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Farscape Party - US SciFi Channel Chat
Conducted on 12th July 2001

From: SciFi US

Originally, this was supposed to be a chat with Tammy MacIntosh (Jool), however due to a personal emergency she could not make it. This turned the chat into a Farscape free-for-all, with actors, puppeteers and writers joining the fun left, right and centre. They were actually filming one of the last episodes of the season at the time, so they had to keep running off. Some interesting titbits were thrown at us during the chat. Screen names: Black-Tee: Ben Browder (John Crichton) RandR: Matt McCoy, Fiona Gentle and Tim Mieville (puppeteers) Lily: Lily Taylor (Story editor, writer) FrooniumRicky: Ricky Manning (Executive producer, writer)

Moderator: For those of you who missed our earlier announcement, Tammy McIntosh will not be joining us for the chat tonight.
Moderator: She had an emergency and apologizes for not being here. She is ok though, so there is no need to worry.
Moderator: But we will have some special guest straight from the set of Farscape joining us tonight. So get those questions ready.
Black-Tee: So you get the second string
Moderator: And guess what...we have Ben Browder right here with us now.
Moderator: Can you say hi Ben.?
Black-Tee: make it quick... I'm due on set for another beating
Black-Tee: Hi
Moderator: First q....
Moderator: SunAeryn to Moderator: Hey there Black-Tee! Great going on GEM! How much did you pay/beg Claudia to come push it for you? ;b
Black-Tee: push what?
Black-Tee: oh!
Black-Tee: the ep!
Black-Tee: She's too kind
Black-Tee: but the flowers and chocolates I send her once a week don't hurt.
Black-Tee: Claude was great in GEM!
Black-Tee: ga
Moderator: Xenajules2 to Moderator: Ben, how hard has it been for you, playing two different John Crichtons? Any mishaps?
Black-Tee: It confuses the hell out of everyone around here
Black-Tee: We spent months just trying to figure out which one was which
Black-Tee: "No!... I need the GREEN SHIRT!"
Black-Tee: ga
Moderator: Teena to Moderator: Hey Ben! Thanks for coming! I'm wondering, how much does it help to be an actor first when approaching a script/story as a writer?
Black-Tee: Don't know if it helps.
Black-Tee: Just means my approach starts from the characters and the words
Black-Tee: then I try not to screw up the plot too much
Black-Tee: ga
Moderator: PhantomComputer to Moderator: Hey, B... do you get paid twice for playing 2 roles?
Black-Tee: I wish!
Black-Tee: I could buy drinks all the way round
Black-Tee: two bowls of the punch of doom
Black-Tee: guys... The need to hang me from a wire right now....
Black-Tee: I'll try to drop back by
Moderator: Thanks for coming by Ben.
Moderator: Hope to see you later.
Moderator: So who will drop by next....I think its guy who has his hands up Rygel's butt.
Moderator: Get your questions ready.
Black-Tee: I'll hand you guys over to Matt... Rygels Rear!
Black-Tee: Later guys
Moderator: Please send any questions you have to the Moderator with /msg Moderator or simply double-click on the Moderator's name in the list of names on the right side of their screen.
RandR: Hi
RandR: Hi I'm Matt - I'm Rygel
RandR: Actually his rear end!
RandR: Good to say Hello - hope you're enjoying all the creatures on the show.
RandR: ga
Moderator: I think we have one of the puppeteers on-line right now.
RandR: Yep.
Moderator: Would you like to introduce yourself before we get to the questions?
RandR: Hi I'm Matt McCoy. I'm in the body of Rygel as well as other creatures.
Moderator: Nice to have you here. here comes the first question....
Moderator: i to Moderator: matt, thanks for stopping by, wwhat kinda training do have as a puppeteer?
RandR: I have degree in acting.
RandR: I wrote my thesis on visual theatre
RandR: And I've been working as a professional puppeteer in theatre and film for 10 years
RandR: and of course learning on the job
RandR: More of us have just arrived.
RandR: Tim and Fiona
RandR: Tim - does Rygel's lipsync and on set acting
RandR: Fiona is famous for the Diagnosan Tocot from Ep 222
Moderator: Hi Tim and Fiona. Welcome to tonights crazy, frellin' chat. We will have questions for you all shortly.
Moderator: For Matt....
Moderator: Metamyth to Moderator: what's the most interesting thing about being Rygel's butt?
RandR: the view
RandR: ga
Moderator: Luggage7a to Moderator: Tim, how do you practice the lipsynching, and do you have to have it spot on, or can Jonathan play around some to make it synch better?
RandR: Practice....
RandR: lots of mirror work.
RandR: Of course it's always spot on!!! Jonathan plays with the intonations.
RandR: ga
Moderator: Revolos55 to Moderator: Hi Fiona - What exactly did you do as Diagnosan Tocot?
