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Ben Browder & David Kemper - SciFi Channel UK Chat
Conducted on 12th November 2000

From: SciFi UK

This chat was conducted with Ben Browder (plays John Crichton) and David Kemper (Executive Producer) at SciFi UK following the SciFi UK premiere of the first episode of Farscape.

Moderator: Welcome to the Farscape web chat, and a big hello to our guests Ben Browder and David Kemper. For the next hour you will be able to ask them questions on FARSCAPE…
Moderator: Wibble: What do you each think makes Farscape so different from the other SF shows that have come before?
David Kemper: B -- Haven't read it yet. Will soon.
David Kemper: I'll tackle, first--
Ben Browder: First... welcome everyone
Ben Browder: thanks for coming
David Kemper: The core difference between Farscape and all the other
David Kemper: shows before it starts in the head of creator Rockne S. O'Bannon.
Moderator: Pegasus3: A question to Ben - What were your expectations when you got the role of John Crichton?
David Kemper: He always wanted to do a show that was at once "real"
David Kemper: while also being wild, adventurous, and unafraid of convention.
David Kemper: We labour daily to fulfil that mandate and to push the boundaries by letting our character
Ben Browder: Let's deal with one question at a time
David Kemper: behave as real individuals, with faults, desires and dreams... not all of them good.
David Kemper: Go ahead (GA)
Ben Browder: My expectations... none
Ben Browder: My hopes... many
Ben Browder: I hoped that Farscape would be different
Ben Browder: and believe that it is
Ben Browder: we have a creed
Ben Browder: better to fail gloriously
Ben Browder: ... sometimes we do
Ben Browder: ... sometimes it works
Moderator: Pegasus3: How much feedback do you get from the different places of the world where the show is being aired? (Hi from Germany, btw...)
Ben Browder: I think that that is what the audience responds to.
Ben Browder: I could be wrong
Ben Browder: And David will tell you I often am.
Ben Browder: ga
David Kemper: The feedback we get is mostly positive, and we use it to see where we're clicking and where we aren't.
Ben Browder: feel free to jump in on me Dave
David Kemper: Do we have another Q?

Moderator: Caged_bat_of_MyStErY: You're getting to work with some very talented actors in the show, you all seem to have knitted as quite a team, is there ever friction on the sets that causes family tiffs?
Ben Browder: ...
Ben Browder: We fight like cats and dogs
David Kemper: I hate Ben, if that's what you mean!
Ben Browder: Rygel is an ego maniac
Ben Browder: Pilot is nice
Ben Browder: but he is putting on weight
Ben Browder: the caterers are so good
Ben Browder: we'll have to build him another den
Moderator: Neo's: Question to Ben - If you had the chance to meet anyone past or present - (1) who would it be and why (2) what question would you ask them?
David Kemper: The real answer is: We're just like any other workplace. Sometimes passions run high, especially when we're all trying to work fast in a creative environment.
Ben Browder: We have a superb group of people
Ben Browder: Very talented yet very down to earth -Foxdie- 13To Kemper: How long are they planning on keeping the series running?
Ben Browder: with the hours we work... we would be killing each other if it were otherwise
Ben Browder: could you repeat the last Q? -Foxdie- 13To Kemper: How long are they planning on keeping the series running?
Moderator: Neo's: Question to Ben - If you had the chance to meet anyone past or present - (1) who would it be and why (2) what question would you ask them?
Ben Browder: wow
Ben Browder: tough question
Ben Browder: how about Cleopatra
Ben Browder: for Dinner
Moderator: SpeedIN_1: "How many white T-shirts did u pack on the shuttle?"
Ben Browder: ask her out for a date... see if the rumours are true
Ben Browder: LOL
Ben Browder: T-shirts
Ben Browder: Just one I think
Moderator: Ugh!
Ben Browder: But there are any number of commerce planets
Ben Browder: and T-shirts are really cheap in the uncharted territories
Ben Browder: ga
Ben Browder: ga... go ahead
Moderator: Sorry with you in a mo...
David Kemper: Awaiting a question, Moderator.
Ben Browder: I believe our moderator is in Chat hell

