper and Browder.
WrapDay: (That's the day after Christmas day in Australia.)
WrapDay: ga
Moderator: to : are you as excxited about the series now as your were during the first season?
WrapDay: That's not a fair question to ask in the middle of shooting the last episode of the season. Hard to be excited when your brain is almost dead.
WrapDay: ga
Moderator: to : Mr.Prowse, is the final ep gong to be as dramatic as the sseason 2 finale?
WrapDay: Of course.
WrapDay: Gotta go, great chatting with you all...
Moderator: Thanks for stopping by in the middle of your shoot.
Moderator: Hopefully we can catch up with you during the hiatus.
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