RandR: The lip sync and the totally bizarre gibberish.
RandR: (Matt did the expressions and the nose.)
RandR: GA
Moderator: stayler to Moderator: Hi Fiona and Tim, Fiona, tell us about the facial portion of Tocot and what itr was like to operate/act in?
RandR: Thomas Holesgrove was actually in the body suit and therefor did the head movements.
RandR: Matt and I did the facial expressions (mouth, eyes, nose etc.)
RandR: He was really good fun to do.
RandR: GA
Moderator: For those of you who are worried about Tammy, and most of you have written to me privately with your concerns, she is fine. No need to worry.
Moderator: Creator900 to Moderator: Thanks for coming matt, if you had to choose to be the "rear" of any other muppet or puppet character, who would it be?
RandR: Kermit.
RandR: (Fiona says Miss Piggy)
RandR: Tim says Yoda.
RandR: GA
Moderator: I can tell you all, that all the pupeeters are having fun with that last question.
Moderator: This q is for all....
Moderator: TeddGCM to Moderator: How long does it take to learn the complicated procedures for animating complex pupets such as those on FS?
RandR: Something about Yoda and Tim's fantasy but we won't go into that.
RandR: ga
RandR: Three seasons.
RandR: GA
Moderator: The-Keeper-of-Tears to Moderator: Hi. I know it's not "your end" but could you tell us how hard it was to make Rygel wink (instead of blink) in "Relativity"?
RandR: Push of a button by Mario.
RandR: ga
Moderator: PhantomComputer to Moderator: To all our guests... what is the longest you have worked with the puppets? Any problems with carpal tunnel syndrome or the like?
RandR: Do you mean in one day?
RandR: ga
Moderator: Thinkum to Moderator: what do puppeteers do between seasons? just relax? do some short acting gigs? play with sock puppets?
RandR: Play with sock puppets.
RandR: ACtually we're all devishly handsome. Hollywood is knocking down our doors.
RandR: (Lil here - one of the puppeteers is actually doing a guest appearance in front of the camera. I won't say who but keep you're eyes open.)
RandR: ga
Moderator: I have to say, these 'scapers tonight have so many good questions...let me continue...
RandR: Ps: Lil can't spell.
RandR: ga
Moderator: Scificat to Moderator: Rygel ROCKS!!! How heavy is the old fart anyway?
RandR: heavy.... about the size of a two year old.
RandR: ga
Moderator: TeddGCM to Moderator: How many pupeteers are on staff to animate the complex puppets on FS?
RandR: 5 full time with 2 part time for Pilot and up to 12 on occassions.
RandR: ga
Moderator: What practical joke have you all play on the real life cast members with the puppets?
Moderator: Fyndra to Moderator: Great to have you guys here! Does anyone on set ever make cracks about Rygel looking like Yoda? (oh, say, 'Use the Force, Crichton!')
RandR: Can't tell. R rated if you get the drift.
RandR: ga
Moderator: Riddley to Moderator: how many people in the world can actually feed and clothes themselves solely from a career in puppetry?
RandR: 5 full time up to 12 on occassions.
RandR: ga
Moderator: Revolos55 to Moderator: This is for everyone - What other shows or movies have you worked on?
RandR: BAbe 2, The Hobbit, The Wiggles, Babe 1, lots of Aussie shows.
RandR: ga
RandR: And the Matrix.
RandR: ga
Moderator: SunAeryn to Moderator: Fiona, what's Pilot's shellhead feel like...on top. It's so shiny. I just want to give it a rub! :)
RandR: Not nearly as good as the soft tissue underneath his claws.
RandR: Matt says there's good eating in a pilot.
RandR: ga
Moderator: ceallaig to Moderator: to all the pupps -- John Eccleston got an 'on screen' shot in Jeremiah Crichton -- any chance of seeing the rest of you 'out of costume' as it were?
RandR: WE're in negotiations.
RandR: ga
Moderator: Srynerson to Moderator: Do the pupeteers have input into the scripting process in regards to the demands placed on the puppets or are you just forced to try to work around the dictates of the writers/director?
Moderator: Kieriahn to Moderator: (for all) since you understand how a puppet needs to respond and the mechanical aspects of it, have you ever been tempted to contribute a design of your own for Farscape?
RandR: Fi says as long as it's not in a midriff!
RandR: ga
Moderator: Fyndra to Moderator: Hi there, Cadet Fyndra of the Hynerian Royal Guard, Detatched Division here. Do you prefer Rygel-the-comic-relief, or Rygel-as-David-Kemper-views-him?
RandR: No. But Rygel has been known to add his own flavour to lines.
RandR: ga
RandR: A mix of both.
RandR: ga
Moderator: A compliment for you guys...