Moderator: Wibble: Question for BEN - What's it like talking to Latex Puppets?
Ben Browder: It's a childhood fantasy fulfilled
Ben Browder: It's actually more like talking to David
David Kemper: Hey -- does everybody in the U.K know that Ben is writing a script for us for the third season about to go into production.
Ben Browder: Rygel is David by extension
Ben Browder: Dominar of the UC
Ben Browder: Talking to the puppets is probably going to ruin me in some way
Ben Browder: But you do find yourself chatting with them between takes
Ben Browder: "Cup of Tea?"
Ben Browder: things like that
Ben Browder: most of the chit chat is pretty shallow with latex personalities
Ben Browder: ga
Ben Browder: ga = go ahead... next question
Moderator: SimonLondon: Do you realise you
Moderator: Sorry
Ben Browder: I don't
Ben Browder: what?!!!??
Moderator: SimonLondon: Do you realise you have a huge gay following in the UK?
David Kemper: I apologize, but for the last how-every-long, I have seen nothing cross my screen. It does appear, however, that they have just solved the problem. Kemper is back.
Ben Browder: did not know that
David Kemper: I would assume that
David Kemper: gays as well as everyone else
David Kemper: are watching for the same reasons.
Ben Browder: Is D'argo big as well?
David Kemper: Am I correct?
Ben Browder: must be the leather?
Ben Browder: I dig the fact that anyone likes the show
Ben Browder: could care less about their sexuality or politics
Moderator: Sorry having a few technical hitches here!
Ben Browder: we make the show to tell STORIES
Ben Browder: next question
Moderator: SurfWidow: Ben have you been doing any cameo appearances in your time off?
Ben Browder: I've been working only on Farscape... as David can tell you
David Kemper: Ben was on a U.S. comedy program, "Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher awhile ago.
Ben Browder: have virtually NOT stopped working on it/for it since we began over two years ago -FarscapeKitten- this is to Browder I'm doing GCSE drama any tips on how to be a brilliant actor like you
Ben Browder: well... I did do that
Ben Browder: but that was one afternoon
Ben Browder: Farscape is a full time obsession
Ben Browder: next question...

Moderator: Cerell: Do you have any idea of where in the season Ben's scripted episode will show up?
Ben Browder: David?
David Kemper: Somewhere in the first third of the season. ga
Moderator: I think David is having a few problems - we're on the case...
Ben Browder: season three
Moderator: SurfWidow: Ben, have you been recognized in public in the U.S. due to Farscape?
Ben Browder: I've been working on it all weekend
Ben Browder: Only on occasions
Ben Browder: Airports
Ben Browder: for some reason... I get recognized in Airports
Ben Browder: on the street it has not happened too often
Moderator: ed: Is Rygel as much of a sex god off screen as he is on?!
Ben Browder: but I have spent little time stateside the past two years
Ben Browder: More so
Ben Browder: he's a horrible flirt
Ben Browder: the extras have to fight the little rubber fella off
Moderator: Bless!
Ben Browder: I must say... he does score big with a certain class of woman
Ben Browder: ga
Moderator: scotsman62: I'd like to ask, how long does one episode of Farscape take to make?
Ben Browder: and like I said... David is really Ryge;
David Kemper: On the set
Ben Browder: Shooting lasts a minimum of 10 days
David Kemper: it takes us 100 hours-plus of shooting.
David Kemper: From the inception of the idea until the show is actually
Ben Browder: post production can last for months
David Kemper: ready to air, the time from is roughly 6 months. ga
Ben Browder: ga
Moderator: ga indeed!
Ben Browder: ga... GO AHEAD
Ben Browder: gotta be a cultural thing
Moderator: Nope - technical!
David Kemper: Anyone have any questions that go to the core of the series? Character? Plotlines? Direction of the series as a whole? Let's try to get a little deeper if we can. Ben and I are ready to deal!
Moderator: Sorry - with you in a mo
Ben Browder: like I said Chat hell
Ben Browder: we've all been there -FarscapeKitten- how old is pilot
Ben Browder: This is the story of my life... waiting
Ben Browder: we do a lot of that on set

