SGAtlantis cancelled

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SGAtlantis cancelled

Postby TINemo on Sun Aug 31, 2008 11:15 pm

Stargate Atlantis, first spinoff of SG1 has been cancelled by Scifi and MGM as of the end of this season.They plan to make *one or two* Movie DVDs which Scifi will air.They also plan(as of last Friday) to do another SG1 DVD but neither Ben Browder nor Michael Shanks had heard anything about it....and they are the lead actor and the *with Daniel Jackson* .
Also in the works a second spinoff to be called SGUniverse about finding a derelict ship and being unable to go home explore the universe(s?) not via stargate. This is to have a *known* actor in the lead and unknowns as the rest of the cast.

This was all announced at the Stargate con in Chicago. David Nykl(Zelenko) and Chuck Campbell(gate tech) had found out after leaving Vancouver to come to the con. They were really bummed. As mentioned neither Ben nor Mike knew anything of the proposed DVD(s). It was an interesting time for all! :(

Ben said he hasn't worked since filming Continuum summer 2007 and the writer's strike has markedly affected his scripts sold to Scifi(Going Homer) and MGM (Black Mountain).No news on either of those. He spent the spring coaching pole vaulting at his 14 yr old daughter's high school and is now coaching football at his 11 yr old son's middle school. He mentioned this freely since *once they get taller than me I don't feel so protective anymore*. :lol:

He intends to be at the Burbank Farscape con in November along with Francesca who did not come to Chicago. In fact all he saw was O'Hare and the hotel because *I have to fly back tonight and drive the kids to school in the morning.*

Was pleasantly surprised that the Gater con folk rceived him warmly and gave him a standing ovation. sigh of relief!
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