Moderator: Revolos55 to Moderator: I have to get going, but I'd just like to say it was a pleasure chatting with you all, and please continue the incredibly amazing work!
RandR: Thank you !!!! Please come again.
RandR: ga
Moderator: The-Keeper-of-Tears to Moderator: Aside from Rygel and Pilot, what were your favorite Farscape puppets to work on?
RandR: The best is yet to come.
RandR: ga
Moderator: ceallaig to Moderator: hey gang -- you spend your days with your arms over your heads, pretty much. What sort of exercises do you do to keep from going numb?
RandR: The strannet was fun. (TFS)
RandR: ga
Moderator: Fyndra to Moderator: Waaay back in DNA Mad Scientist, how did they make Pilot's arm detachable? Do they all come off for easy storage or something?
RandR: Lifting babies or beer.
RandR: ga
RandR: trade secret.
RandR: ga
Moderator: Chi to Moderator: to all of you. Which ep was hardest to do? and Why?
RandR: In season three it was an ep we just shot so we can't talk about it. You'll know when you see it. Last season it was definitely the Ravorc in BEware of Dog.
RandR: ga
Moderator: Boldman to Moderator: How do you see the future of puppeteering in sci-fi with so much being done by CGI these days?
RandR: It will always be a marriage.
RandR: ga
Moderator: Jayce66 to Moderator: I remember hearing that puppets wear out from use. How many Rygel puppets have you gone through so far?
RandR: There are only two Rygel bodies but they're reskinned quite often.
RandR: ga
Moderator: Scaper1984 to Moderator: Is it easier to operate Rygel in his throne sled or on some other surface, bed, table, etc.?
RandR: Thronesled.
RandR: ga
Moderator: TeddGCM to Moderator: What are the occupational hazards as a puppeteer, other a high pitched voice from Rygel's...umm..well, you know
RandR: Intimate scenes with Crichton... concussion, tendon strain, aches and pains!
RandR: ga
Moderator: Riddley to Moderator: was the autopsied Rygel from A Human Reaction recycled as the cut-open one in Relativity?
RandR: No.
RandR: ga
Moderator: janra to Moderator: any other australian shows ever show and interest in using puppets, given how great you guys are?
RandR: Yeah we recently had Horris and Tina.
RandR: ga
RandR: Sean Masterson has just walked in to find his wayward crew and drag them back to set.
Moderator: I believe the pupeeters have to go now. Thank you all for dropping by.
RandR: Sooo.. bye bye from us. Thanks for watching. Love the Puppeteers.
Moderator: Just give us second to ge on track with the next chatter....
Moderator: Please send any questions you have to the Moderator with /msg Moderator or simply double-click on the Moderator's name in the list of names on the right side of their screen.
RandR: Special goodbye from glider. He'll be back on line soon.
RandR: ga
RandR: Sean Masterson says a quick hello.
RandR: ga

Moderator: Next up is writer Lily Taylor...get your questions ready.
Moderator: This is what's great about Farscape -- one person can't make it and 5 more jump in to help!
Moderator: Welcome Lily! What have you been up to lately?
Lily: The end of the season. No more to be said.
Lily: ga
Moderator: So, just between us...what's going to happen in episodes 311 through 322? It's OK, DK said you could tell.
Lily: DK who? Cos Kemper would kill me if I gave away any secrets.
Lily: ga
Moderator: Can't blame a poor Moderator for trying...
Moderator: PyeCat to Moderator: Hey Lily! Thanks for joining us. I'm curious... when digging into the beats of a story, what is by far the main focus -- action or character? I've noted that Farscape is heavily character driven, but balances out nicely with action... just curious how you get from point A to B.
Lily: You're right. We try to balance character and action.
Lily: ga
Moderator: shokoti to Moderator: A Clockwork Nebari was a fantastic episode. Any more plans yet to give us more on the Nebari and their whole story?
Lily: You never know with Farscape. I love the Nebaris so I'd love to see more of them.
Lily: ga
Moderator: Dabee to Moderator: Hey Lily!! So glad to see you! Is there anything really special you want us to be watching for soon?
Lily: The rest of the season. It's all special.
Lily: ga
Moderator: primatebrain to Moderator: To: Lily; Did you or will you be writing any episodes for Season 3 or 4?
Lily: Ep 313 "Scratch "n" Sniff. Should be on air soon.
Lily: ga
Moderator: a week from Friday, if I'm not mistaken.
Moderator: birthsister to Moderator: btw, what's a drannit?
Lily: A strannet. It's the creature they put on Crichton's face in TFS. (Ep 307)
Lily: ga
Lily: Is that what you meant?
Lily: ga
Lily: drannit? Ep 308 - I don't know. Ask Ben. He wrote it.