Moderator: Pegasus3: David how many episodes have you already written/prepared when you start filming?
Ben Browder: David never stops writing...
Ben Browder: we get rewrites after we've shot scenes
David Kemper: Once again, I am NOT seeing the questions that the Moderator is posting. A bit in the dark here in L.A.
Ben Browder: David.. the q was ... how many scripts are ready before we star shooting
Ben Browder: start
David Kemper: Scripts?
David Kemper: We don't use them.
David Kemper: But seriously --
Ben Browder: yeah... those things you are supposed to write
David Kemper: There are usually about half-dozen as we roll cameras
David Kemper: We like to leave it fluid so we can react
David Kemper: to what the characters and moments bring.
David Kemper: If we see something (or someone, in the case of guest characters)
Ben Browder: WE will be adjusting up to the very last take
David Kemper: that we like, we'll adjust and include them/it in upcoming stories.
Ben Browder: it's part of what makes the show different
Moderator: Naron: Did Ben or David have any interest in SF prior to Farscape?
David Kemper: It's fluid and makes a better show, but also drives the writers crazy -- most notably
David Kemper: Ricky Manning and Justin Monjo. ga
Ben Browder: I'm a bit of a scifi geek
Ben Browder: first book... the Hobbit
Ben Browder: last book... A Deepness in the Sky... V Vinge
Ben Browder: plus any movie with "weird stuff"
David Kemper: Moderator -- I am still not seeing your questions! Ben, can you please help with translations?
Moderator: Sorry David - hang in there!
Ben Browder: It's Cultural David... the Brits do not talk as loud as we do?
Moderator: WHAT!!!
Moderator: mihas: is there plans for a motion picture of Farscape?
Ben Browder: you can spot the Yank... two cars away on the underground by the sound of his voice
Ben Browder: David... any FS movies in the works?
Ben Browder: I've heard rumours...
David Kemper: Rock and I are working on a story. The trick is to find the time to squeeze in a major
David Kemper: motion picture while we're frantically shooting the series. But keep the faith!
David Kemper: gas
Ben Browder: Plus... getting Tom cruise to play Crichton has been holding you up.
Ben Browder: ga

Moderator: Dark: did anything embarrassing happen while filming the show?
Ben Browder: Ep 14 season 1.
David Kemper: Embarrassing? Ben?
David Kemper: OOOOooooooo! Touch man.
Ben Browder: any scene where the writers spice it up with those words....
Ben Browder: "He is naked"
Ben Browder: ga
Moderator: pokehater: have you ever considered giving Farscape more of a story arc?
Ben Browder: Farscape has a story arc
David Kemper: MORE?!
Ben Browder: it's just not ALL it has
David Kemper: The whole series is one giant arc that has the characters
David Kemper: growing and learning and changing on a week to week basis. ga
Ben Browder: there are long arc bits seeded in almost every episode
Moderator: Sorry about the delay here - so many users the server is a bit slow!
Ben Browder: I take that back.... In EVERY episode
Ben Browder: many users... that's a good thing -FarscapeKitten- hoe did you come up with the characters
Ben Browder: The writers have stuff from season one... that was seeded... that we have yet to pay off on
Ben Browder: but the show is not designed to totally lose the new viewer
Moderator: VelvetGlove: A question to Ben: in the episode where you all swapped bodies
Moderator: who did you enjoy playing the most & why
Ben Browder: Rygel
Ben Browder: cause he's such a nasty person
Ben Browder: now... if I could really swap bodies
Ben Browder: I'd go with Aeryn... Hands down
David Kemper: Careful, Ben--
David Kemper: Careful with the hands, Ben.
Ben Browder: ga
David Kemper: ga
Ben Browder: glad you caught that

