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Lycos Chats with Anthony Simcoe, Richard Manning and Gigi Edgley
Conducted on 1st - 3rd May 2001

From: Lycos

Over three days, Lycos held three Farscape related chats. The first was with Anthony Simcoe, who plays D'Argo on the show. The second was with writer/executive producer Richard Manning, and the third was with Gigi Edgley, who plays Chiana. Originally Executive Producer David Kemper was to follow her, but his chat was cancelled. The chats were sadly quite short, but they are presented here in full, one per page, in date order. The chats were transcribed by Thinkum, and are used with permission, so our deepest thanks to her. Because of the Lycos chat interface (you can't copy and paste), there may be typos.

Anthony Simcoe - 1st May 2001

Lymebt: Here's my question... What aspect of D'Argo's character did/do you want the writers to explore more?

Anthony Simcoe: I want them to make him crazier and more hateful. I ahte when the show gets happy families. So I want him to become prickly, absurd and unpredictable.

Ka_Leo: what can you tell us about the death of Zhaan?

Anthony Simcoe: All I can say is that she is dead.

shangrila222: Anthony, welcome! Any chance you'll be coming to the States for any conventions this summer?

Anthony Simcoe: Yes, might be at comic con in July but I'm still not sure if I can make the Farscape one cause it clashes with some other jobs. I want to go because I still haven't gotten to go to Magic Mountain. I still haven't gotten to ride the coasters!

idiclady: Will you ask Anthony if any of the actors/writers/producers read the bb at scifi anymore, and if they have any reactions to the posting going on

Anthony Simcoe: I read the Sci-fi bb once a week. And I think lots of the comments are real interesting. Lots I agree with and lots I disagree with but thats what a BB is all about. But I dont see too many posts about D'Argo. [smile] However, I read the BB at Anthony simcoe.com every day.

vacush: Has Tammy MacIntosh adjusted to the show? And can you add any info on Jool?

Anthony Simcoe: Tammy and I used to share a flat together about 5 years ago so it is wonderful to have her joining our family. And she is settling in wonderfuly and is a real asset to the cast. Jool remains as prickly as ever, which I think is real fantastic.

ChianaGray: What are D'argoes tendons and what are they called? Awesome character, do you enjoy playing D'argo?

Anthony Simcoe: The tentacles are called tenkas, and playing D'Argo is the greatest fun I have ever had in my life Not only cause of the character but because of the wonderful people we have on the set. And everyday is an adventure!

Eron_inui: anthony how long does it take you to get all your make up on i know that the cardasians from startrek for example take like three hours atleast

Anthony Simcoe: I used to take 4 1/2 hours I have now got it down to 1 40 minutes I take the top of my head and my costume off after every take so I spend the whole day walking around in boxer shorts. Dignity dignity dignity! I have legs only a mother could love [wink]

The_Vagrant: Is D'Argo an extension of your own personality or is he an intriguingly new character for you?

Anthony Simcoe: D'Argo is a completely new character for me. I'm most interested in characters that completely transform away from the character of the actor. I love not being recognized from one role to the next.

Ka_Leo: Anthony, can you tell us how far along you are in filming season 3 and why Sci Fi is taking over a month for new episodes?

Anthony Simcoe: A unit starts episode 15 tomorrow. And I am finishing off episode 13 on B unit. Because Sci-Fi started showing season 3, not long after we started, you now have to wait for our post production team to catch up before we can show any more episodes. I think they are up to 9 so we need to wait for a bit backlog.

ImaginaryHarvey: How do you think D'Argo should react if Jothee ever returns

Anthony Simcoe: Completely unpredictably [wink] Whats more interesting is what will happen if Macton ever shows his head.

Xenajules2: How is your new costume working out this season? Is it any easier to move around in?

Anthony Simcoe: Yes, my new costume is working out very well. It's slightly hotter than my season 2 costume. But easier to get on and off. So because I only wear it in between takes, I am a lot happier with it this season.

Pyrite_tackyfringe: what is it like with 2 crightons?? double the fun. ;)?

Anthony Simcoe: No half the fun! Only because of structure that the season takes on...I can't give anything away more then that.

vacush: In the commentary for TFAL, Ben and Claudia mentioned you got chems in your eyes. Have there been any long term effects?

Anthony Simcoe: No, I have had 2 major disasters on Farscape. One was the chemical in my eyes, and 2 was I was rushed to the hospital during shooting of season 2. The heat combined with the irregular breathing patterns of Chianna caused me to have an attack.

ScribLL: Matt Newton did such a wonderful job of mimicking the Luxan 'accent', the cadence and inflections were spot on. Did you work with him on that?