Lily: ga
Moderator: SunAeryn to Moderator: Satalieo at work Lily, can you comment on eps #313-Scratch and Sniff, Anth said it's the funniest eps to date, what this intended to balance out the dark tone of the season so far?
Lily: Absolutely.
Lily: ga
Moderator: Gmmas to Moderator: Lily: has it been hard as a writer this season working with two Crichton's, making them the same person, yet different?
Lily: Ye and No. Because they went on such different journeys they did start to take on lives of their own.
Lily: ga
Moderator: shokoti to Moderator: Can you tell us the title for 317? Because SciFi have mysteriously left it off their schedule announcement... or does it contain spoilers?
Lily: The Choice.
Lily: ga
Lily: Written by Justin Monjo. Directed by Rowan Woods.
Lily: ga
Moderator: xengland to Moderator: lily why didn't you stay for autographs at last years con
Lily: apologies. My husband was fairly ill back at the hotel. Had to play nurse maid.
Lily: ga
Moderator: But he's fine now, right?
Lily: Totally. Back to his usual Scottish self.
Lily: ga
Moderator: Jayce66 to Moderator: What do you like best about writing a Farscape episode? What do you like least?
Lily: It's totally unpredictable. It's totally unpredicatable.
Lily: ga
Moderator: LadyCrais to Moderator: Hi Lily. One reason we all love Farscape is because of how the strong character growth and continuity. How is that maintained with different writers working on different scripts?
Lily: We're all very conscious of this and try to pick up on little details in each others scripts that help shape the characters.
Lily: ga
Moderator: Armed-Chick to Moderator: Lily, who is your favorite character to write for?
Moderator: For those joining us, we're attempting to chat with everyone who isn't Tammy MacIntosh, because Tammy was unexpectedly called away for personal reasons.
Lily: I love writing for Chiana. I'd love to write for Aeryn.
Lily: ga
Moderator: If you've got a questions for Farscape writer Lily Taylor (or whoever follows her), send it to me as a private message.
Moderator: Busco to Moderator: How do you write Jool's scream in the script? Is it EEEEEE or AAAAA??
Lily: ga
Moderator: primatebrain to Moderator: Will you ever explore the notion of alien-type fast food restaurants in Farscape?
Lily: You mean fast food restaurants aren't alien????
Lily: ga
Moderator: Thinkum to Moderator: Is Jool an Interon or an Interion?
Lily: An Interion.
Lily: But it does occassional sound like Interon on screen.
Lily: ga
Moderator: is that a silient "i" in the middle?
Lily: yeis.
Lily: ga
Moderator: ShebaApolloSun to Moderator: To Lily!! Do new writers have a chance to get a script through?
Moderator: We've just lost Lily.
Moderator: Her connection went down.
Moderator: I think the shock of how little chance new writers have just killed their connection.
Moderator: However, we have a quick replacement: Richard Manning, writer/producer extraordinaire.
Moderator: Any words of welcome for the group?
Moderator: (sorry, my bad)
FrooniumRicky: O My God, You Killed Lily
FrooniumRicky: You... Scapers
Moderator: Busco to Moderator: Was there any particular reason that the "Three Stooges" (SIW Part 1) was used? As opposed to other, familiar tv/film works?
FrooniumRicky: DK is a Stooges fan, Ben likewise
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: Jayce66 to Moderator: Ricky, are things very hectic in Australia, being so close to the end of filming season 3?
FrooniumRicky: Quite hectic
FrooniumRicky: There are so MANY characters still to kill off
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: mt6571 to Moderator: I observed that the costume/make-up characters are grouped in esp away from the non-costume characters. Is the reason - to reduce the affect of the appliances on the actors???? How long will the split eps will continue?
FrooniumRicky: grouped in esp?
FrooniumRicky: oh, eps
FrooniumRicky: (suggests FrooniumCheryl, reading over my shoulder)
FrooniumRicky: We don't consciously do that
FrooniumRicky: Some eps call for more prosthetic or animatronic creations than others
FrooniumRicky: Some weeks we do try to give the Creature Shop a break
FrooniumRicky: But it depends more on the particular story than on production considerations
FrooniumRicky: Re the split eps: They will continue until they cease
FrooniumRicky: ;)
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: xengland to Moderator: my friend adam in the uk would like to know if there will be any more appearances of the mambo shirts in future eps
FrooniumRicky: Boy, I hope so
FrooniumRicky: hm, but so far, nary a Mambo in sight
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: bgvoodoodoll to Moderator: Froony Because of Tammy's absence, I must ask this question of you instead: doesn't wearing all that leather chaff when you're on set?