Moderator: Jules: The story lines are amazing how do you come up with such original ideas?
Ben Browder: you're smarter than you look
David Kemper: I don't look smart...
Ben Browder: David Drinks
David Kemper: Stories?
Ben Browder: He makes the writers drink
David Kemper: Some are truly original and come from the minds of Rockne
David Kemper: and the other writers.
David Kemper: Others are "riffs" on classic stories
David Kemper: that we labo(u)r mightily to
David Kemper: give a Farscape-twist.
David Kemper: Our goal is to get you thinking, "Aha --
David Kemper: I know where this is going."
Ben Browder: we should call it the farscape..Torture
David Kemper: And then, we want to switch-up on you!ga
Ben Browder: we Tortured that story...
Ben Browder: ga
Moderator: Agape - Do you feel Farscape has achieved a new way at looking at science fiction?
David Kemper: We DO NOT torture stories. We only torture actors. ga
David Kemper: Truthfully? No.
David Kemper: If you read the classic stories, they deal
David Kemper: with the "reality" of the situation in depth.
Ben Browder: We really just do classic story telling
David Kemper: That is what we try to do.
David Kemper: Now, on the screen?...
Ben Browder: it's all in execution...
David Kemper: We push the genre closer to a truthful grittiness than many of
David Kemper: our predecessors.
David Kemper: But, that's what we're trying to do.
Moderator: ChaoticDreamer: Howdy David, have you ever thought of doing some acting yourself?
David Kemper: It's what made Rockne so excited by the show, and all of the writers have fallen in with that way of thinking.
Ben Browder: I want him to...
David Kemper: Hey, ChaoticDreamer.
Ben Browder: I want David Kemper on the set....
David Kemper: Are you mad?!
David Kemper: If I did that, then all the other actors would have an
Ben Browder: in prosthetics -FarscapeKitten- does crighton ever kiss Aeryn
David Kemper: opening to tell me, "See how hard it is, you X**X%!!ZXX** moron?"
Ben Browder: hitting his mark and saying the words
David Kemper: I prefer to stay "ignorant" and ask them all to do the impossible week after week. ga
Ben Browder: I would never presume to tell you anything David
Ben Browder: hehehehe
David Kemper: David has just fallen off his chair.
Ben Browder: David and I have a "healthy" relationship
Ben Browder: he just doesn't see it that way
David Kemper: He's telling the truth. Ben is one of my very best friends. Over the years, we have
David Kemper: grown extremely close in pursuit of our common goal. ga
Ben Browder: David... our gay friends our listening
Ben Browder: don't go soft on me now

Moderator: Cush: How are the aliens designed?
David Kemper: You are so asking for trouble out in cyberspace!
Moderator: Does Creature Shop come up with ideas based on the writers description, characteristics?
Ben Browder: The man is a slave driver
David Kemper: Alien Design:
David Kemper: We start with an idea.
Ben Browder: then hand it to lunatics
David Kemper: Then, we run it past Dave Elsey (head of the Creature Shop in Oz) and
David Kemper: his talented team.
Ben Browder: read... lunatics
David Kemper: Dave designs a beastie to go with the story we're creating, careful
Ben Browder: Dave Elsey is a Brit ya know
David Kemper: to include the elements we need to pull off the plot points. ga
Moderator: jtbethel: are you expecting to add further full time characters, if so, give hint
David Kemper: Oh, now...
David Kemper: If we told you everything, then
Ben Browder: Well.... we have to replace the one's we're killing don't we?
David Kemper: you wouldn't want to tune in and watch.
Moderator: kingbing question for Ben: how do you feel about the changes to Crichton's character?
David Kemper: Let me just say that we're a "fluid" show --
David Kemper: we don't stand still
David Kemper: and that means characters come and go all the time! ga
Ben Browder: David... how do you feel about the change in Crichton?
Ben Browder: I like the fact that he has changed
Ben Browder: so many characters on TV never do
Moderator: Koey: How many seasons is Farscape set to run for?
Ben Browder: It's a sign that the show and show runners are doing something right...I think
David Kemper: Crichton has evolved because Ben is evolving in the character. A lot of what we do is keyed off of where he leads the ensemble. ga
David Kemper: We don't know how long the series will run.
Ben Browder: two?
David Kemper: I'd like to think 5-7 years, if you all keep watching. ga
Ben Browder: LOL
Ben Browder: SEVEN???

Moderator: Sounds good to us!
Ben Browder: oh... wait... Crichton will be so DEAD by then
Moderator: Agape Do you feel Farscape has achieved
David Kemper: By the time 7 years comes around, Ben Browder will be SOOOO beat up! ga
Moderator: a new way at looking at science fiction?
Ben Browder: I'll be dead by then
David Kemper: Didn't we already answer that question? ga
Ben Browder: David will be dead by then.
David Kemper: For sure.
Ben Browder: next question
Moderator: on its way
Ben Browder: snail mail
Moderator: Leepee Is Aaron anything like her character in real life?
David Kemper: Moderator, whenever it is we get to the end, I'd like to say something to the fans before you open the room to chaos. ga
Moderator: no prob!
David Kemper: "Aeryn"\
David Kemper: Actors create characters.
Ben Browder: Aeryn like Claudia?
David Kemper: However, their creations spring partially from a place inside.
Ben Browder: Claude is actually sexier
David Kemper: In some respects, Claudia and Aeryn necessarily overlap.
Ben Browder: smarter
Ben Browder: and tougher
David Kemper: When we see the areas an actor likes to explore or deal with, we
David Kemper: try very hard to write to their strengths.
Moderator: liam: Where did the idea for a living starship come from?
David Kemper: In that regard, we're very fortunate. All of our people (including in a huge way, Ben and Claudia) have those characteristics. ga
Ben Browder: Where did we steal that one David?
David Kemper: Rockne S. O'Bannon came up with idea that
Ben Browder: the living Starship...
David Kemper: Moya was a living ship.
David Kemper: And not just
David Kemper: living, but one capable of "reproducing!" ga
Moderator: Spacefish: have you tried to tackle any of the stereotypes
Moderator: of the traditional sci-fi show?
David Kemper: We tackle them every week
David Kemper: however
David Kemper: we like to turn them on their ear and
David Kemper: kick them once hard in the arse. ga
Ben Browder: We torture the stereotype ... every week
Ben Browder: We should coin a phrase...

