Boycott SciFi

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Boycott SciFi

Postby shathmir on Fri Sep 13, 2002 4:18 pm

The best way to affect the science fiction channel is with the $.
Lets boycott the channel if they refuse to pick the show back up.
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Boycotting TOO SOON!

Postby SunKrux on Fri Sep 13, 2002 9:13 pm

As I just said in another thread about boycotting Sci Fi, if we do boycott NOW it could bloody well ruin the negotiations that are happening RIGHT NOW with Sci Fi and the FS people. DK (as in David Kemper, our evil fearless executive producer/writer, and general taunter of fans) has asked that the fans NOT, I repeat NOT boycott Sci Fi YET!

While boycotting is a good the present should only be used as a LAST resort!

btw, I'm going to lock this there is one already going about boycotting. I will e-mail/private message you about this.

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