FrooniumRicky: oh, btw, for those who don't know
FrooniumRicky: the very FIRST frame of John Crichton
FrooniumRicky: in the Premiere --
FrooniumRicky: That was a Mambo shirt as well
FrooniumRicky: No, the leather usually doesn't start chafing until I get home
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: Aeria to Moderator: Rickky, are you disapointed that channel nine has decided to air Farscape at 5pm on a Saturday afternoon, dirested at an audience of children? I'm an aussie and I sure am.
FrooniumRicky: where are you?
FrooniumRicky: it isn't even airing at ALL yet on Nine in Sydney
FrooniumRicky: sigh
Moderator: janra to Moderator: FYI starts screening sat on ch 9 in adelaide, mlebourne and perth
FrooniumRicky: All I can suggest is to make your feelings known to Nine Network
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: CrystalMoon to Moderator: We asked Lily what is was like writing for two Crichtons. How has it been for you? Is it harder with two?
FrooniumRicky: Well, only when we forget which one is real and which is the clone
FrooniumRicky: oops
FrooniumRicky: wait
FrooniumRicky: That is NOT true
FrooniumRicky: Equal and original
FrooniumRicky: So we pretty much write 'em both just like we always have
FrooniumRicky: except, of course, that their circumstances are now different
FrooniumRicky: in some of the small details
FrooniumRicky: i.e., Aeryn
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: TheDancingGypsy to Moderator: Heya Froon and Cheryl! Long time listener, first time caller! My question is to Froon: is there anything that you, as a writer, have ever been wary of putting in a script? Such as too much violence or sex?
FrooniumRicky: Hi, DG!
FrooniumRicky: I'm not sure I know what you mean by "too much violence or sex"
FrooniumRicky: I'm asking Cheryl
FrooniumRicky: She shrugs
FrooniumRicky: and says it's fine by her because *I*'m on the Receiving End of it
FrooniumRicky: One of the best things about writing for Farscape is that there are so few restrictions
FrooniumRicky: We can't do full frontal nudity, alas
FrooniumRicky: like the pay cable shows do
FrooniumRicky: But short of that, we're pretty free to do as we like
FrooniumRicky: SciFi has been very accommodating and supportive
FrooniumRicky: and DK is always exhorting us
FrooniumRicky: (fine word there, exhorting)
FrooniumRicky: to push the boundaries
FrooniumRicky: test the limits
FrooniumRicky: not so much with violence or sex per se
FrooniumRicky: but thematically.... emotionally...
FrooniumRicky: Don't be afraid to explore hard hitting themes
FrooniumRicky: don't be afraid to give the characters flaws
FrooniumRicky: etc.
FrooniumRicky: which, for a Writer, is nirvana.
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: Xenajules2 to Moderator: Ricky, is there a particular reason that the episodes were chosen to be rerun in the Aug 31 Chain Reaction, or is that strictly a SciFi decision?
FrooniumRicky: Completely up to SciFi
FrooniumRicky: Don't know what their reasoning was on this latest batch
FrooniumRicky: but I don't think there's Hidden Meaning in the choices
FrooniumRicky: I'm delighted to see Won't Get Fooled Again in there, naturally
FrooniumRicky: ($)
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: It's worth pointing out that August's chain reaction includes back-to-back airings of A Human Reaction and Won't Get Fooled Again. Should be interesting watching them together.
FrooniumRicky: are you and I watching them together?
FrooniumRicky: That'll be nice
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: yes, but we have to face back to back.
Moderator: QuietI to Moderator: "Hi Froon! Not asking for spoilers here, but are we ever going to see that ship that they brought aboard Moya in Suns & Lovers again?"
FrooniumRicky: that's okay, I've invited another couple
FrooniumRicky: Hi, Q!
FrooniumRicky: Of course you're asking for spoilers! Don't get all coy on me!
FrooniumRicky: I think the beast just might pop in again sooner or later
FrooniumRicky: Probably just got misplaced
FrooniumRicky: These things happen
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: OboeCrazy to Moderator: Hi Mr. Manning! With the cast split into two crews, are you enjoying the opportunity to write for a smaller group of people each week, or do you miss having the full crazy gang to play with?
FrooniumRicky: Hi, Oboe!
FrooniumRicky: Me, I like the smaller groups
FrooniumRicky: It can get difficult trying to service 84 characters in 42 minutes
FrooniumRicky: Fewer characters let us slow things down a bit, get better interactions going
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: If you're having trouble, I'll be happy to service Aeryn, Chiana and Jool for you. And a number of the ladies here have volunteered to service Crichton.
FrooniumRicky: Somehow I knew I was asking for trouble when I typed that
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: talyn to Moderator: hiya ricky, please don't tell moya i'm staying up so late :) my question is how are the writers going to handle talyn's development into an adult i mean his childhood isn't exactly what i would call a healthy one
FrooniumRicky: Me neither
FrooniumRicky: Talyn has been a brat lately, hasn't he?
FrooniumRicky: Well, in true Farscape fashion...