Anthony Simcoe: Very definitely. It was the only thing that I wanted Matt to replicate all the other aspects of his character was in his capable hands.

AurianFS: Will D'Argo and Chiana ever rekindle their love affair the way the were before? Or do you think he will continue to shun what they once had?...By the Way I really like the new costume...its a great improvement.

Anthony Simcoe: D'Argo and Chiana are sluts so who knows what is going to happen. Gotta be in it to win. [wink]

Ka_Leo: The show has taken a very dark turn this season, I know you cant give any specific plot points away, but is the show going to continue on this dark road, or take a turn for some lighter episodes?

Anthony Simcoe: Episode 13 is the funniest episode of Farscape we have made yet. So there are moments of light! However, we are very happy with the dark road this season is taking. We much rather create a world of chaos then of order. Simply becuase it's more interesting and more daring dramatically.

cyradis69: Anthony, I love your site! Any chance we get season 2 photos soon? :)

Anthony Simcoe: Unfortunately not. I will let you guess why. Maybe I can put up photos up out of Farscape. Would you like that?

[numerous chatters respond enthusiastically]

Anthony Simcoe: If you have any suggestions, then please e-mail the webmasters at the web site! We would love to hear from you!

Richard Manning - 2nd May 2001

Ricky Manning: Hello Scapers!! Hello PKOL's!!
Ricky Manning: The FarScape death toll is up [wink]
Ricky Manning: Nah just kidding
Ricky Manning: We havent killed off a character in

kelley102673: hey ricky.. it's "red" from #farscape... just a quick question... how's it coming with the added responsibilities of executive producer this season?

Ricky Manning: It's going fine. It has not been easy dealing with twice the number of groupies. But I am trying not to let the side down.
Ricky Manning: The title basically just means, that they like me (I guess)
Ricky Manning: And a slightly better parking space.

dragon43231: question here is zhan coming back or is she gone for good

Ricky Manning: You dont really want to know.
Ricky Manning: and even if you did, do you think I could or would tell you?

rainier123: So if you are on the set right now does that mean you are in costume or do you get to hang around all normal for awhile

Ricky Manning: I think you are confusing me with an actor.
Ricky Manning: (And I have never been so insulted in my life)
Ricky Manning: Oddly enough, I am sitting in my office at the studio, but the crew is away on location.
Ricky Manning: So there are no cast members here for me to annoy, or vice versa.

slade95816: When the series was created, was there ever a long-term masterplan for plot development and character arcs? If so, how flexible is it?

Ricky Manning: It's pretty flexible. Rockne (the great one) and David (the other great one) have a very very general arc in mind.
Ricky Manning: They haven't even told me what all of it is.
Ricky Manning: (So perhaps they are lying to me)
Ricky Manning: So there is a plan in mind but it is not overly constraining.

gatan_oz: For a show featuring australian Actors, and i believe is produced in australia why do you think there is so little australian network support for the show? we have had only first season shown rather sporadicly.

Ricky Manning: I absolutely sympathize. And I wish I had an answer for you but sometimes the way of networks are beyond the comprehension of us mere mortals.
Ricky Manning: All I can suggest is that you keep making your feelings known to the Nine Network.

Blue-Adept: Is there anything you'd do different if starting Farscape from the beginning

Ricky Manning: Actually, I cant think of anything.
Ricky Manning: Like all shows, it took us a little while to find a path that works best for us.
Ricky Manning: I guess perhaps we could have found it quicker. On the other hand some shows never do find it so all in all I have to say there isnt a whole lot I have to change.
Ricky Manning: Except I wish we would have found Justin Monjo sooner.
Ricky Manning: You will get an interesting glimpse into more than one peacekeeper's histories in the episodes to come.

Xenajules2: Ricky, Anth told us last night that season 3's ep #13 was the "funniest ever". Do you agree?

Ricky Manning: Funnier than episode 306??? Hmmm I would have to get back to you on that one.

MichaelSteele: Why oh why did you take Zhan and not that goober, Stark?

Ricky Manning: Me?
Ricky Manning: That would be a good question to ask Mr. Kemper.

Lymebt: Boogity, Froon! Here's a question... I haven't watched the news yet tonite, so I dunno if the WGA strike is on or not... but if it is, what will you be doing, since you can't write any?

Ricky Manning: I'm going to disneyland!!!!
Ricky Manning: Ok no I wont. We still have scripts on hand that have yet to be filmed so I will continue producing even though I wont be writing.
[brief connection glitch]
Ricky Manning: We still have scripts written but not shot so will continue to produce, but not write.
Ricky Manning: However, the last I heard was that talks were still going on.
Ricky Manning: So its still possible that there might not be a strike.

idiclady: Are you and TPTB pleased with fan reaction to season 3 so far?

