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Postby Chianalover on Mon Jan 24, 2005 4:36 am

I have to that made me cry... The first one was the entire last two minutes of Bad Timing, especially seeing D's reaction. I lost it. The second was in the mini... Almost forgot, spoiler for anyone who hasen't seen it yet:

The second is when D'argo is dying and screams the words "I'm your daddy!!" There's a third but it scared me more then made me sad, and that would be when John had everything yanked out of his head and collapsed in front of everyone. I almost couldn't watch.
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Postby LuXonStoRm on Mon Jan 24, 2005 5:44 am

There's too many emotional punches to count for me. Undoubtably some of the saddest moments for me are: the endings to 'Icarus Abides' and 'I-Yensch, You-Yensch'. Aeryn's pathetic little, "I'm very angry..." and "we were so perfect" just get me every time. :cry: As far as entire episodes, I have to say 'The Choice' and 'Bad Timing'...which I now MUST WATCH!! *sob* :cry:
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Postby Rygelfan on Mon Jan 24, 2005 7:51 am

If we go strictly on "cry factor", then it would probably be from the mini-series, starting from where D'Argo gets shot and impaled to the end of the show. I cried like a baby the last 40 minutes of the mini. Icarus Abides always gets a lump does Wait for the Wheel and The Choice. Those episodes and scenes profoundly affect me every time I see them. :cry:
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Postby tshrey on Wed Feb 09, 2005 12:29 am

Not a ball-your-eyes-out moment, but very touching - in Look at the Princess trilogy when Crichton gets to talk to his daughter and then walks away telling the new prince 'take care of my little girl'. I thought it was good the first time; I watched it after I my own daughter was born and just lost it.
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Postby john_aeryn_fanatic on Thu Feb 10, 2005 2:06 am

i watched Die me Dichtomy last nite.. ive seen numerous times... but it still makes me sob... :cry:
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Postby Molymalone on Thu Feb 10, 2005 6:37 am

When I read the initial post for this thread my first thought was 'The Choice.' And while each post reminded me of other moments and other episodes, I still go with 'The Choice.'

The first time it aired I was in California babysitting my granddaughter, who was 7 at the time.

She was really too young for Farscape and for sure too young to watch this episode. And yet, I found it impossible to change the channel. I just stood there, and watched.

Whenever I watch it it's as if the same sledgehammer that hit me the first time hits again.
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The whole show is emotional!

Postby DCscaper on Thu Feb 10, 2005 3:17 pm

Everyone has mentinoned many of the scenes that came to my mind for being most emotional. For me it was definitely when Talyn-John died....I was sobbing my eyes out during that last scene.

Another one that touched me was in Season 4 when Aeryn first comes back to Moya, and John is holding her and petting her hair, telling her things will be alright, and Scorpy shows up. The tears in John's eyes when he's struggling to do what Aeryn asks him to do (not kill Scorpy!) just was superb emotional acting!
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Postby cat on Thu Feb 10, 2005 3:25 pm

when talyn john died I sobbed and sobbed and also pkw with aeryn screaming I sobbed. This is the only show that can do that to me and I watched various stuff buffy/angel/xfiles/xena/sg1 and many more but scape is the only one that can have me sobbing uncontrollably, still remember tha news of the cancelation which I stumbled upon accidently and thought I was dreaming (nightmare) went round in a daze for a week afterward
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Postby kamiikiteiru on Tue Apr 19, 2005 5:19 am

Here I am again...most likely naming a bunch of scenes already talked about.

Aeryn's death
Talyn John's Death
John walking away from the image of his daughter
All of Promises
The end of Natural Election "I would put my life in your hands...but not my heart"
Terra Firma scene between John and Aeryn at Jack's house. "Just give me an honest yes or no."
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Postby Kheldrion Dawn on Thu May 05, 2005 7:15 am

For me, the most emotional episode was "wont get fooled again" in S2, because of the scene with John and his mom. When It became apparent he lost her to cancer, i had to switch off TV and watch the rest on taper later.

Also, of course, "The choice", thats really hard to watch a beloved character suffer that intensive - also about death and dealing (or not) with that.
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Postby scaper1000 on Thu May 05, 2005 2:52 pm

i agree that there are many funny and happy moments but i don't agree that there are no sad moments! are you people robots or some thing!!!! i can think of loads of things in farscpe that make me cry, like when aeryn dies in the locket and john is saying all the places that he wanted to take herand then he opens the locket and theres her voice 'the only man i ever loved' :cry: or when she died in die me dichotomy john saying 'your not gunna die like this' and then they have the funeral and the music fits it beutifully. and when john dies on talyn or when crais dies in season 3 final episodes in one of the most heroic scenes i hav ever seen ' U STOLE MY LIFE FROM ME!' very powerful stuff my two most greatest tearjerkers were john and aeryn were in the boat they finally get it together and every thing looks like it will finally happen for them but then they get crystalised and there back to square one. but again the music was so brilliant that i was just crying every where. AND ZHANN!!! when she died i just had to rewind and play and rewind and play just so i wouldn't forget her lovely blue face because she was the mother and everyone loves there mother :!: so those are my top tearjekers and there basically people dying but when you have watched there lives for so longyou get to connect with them so when one of them dies that moment reaches out and touches you.

you people probably all think i'm a wuss and crys at stupid things like when bambis mother died! (whats that all about!) but i'm just a sensative person and got so attached to seeing them that when the die i cry!
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Postby Winona on Thu May 05, 2005 9:29 pm

scaper1000 wrote:i can think of loads of things in farscpe that make me cry, like when aeryn dies in the locket and john is saying all the places that he wanted to take herand then he opens the locket and theres her voice 'the only man i ever loved' :cry:

I'm with you there... The Locket really made me cry the most out of any of the shows ..I think its because 1.] all the years wasted that they should have been together, and 2.] the thought of old age really scares me :shock: However when Aeryn says to John on her first encounter wit him when she is old 'I forgot how beautiful you were' ...I get all choaked up :cry:. I think Claudia is excellent in that part of old Aeryn.. Bens makeup is sadly not convincing enough for me.
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Postby Sandworm on Fri May 06, 2005 10:28 am

I only saw the locket for the first time a few weeks ago... I loved it.

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Postby ScarranHalfBreed on Fri May 06, 2005 7:23 pm

I cried like a twat when Aeryn died in Die Me, Dichotomy. It was the funeral bit when John takes the knife from D'Argo and I remember thinking: "Is he going to commit suicide?"

I cried when D'Argo died. I couldn't look around the room and my brother said "Are you crying?" and laughed in my face. I realised that he hasn't been following D'Argo around for the past five years. It was such a bittersweet moment with D'Argo and John joking. "I'm the daddy!"

Surprisingly, I was bored when the twin John died. I saw it coming and was far more upset with Claudia's reaction after he produced the wormhole ("John?"), but I can remember doing the shopping list in my head during his actual death. It was overly manipulative.

But Jool's death was great and quiet and moving, with the most beautiful score in the background. I watched it with a bunch of jaded cynics with no interest in the show and that moment really shut them up.
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Postby Alex22 on Fri May 06, 2005 7:26 pm

Winona wrote:
I think Claudia is excellent in that part of old Aeryn.. Bens makeup is sadly not convincing enough for me.

I have to agree there. For some reason Claudia's age make up looks real, but Ben's doesn't.
And I have to admit that I also didn't really like his performance here. It was a bit too OTT, more a carricature of your typical grumpy old man. :roll:

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