Moderator: Yodaclone: Were the mythological elements to the show (ie comparisons to Ulysee's journey)
Ben Browder: "the Farscape treatment."
Moderator: intentional, or accidental? (George Lucas says he owes a lot to this kind of archetypical storytelling)
David Kemper: I think
David Kemper: any time you delve into something this grand,
David Kemper: you have to touch on the mythic.
David Kemper: Rockne wanted the series
David Kemper: to be larger than life and at the same
David Kemper: time, very real and accessible. ga
Moderator: YenRug: Request for Ben: Can you tell Claudia that Pitch Black has just opened in the UK cinemas! -FarscapeKitten- how much does it cost to make an episode
Ben Browder: Will do.
Ben Browder: next
Moderator: Vexzil: Did you ever expect the series to be so popular and , in my opinion, become a serious rival to Star Trek?
David Kemper: We ALWAYS expected the series to be "different."
Ben Browder: Expect... no
David Kemper: It's what Rockne and myself and Ben always wanted.
Ben Browder: Hope... sure
Moderator: Sentinel: If the voices of the puppets are added later, have you met the actors who do the talking?
David Kemper: Then, we HOPED that there were others out there who shared our craving for "different." ga
Ben Browder: That and we want to be wildly rich and famous
Ben Browder: David especially
David Kemper: Rygel, Pilot and the others
David Kemper: are hugely sophisticated "ANIMATRONIC" creations of the creature shop.
David Kemper: State-of-the-art, and verrrrry expensive. ga
Ben Browder: I know all the actors who regularly voice those characters
Ben Browder: ga
Moderator: RonniePc: For Mr Kemper : How do you find writers who can keep the story exciting without getting too weird? -FarscapeKitten- have you ever thought of replacing rygel with Kermit the frog
David Kemper: I find weird writers.
David Kemper: I know that sounds like a joke -- but it's not.
Ben Browder: that's not a joke
David Kemper: We try to surprise each other daily. If we do, then we know we'll surprise you1 ga
Ben Browder: our writers are weird and wonderful
Ben Browder: one has to sit in the writers meetings to appreciate how weird they are
Ben Browder: ga

Moderator: pauls: Would either of you like to direct?
Ben Browder: yes... but,
David Kemper: Directing is a fantastic
David Kemper: job, however, if either of us were
Ben Browder: it would be almost impossible on Farscape
David Kemper: to take the helm for an episode, we'd be taking a job
David Kemper: from one of our very good Aussie friends
David Kemper: who I'm certain can do a better job of it
David Kemper: than we ever could. ga
Ben Browder: our current Jobs are all consuming and our current directors are too frelling good.
Ben Browder: ga
Moderator: mr: do you believe in extra terrestrial life?
David Kemper: Do I?
David Kemper: I have to agree with Carl Sagan's analysis
David Kemper: of the situation.
Ben Browder: David is Extra terrestrial life.
David Kemper: How can there be trillions and trillions and star, most of which
Ben Browder: Either that or he works for the pentagon
David Kemper: will probably have planets of some kind. And how can we believe
David Kemper: that the ingredients forming the "soup" of life would only happen here?
Ben Browder: Yes... It's out there.
David Kemper: I mean, we already know there was once water on Mars, as well as
Ben Browder: ga
Moderator: Just a few more questions then we have to say goodbye...
David Kemper: frozen water on many of the moons farther out in our own solar system.
Moderator: ChaoticDreamer: David and Ben, you both have wicked senses of humour
Moderator: (in a good way) how has this shown up on the set?
David Kemper: Ben says funny things.
Ben Browder: David and I are both boring introverts
David Kemper: Also, we try to play the odd practical joke on each other.
Ben Browder: other people write things for us
David Kemper: For instance, every week, I send Ben another script that has him getting his arse kicked.
Ben Browder: the secret to success... is to have someone else do the hard work
David Kemper: Stuff like that.
David Kemper: But really, the whole tone of the show is fun because
Ben Browder: WE HAVE FUN
David Kemper: everyone around us has the same twisted, warped sense of humour.
David Kemper: The Aussies are fantastically funny and dry. They make it all work, and we two Yanks
David Kemper: (along with Ricky Manning) just try to hang on for the ride.

