why isnt it a movie?! (spoilers and spoiler photos)

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Postby FrellingFrek on Mon Aug 30, 2004 5:54 pm

BrentBarrett wrote:
SCORPIUS wrote:that chair thing, it looks quite scary, but what the hell is it?! :?

My guess? It's a variation on a displacement engine/neural interface device that lets John use Moya as a displacement engine when creating wormholes. I think (pure speculation) that use of this device is harmful to him and that's what he and Aeryn are discussing when she says, "You do what you HAVE to do." And I also think this may be what he uses to destroy that dreadnought in the picture above.

I agree. It MUST be a displacement engine to convert Moya into a wormhole-starter. And I believe it's harmful for John, however, here's an added twist, he uses it, gets injured, Aeryn becomes emotional, but then Einstein comes to the rescue. He (Einstein) either retains or removes the wormhole tech from Crichton (as gratitude for not letting it fall to any alien beings), and at the same time, saving his life. Now that's the other angle.
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Postby BrentBarrett on Mon Aug 30, 2004 6:14 pm

Yeah, but that's cheap... I don't want him to risk his life and then have some godlike alien come in and lay on hands and all is fine again. There have to be consequences. It has to be hard, rough, and angst-ridden or else it's cheap. :) Besides, I don't think the Ancients have any sort of magical healing ability... if they did, Jack wouldn't have died when he was shot by Furlow.
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