FrooniumRicky: I'm sure it'll all work out nicely and things will be fine soon
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: SunAeryn to Moderator: Froon...I heard that you like to bang your head on the wall...have you broken through to Jusin's office yet?
FrooniumRicky: ah, the DK column, no doubt
FrooniumRicky: i.e., "Tissue of Lies"
FrooniumRicky: He got it wrong
FrooniumRicky: I like to bang JUSTIN's head against the wall
FrooniumRicky: o, speaking of the mighty Monj...
FrooniumRicky: his play (adaptation) "Cloudstreet" is currently playing in Sydney
FrooniumRicky: moves to Brisbane next, I think
FrooniumRicky: and a company is about to start up in NYC (or already has -- Mod?)
FrooniumRicky: It's a dynamite play, see it if you possibly can
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: dunno...will check.
Moderator: CaptainHornblower to Moderator: ricky, any chance jena the Peacekeeper spy from Look at the Princess might return?
FrooniumRicky: There's always a chance
FrooniumRicky: Right now, however, I think Jena's off with Gilina
* FrooniumRicky shudders to think of the fanfic he might just have inspired *
FrooniumRicky: ga

Moderator: stayler to Moderator: Hey Froon! Good to see your words on my screen again, any good eps coming our way from your keyboard?
FrooniumRicky: well, "good" is a subjective term, of course
FrooniumRicky: But you might want to tune in tomorrow night
FrooniumRicky: for a sweet little family story
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: Fef to Moderator: Hello. I don't mean to be beating a dead horse but I've missed about a year of Farscape. What was the reason for killing off Zhaan?
Moderator: (no listings for Monjo or Cloudstreet in the Village Voice, so I guess not yet)
FrooniumRicky: She nobly sacrificed herself to save the rest of the crew
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: Busco to Moderator: If you could change any scene or line from a past Farscape episode, what would it be?
FrooniumRicky: ooooooo, good q
FrooniumRicky: Have to give that one a moment's thought
FrooniumRicky: (Talk quietly among yourselves)
FrooniumRicky: ga
FrooniumRicky: (while I'm thinking)
Moderator: scifigrrl to Moderator: Froony- Are any of the characters really suprising you in the way they are developing/changing this seasonin the s
FrooniumRicky: Well, we surprise each other
FrooniumRicky: That's the fun of it
FrooniumRicky: sometimes we try to push 'em one way, and they push back
FrooniumRicky: and go another
FrooniumRicky: sometimes they veer off someplace else entirely
FrooniumRicky: That's the fun of the process
FrooniumRicky: Of course, there's nothing more satisfying than
FrooniumRicky: character assassination.
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: faruk to Moderator: Hello, Mister Manning. Is there a third Maldis episode in the future for us?
FrooniumRicky: faruk, have you met SirBino?
FrooniumRicky: You should
FrooniumRicky: We seem to have made it through Season 3 without seeing Maldis again
FrooniumRicky: Well, hope for a season 4
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: Jayce66 to Moderator: Froon, care to comment on Ben's episode (Green Eyed Monster)? How'd he do?
FrooniumRicky: ooo, I found a line I want to change
FrooniumRicky: per the earlier q
FrooniumRicky: it's in Season o'Death
FrooniumRicky: when Aeryn's come back and Crichton can't believe it
FrooniumRicky: and she's explaining
FrooniumRicky: and she says that Zhaan saved her
FrooniumRicky: "She did a Unity thing"
FrooniumRicky: I don't think that's what was written
FrooniumRicky: A "Unity thing" sounds like some kinda dance
FrooniumRicky: Shake your Unity Thang
FrooniumRicky: o, well
FrooniumRicky: anyway...
FrooniumRicky: Ben did Terrific
FrooniumRicky: I've stated before and will now state again for the record...
FrooniumRicky: Nobody touched Ben's script but Ben
FrooniumRicky: We gave him notes, we beat the dren out of him
FrooniumRicky: and he did four hundred drafts
FrooniumRicky: LIke all writers
FrooniumRicky: But every word in there is his
FrooniumRicky: And I think it's a fine piece of work
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: LadyCrais to Moderator: There is definitely going to be a Season 4, is there not?
FrooniumRicky: There is?
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: aughra to Moderator: Froon, tell us a little about Thomas Holesgrove...the man behind every mask. (And do you need a short, American woman for some of the female roles? ;-)
FrooniumRicky: (how short?)
FrooniumRicky: I can't tell you much about Thomas, oddly enough, because I still haven't met him
FrooniumRicky: Just the luck of the draw -- never run into him out of makeup
FrooniumRicky: (or maybe I have and I just didn't know it)
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: Olympiafishhead to Moderator: Hi Ricky, some of us have been chating back and forth here and wonder if Farscape will ever have a Gay/Bi character on Farscape
FrooniumRicky: Hi Fishy!