Moderator: AutumnH: For David, what would you say are the biggest challenges you are facing going into season 3? And thanks for being here!
David Kemper: And thank you.
David Kemper: The biggest challenges:
David Kemper: Scripts
David Kemper: Good scripts
David Kemper: Keeping the moments fresh, inventive and exciting.
Ben Browder: better scripts?
David Kemper: Keeping everyone from getting so tired that we "drop" moments
David Kemper: and miss things.
Ben Browder: we never drop stuff
David Kemper: And most important of all--
Ben Browder: we choose to be mysterious
David Kemper: Continue to foster and environment where we can all have fun and enjoy ourselves
David Kemper: throughout the course of the long months ahead. ga
Ben Browder: amen
Ben Browder: AMEN
Ben Browder: ga
Moderator: Adriana: David, which kind of scenes do you enjoy most writing? -- Ben, which kinds of scenes do you enjoy most acting?
Ben Browder: I like the difficult ones
David Kemper: I like the scenes that delve into the characters
David Kemper: true feelings.
David Kemper: The things they would prefer to keep hidden.
Ben Browder: the ones that scare the bejesus out of an actor
David Kemper: I like to watch as the layers we all
Ben Browder: the ones where you say... How are we gonna do THAT?
David Kemper: paste over ourselves slide away to reveal the true individual beneath.
David Kemper: Sometimes, that can
David Kemper: be painful, other times rewarding.
David Kemper: But it is ALWAYS illuminating. ga

Moderator: zaph!: Hi I have a question for Ben - Now that he has seen himself as an old man how has that made him feel about his old age?
Ben Browder: And I love a scene with a really good Joke in it.
Ben Browder: I'm not THAT old!!!
Ben Browder: am I?
Ben Browder: Look...
Ben Browder: that was weird.
Ben Browder: What struck me most
Ben Browder: was the way other people treated me
Ben Browder: for the most part they seem to shy away from older people
David Kemper: That day -- with Ben looking like he did -- made it okay for him to forget things and gave an excuse for him taking more bathroom breaks than usual. ga
Ben Browder: I guess the trick to growing old is to not see yourself through other peoples eyes
Moderator: Mk2000: I would like to ask Ben how he feels his acting ability has progressed
Moderator: since beginning Farscape, due to the many character roles he has played throughout the series
Ben Browder: I did get away with some rude behaviour
Ben Browder: progress...
Ben Browder: I don't know
Ben Browder: I've always liked the "CHARACTER" stuff
Ben Browder: must be my English training
Ben Browder: playing the usual Hollywood part...
Ben Browder: the way they want it...
Ben Browder: I was never brilliant at...
David Kemper: Ben has always been a great actor, in my opinion. Where he has improved revolves around his willingness to be absolutely fearless. This, as I spoke of earlier, is a trait that the man himself brings to us, and we have accepted that part of him and worked very hard to push him to the brink. ga
Moderator: H9: Ben - If you were not playing the part of Crichton, which other character would you like to portray any why? And, how would you like Crichton to progress?
Ben Browder: Crichton is in Kempers hands
David Kemper: CAREFUL with the hands again.
Ben Browder: I don't presume to anything other than live in the writers stories
Ben Browder: I DO... react to WHAT they write.
David Kemper: And, of course, this year, writing one himself that he'll then have to live in (and with) forever!
Ben Browder: as to other roles....
Ben Browder: send me a script... my mind is on Farscape at the moment.
Moderator: Last few questions...
Ben Browder: ga