Ricky Manning: Fan reaction?
Ricky Manning: We're very happy that we dont seem to be boring very many watchers.

ScapeDabee: Hey (((Ricky)))..it is me, Dabee.....what is something that you have written and is coming up that you want us to particularly watch for....if you can tell us without giving anything away..... :)

Ricky Manning: Hi Dabee!
Ricky Manning: I will just tell you this, I have a sweet little story coming up you could call it a warm family drama.
Ricky Manning: And I'm sure you will find it just as gentle and soothing as my other script.

Fortescue: Is there going to be more of a marketing program and advertising done in US? Also, are there any movies in future planning?

Ricky Manning: To the first part, I certainly hope so! But thats out of our hands.
Ricky Manning: Well except for this part; if you like the show help us out! Spread the word!
Ricky Manning: Convert the hethan.
Ricky Manning: Raise the ratings
Ricky Manning: Keep FarScape on until the end of television!!
Ricky Manning: As for the second part; I know there's been talk of a movie but as far as I know nothing specific yet.

vacush: Hey Froonster! Will we ever learn how the war between the PK's and the Scarrans began? Or perhaps a little history between the 2?

Ricky Manning: As I said earlier, You'll probably get a little glimpse. The Scarrans haven't gone away.

RhayleRihannsu: Are you going to be at the Farscape Con 2002 in Burbanks this year?

Ricky Manning: I'm planning to be at this point. I bought some new Mambo shirts.
Ricky Manning: And Cheryl has a better lense on her camera. so I think we are all set.
Ricky Manning: Hope to see everybody in Burbank.

[Moderator thanks him for coming, various scapers express appreciation]

Ricky Manning: Thanks for listening to me blabber. Round of applause for Missy who is deperately trying to type as I dictate over the phone (because they wouldn't let me type)
Ricky Manning: Everyone keep enjoying the show. Despite the pain suffering and horror because don't forget things are always darkest just before they go completely black.
Ricky Manning: Wish I could stay longer (Kierhan and Nate) but the office beckons.
Ricky Manning: Take care!

Gigi Edgley - 3rd May 2001

Mod: Lets welcome Gigi Edgley to this Live Event. What's up this evening, Gigi?

Gigi Edgley: Hi guys thank you so much for coming and I have the coffee brewing and lots of late night snacks to keep us giggling and chatting!

cyradis69: here's my question...hi gigi! chiana is a chancetaking kind of girl. any change we'll see a triangle between d'argo, chiana, and jool? :)

Gigi Edgley: LOL What are you guys is there a writer in the room?? Hopefully D'Argo will be included in the triangle *giggle giggle*

TrueBlueZhaanFan: DId it take a lot of practice to get your FS accent down pat?

Gigi Edgley: Is it down pat yet??

Makalia: Most definately Gigi

Gigi Edgley: I kept trying a conciense effort to keep Chiana's accent mid atlantic/alien
Gigi Edgley: It was funny when I went in to do the audition and I asked them what accent to use and it seemed all american producers have met only american aliens and australian producers have met only australian aliens.
Gigi Edgley: So throughout series 1 she swung from polar opposites.
Gigi Edgley: And now she tends to be more mid atlantic. With Nebari characteristics creeping in here and there.

Lanikfs: Gigi, you do a great job of working the chemistry with Ben and Anthony. What aspects of Chiana's character come from you?

Gigi Edgley: She is a lot braver then I am. And after 3 hours makeup the courage builds inside to go and play on the set with masters of the art from all departments.
Gigi Edgley: There is a fantastic chemistry on set that is really quite edible between the cast and the crew which helps create a really comfortable workplace.
Gigi Edgley: To let the instincts come out and play

Grackene: HI Gigi I am a really big fan of yours. Do you have any other projects going besides Farscape we might see you in?

Gigi Edgley: At the moment I am truly Farscaped.
Gigi Edgley: But there are a few up and coming projects its tricky becuase in the hiatus I have to decide whether to come and play with you guys or go and work on new projects
Gigi Edgley: You guys are too tempting! *giggle*

Panzer8888: Gigi, I have talked to Anthony many times & he is a really nice guy, is he really the jokster on the cast with Ben?

Gigi Edgley: Yes!!! LOL
Gigi Edgley: You have to be ready and willing to surrender to the boys humour at every and all times!
Gigi Edgley: The other day I was preparing on set and the boys were having a giggle at me doing my alien moves I said shush guys I am trying to be professional.
Gigi Edgley: And they just laughed and said Oh Gigi you are just too young for that!

Akula18: Question for ya Gi - Do you see Chiana getting to be friends or enemies with Jool??