* Moderator wonders if "Furlow" counts. *
FrooniumRicky: how do you know we don't already?
FrooniumRicky: There are one or two of our crew that I sometimes wonder about
FrooniumRicky: actually, now that you mention it,
FrooniumRicky: we do have a story coming up
FrooniumRicky: with a character of, well, different sexuality
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: birthsister to Moderator: froon, did you guys ever figure out who screwed the pooch on the whole wynona thing....how could john have taken wynona if they were both duplicated?
FrooniumRicky: I'd have to look at the ep again...
FrooniumRicky: But I remember that this WAS discussed in the story stage
FrooniumRicky: and if I remember correctly
FrooniumRicky: (which I may not,
FrooniumRicky: or the editing may have obscured or removed the point...)
FrooniumRicky: He didn't have Wynona ON him when he got duped
FrooniumRicky: he'd lost it earlier
FrooniumRicky: and then one of 'em (or was it D or Chi?) found it
FrooniumRicky: but I think if he'd had it during his big confront with Kaarvok, he'd probably have used it
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: PhantomComputer to Moderator: Hi there, Ricky, Why did it take Crais so many shots to kill Aeryn's mom?
FrooniumRicky: He's a PK
FrooniumRicky: They are notoriously bad shots, like most bad guys
FrooniumRicky: Either that, or he just likes splatter
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: Cush to Moderator: Will ever get the full details into Jools past? Or why Interions are closely related to humans?
FrooniumRicky: You know I cannot speak of the future (much)
FrooniumRicky: But I imagine we'll get round to it sooner or later
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: Gmmas to Moderator: Ricky: after Relativity, some people doubted that Xhalax was really dead. Any comments to the conspiracy theorists?
FrooniumRicky: Well, define "dead"
FrooniumRicky: Is that Aeryn Dead, Zhaan Dead, Stark Dead, Gilina Dead...
FrooniumRicky: I s'pose it depends on how much you trust Crais
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: shokoti to Moderator: Hey Froon! Where do you continuously find such amazing guest stars (Linda Cropper, Thomas Holesgrove, etc.)? Do you have some endless pool of talent to delve in to?
FrooniumRicky: Yes, it's called Australia
FrooniumRicky: Huge amount of talent here
FrooniumRicky: (FrCh: "You want to stay, don't you?")
FrooniumRicky: (Yup)
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: CaptainHornblower to Moderator: ricky, who played little Aeryn (from flashback with her mother)? she's not listed on the credits at scifi.com?
* FrooniumRicky tips his hat to Maura Fay Casting who brings us these wonderful people *
FrooniumRicky: hm, dunno offhand
FrooniumRicky: typing from home so I can't look it up, alas
FrooniumRicky: sorry
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: EndersShadow to Moderator: Froon: the Season of Death seems to be letting up in regard to the main characters, will we be returning to killing them off soon?
Moderator: (FYI, SCIFI.COM only puts up the official credits we get sent from Henson)
FrooniumRicky: Never fear
FrooniumRicky: Or, if you prefer
FrooniumRicky: Always fear
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: GutPageant to Moderator: Do you think you've weakened the impact of death for a Farscape character by having too many resurrections?
FrooniumRicky: Excellent point
FrooniumRicky: As they said in Spinal Tap, "it's such a fine line
FrooniumRicky: between stupid
FrooniumRicky: and clever"
FrooniumRicky: I agree that it's good to leave some of 'em dead
FrooniumRicky: elsewise it doesn't mean much
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: Armed-Chick to Moderator: Ricky, will Aeryn get another Prowler, or will she get the much rumored Growler?
FrooniumRicky: Well, she's got Talyn now
FrooniumRicky: sort
FrooniumRicky: of
FrooniumRicky: I expect that if she needs a fighter, we'll figure out a way to get her one
FrooniumRicky: Or if she needs a coffin, we'll arrange that as well
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: PK-Clint to Moderator: Why have we never seen exploration of Moya and her labs/room/crew quarters? Seem like something interesting could always be "found"
FrooniumRicky: Well, on a big ship, and particularly on a big ship on TELEVISION,
FrooniumRicky: a lot of the rooms tend to look similar
FrooniumRicky: ;)
FrooniumRicky: We do try to throw in a new locale now and then
FrooniumRicky: but there's only so much we can build
FrooniumRicky: and that's the tradeoff
FrooniumRicky: Do we build an interesting and NEW alien planet set or alien ship set
FrooniumRicky: or do we build a new room on Moya that
FrooniumRicky: might not look ALL that different from what we've already seen on Moya
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: Busco to Moderator: Were you happy/cheerful/non-plussed that "Re:Union" has finally been aired intact on Sci-Fi?