Moderator: Blue_Dragon: what's been the hardest episode to make?
David Kemper: Whooo. They're all tough. Ben?
Ben Browder: The next one
Ben Browder: always the next one
David Kemper: If pressed, from a script point-of-view, I'd say "Out of Their Minds." From a production point-of-view, I'd say the
Ben Browder: That was easy...
David Kemper: huge four-part arc (upcoming) that ends the second season. ga
Moderator: LogicBomb: In the episodes where Scorpion causes John to go fruity...it reminds me of 60s series The Prisoner...is it intentional, and a sign of things to come?
David Kemper: Wait
David Kemper: Are you actually SEEING Scorpius?
David Kemper: He's only a voice we put in.
David Kemper: If you're seeing him,
Ben Browder: John goes Fruity... Farscape "the Fruity" Generation
David Kemper: then you should NOT be drinking
David Kemper: before turning the show on. ga
Moderator: Last question...
Moderator: BritAngie: John Crichton was fortunate to take a few things with him from earth when he got stranded. If you were both stranded in the Uncharted territories what 3 things would you take with you?
Ben Browder: ga
David Kemper: Okay, a moment of thought...
Ben Browder: Charlie's Angels
Ben Browder: Larry Curly and Moe?
David Kemper: 1) A comfortable pair of shoes.
Ben Browder: shoes?
David Kemper: You're always complaining!
Ben Browder: A frickin Mustang convertible
Ben Browder: old style
David Kemper: Still thinking...
Ben Browder: how about... A huge winnebago... with satellite dish
David Kemper: 2) The biggest tank of fresh water I could find.
Ben Browder: BEER
Ben Browder: take some BEER
David Kemper: 3) And then...
Ben Browder: sheesh... he's so serious
David Kemper: Charlie's Angels.
Ben Browder: yes!!!!!
David Kemper: ga
Moderator: Thank you for taking part - especially David and Ben - thanks for visiting Sci-Fi UK!

Moderator: Final words from our guests?
David Kemper: Ben? You or me first?
Ben Browder: me
Ben Browder: me
Ben Browder: me
Ben Browder: Thanks for coming
Ben Browder: thanks for watching
Ben Browder: I'll thank you again
Ben Browder: so David has time to prepare
Ben Browder: an appropriately witty
Ben Browder: yet touching
David Kemper: Say when...
Ben Browder: and perfectly spelled
Ben Browder: sentiment
Ben Browder: that says how much
Ben Browder: we
Ben Browder: want
Ben Browder: to thank you for watching our show
Ben Browder: thanks
Ben Browder: DAVID...
David Kemper: We exist because of you. Once you stop watching, we're cancelled and all of us then will say goodbye to each other and move on to separate projects.
David Kemper: We so enjoy what we're doing
David Kemper: that we sometimes forget we owe it to you.
David Kemper: As long as we (the audience and the people who make the show)
David Kemper: stay in a rhythm with each other, we'll
David Kemper: be able to keep enjoying each others' company.
David Kemper: To that, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Also...
David Kemper: I have a request...
Moderator: ga
David Kemper: We want to know who you are. This year,
David Kemper: we will be adding to our "Viewer's Wall."
David Kemper: Here's how you can participate...
David Kemper: Send us a picture of you and yours...
David Kemper: Address it either to the production in Sydney, or the Jim Henson
David Kemper: Company in Los Angeles.
David Kemper: But THIS on the outside
David Kemper: of the envelope:
David Kemper: Please forward to David Kemper in the Production Office.
David Kemper: We will then put your picture up on the wall.
David Kemper: Now...
David Kemper: If there's an episode
David Kemper: in the future where Crichton ends up on earth,
David Kemper: he may end up in front of this wall, and perhaps...
David Kemper: PERHAPS...
David Kemper: some of these photos will end up in a Farscape episode.
David Kemper: Make sure to put a return
David Kemper: address or contact number,
David Kemper: as we'll need to get you to sign a release before your picture
David Kemper: can be included.
David Kemper: No guarantees, but you never know. Besides--
David Kemper: You know what WE look like. Let us see what YOU look like.
David Kemper: My best to you all.
David Kemper: So very wonderful
David Kemper: to have so many fans in the glorious U.K.!
Ben Browder: Night Ya'll
David Kemper: Goodnight, all!!!!! Thanks for coming! See you on the next chat.
David Kemper: GA -- over and out
Moderator: Thanks & g'night from Sci-Fi!
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