Gigi Edgley: I think we are all intending to leave the relationship between Jool and Chiana as a bit of a wildcard.
Gigi Edgley: Tammy and I are trying to avoid the usual sort of female against female in an inclosed space in a a relationship.
Gigi Edgley: To our experiments we have come up with some interesting alternative choices some of them didnt make the cut!

xakilia: hi Gigi! does the make-up come off easily? wot time do u have to start in the morning and how late @ nite?

Gigi Edgley: The make up is still on it stays on 24 hours its easier that way!! LOL
Gigi Edgley: No just kidding
Gigi Edgley: The makeup has gone down from 5 hours to 2 1/2 hours with 2 makeup artists working on me each day.
Gigi Edgley: Then the shoot day roughly goes anywhere from 6 hours to 16 hours.
Gigi Edgley: And it take about 45 minutes to wrap up
Gigi Edgley: In series 1 and 2, I was picked up roughly around 4 am and got home about 8 pm each night.
Gigi Edgley: But now I get picked up around 5 am Yay!!! sleepin!!! LOL

LyingBastardSean: What is your favorite quote from Chiana so far?

Gigi Edgley: That have or havent made the cut?? LOL
Gigi Edgley: Let me think on that one....
Gigi Edgley: When Salis said "Have you ever been stung by Watruka plant?" they to present an intriguing exterior

pyrite_tackyfringe: what is it like working with puppets? pilot.....

Gigi Edgley: Its amazing working with the puppets.
Gigi Edgley: Rarely do you think of them as puppets
Gigi Edgley: In some of my scenes with Rygel, after the scene is finished I'll look straight at him and ask him how he thought the scene went and then I realize that I should be addressing the 3 puppeteers.
Gigi Edgley: Its phenomenal when you walk on set.
Gigi Edgley: And you see creatures with 3 heads and 2 noses.
Gigi Edgley: And lots of tentacles.
Gigi Edgley: All waiting to play!
Gigi Edgley: The lunchroom can be quite amusing at times too!

stonefree_alt: Gigi, I have to ask because everyone is wanting to, WHAT IS GOING ON WITH ZAHN??!!??

Gigi Edgley: She's always in our hearts!
Gigi Edgley: Our minds, and our souls also.
Gigi Edgley: Wether she be before us or worlds away

KatzHouse1: Hi, Gigi! How many adlibs make it into the episodes?

Gigi Edgley: How many writers lines make into the episode??? LOL
Gigi Edgley: Just teasing!! LOL
Gigi Edgley: We get to sit every morning and will start working on a scene and if the scene doesn't sit right in our bellies we will full around with it til it does.
Gigi Edgley: There have been lots of beautful moments created by the instincts of the cast that have made the cut.
Gigi Edgley: And maybe even teh episode!

kelley102673: hey gigi.. i truly admire your abilities!! my question is this..are you really into aerobics/exercise in order to be able to move and flex your body that way?

Gigi Edgley: Whats that??? LOL
Gigi Edgley: I am into chocolate swirlycake, and cappucinos in the mornings.
Gigi Edgley: I think the work on the set keeps me in shape thank goodness!
Gigi Edgley: Its a fantastic character to play to explore your flexibility in many arenas as an actor.
Gigi Edgley: :::As she munches into her chocolate swirlycake::: hehehe
Gigi Edgley: Originally there was no direction with character movement or alient characteristics after I saw the time and energy that was being put into the look of Chiana,
Gigi Edgley: I figured she would be a fun character to explore experiment at movements and breathwork.
Gigi Edgley: After episode 15, Durka Returns, David kemper gave me a phonecall and said "I dont know what the hell you are going out there but we love it!"
Gigi Edgley: I figured I was heading into the right direction.

Travis41: Ms. Eldgley do you see farscape going on for years like star trek did here in the us

Gigi Edgley: It's hard to say one day you go to work and it could be all over within a blink of an eye.
Gigi Edgley: And the next day we are making history
Gigi Edgley: to live in this dream for only a moment is enough for me!
Gigi Edgley: Although it would be absolutely awesome if I was allowed to play in the unchartered territories for the rest of my solar days.

[various scapers express their appreciation to Gigi]

Gigi Edgley: I thank you so much guys for coming and playing! Hope I didn't keep you up to late! If you want to come hang out in my site you are very welcome!
Gigi Edgley: GigiEdgley.com
Gigi Edgley: I will keep you updated on projects that are coming up
Gigi Edgley: Hopefully some funky beats!
Gigi Edgley: I have been working on
Gigi Edgley: Thank to the twinkly stars and the heavens hiding out in tier six waiting for you to come and play.
Gigi Edgley: Love Chi, or is it G??? LOL
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