FrooniumRicky: I was slighly plussed
FrooniumRicky: slightly
FrooniumRicky: actually, I was neither plussed nor non
FrooniumRicky: I just wanted to type that
FrooniumRicky: It really wasn't That different from "Dream..."
FrooniumRicky: Of interest to Serious Fans Only, I'd imagine
FrooniumRicky: But hey
FrooniumRicky: Why not
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: birthsister to Moderator: what's with all the new words, and when do we get a dictionary...what is a pellish venker...and while you're at it, what the frell is a drannit?
FrooniumRicky: We don't talk much about a drannit
FrooniumRicky: It's not a pretty story
FrooniumRicky: where's a pellish venker from? doesn't sound familiar
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: Thinkum to Moderator: last week's ep
Moderator: 310
Moderator: Did Rygel say it?
FrooniumRicky: Beats me
FrooniumRicky: Guess that'd be a Rockne question
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: (Moderator thinks a "drannit" is...the thing Ben Browder was refering to when he said in all those interviews that Farscape fans are smart enough to "get" stuff)
Moderator: bgvoodoodoll to Moderator: Froony Of the reject characters and/or plots, could you describe your favorite?
FrooniumRicky: rejects?
FrooniumRicky: (FrCheryl: "You use every bit of crap you come up with!"_
FrooniumRicky: )
FrooniumRicky: (Okay, that's not strictly true)
FrooniumRicky: Trying to think of something that's been entirely left on the shelf...
FrooniumRicky: nothing springs to mind
FrooniumRicky: We do tend to try lots of stuff out
FrooniumRicky: and keep what we like
FrooniumRicky: the stuff we like less tends to just not reappear
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: We've got to wrap things up in about 10 minutes, so send your final questions now...
Moderator: aughra to Moderator: Froon, what do you do as "executive producer" what does tha mean? Nicer desk? Leather chair? Less or more abuse?? ;-)
FrooniumRicky: All of the above
FrooniumRicky: Someday I will write a book about How to Decode Producer Credits
FrooniumRicky: It's an arcane art
FrooniumRicky: But basically I do the same things I did as co-exec producer
FrooniumRicky: write, rewrite, rewrite, rewrite, break stories,
FrooniumRicky: give feedback on editing
FrooniumRicky: work with directors
FrooniumRicky: annoy the cast
FrooniumRicky: bang Monjo's head against the wall
FrooniumRicky: go to lunch
FrooniumRicky: abuse Lily
FrooniumRicky: The usual
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: PKGirl to Moderator: Do you plan on keeping JOOL for next season?
FrooniumRicky: what next season?
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: Tcarl1225 to Moderator: Is any of the other cast members thinking about writing an ep?
FrooniumRicky: Mayhaps, but they haven't mentioned it to Me
FrooniumRicky: Rygel keeps trying to pitch stories, but I'm ducking him
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: Ky to Moderator: why did they decide to give Jool a brain, she was so much fun as a punching bag.
FrooniumRicky: can't one be Both?
FrooniumRicky: (haven't you ever been married, for example?)
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: dw-mckim to Moderator: As a Rygel fan, i've been disappointed with his lack of screen time/story contribution since just about all of S2 til now - any good Rygel stories coming up?
FrooniumRicky: Ooo, yeah, some good Rygel stuff indeed
FrooniumRicky: Not tonight (tomorrow night), alas
FrooniumRicky: not too much in Saturday's ep, either
FrooniumRicky: But stick around
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: Cush to Moderator: Hey Froon: CAn you tell Tammy that we said "Hi"?
FrooniumRicky: Oh, I suppose so
FrooniumRicky: ;)
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: Well, I think that just about does it for us.
Moderator: Any parting thoughts you feel driven to leave us with?
FrooniumRicky: I cannot say this too often...
FrooniumRicky: "When the string is long, the pig is late."
FrooniumRicky: ga
Moderator: Moderator's parting words are:
Moderator: there's a new Farscape on Saturday too!
Moderator: really, one on Friday and another one on Saturday!
Moderator: if you miss you miss it, don't go blaming me.
FrooniumRicky: nor me.
Moderator: Thanks to you, Lil, Matt, Fi, Ben...I know I'm forgetting someone...
FrooniumRicky: Tammy
Moderator: Next Thursday: Dave Elsey of the Creature shop AND (schedule permitting) Wayne Pygram, his evil masterpiece.
FrooniumRicky: We
Moderator: (oh, and thanks Tim!)
FrooniumRicky: We'll drag Tammy in here yet, never fear
FrooniumRicky: Even though I've told her about many of you
Moderator: From what I hear, Tammy was actually eager to come, so I guess you didn't tell her everything...
FrooniumRicky: Well, I didn't bring up _________ or __________ or (God help us) ________________
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