The Peacekeeper Wars ending

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Postby Sikozu® on Tue May 23, 2006 2:48 pm

Well there was a happy end but only for John and Aeryn. I don't like Ka D'Argos death too but I think there wasn't a bettaer ending for him. A warrior died in battle ( though we didn't saw his death )
About Sikozu I didn't see her dieing* and I was quite happy when I read the VS5
relative translation from bulgarian:
The man or rather the creature that looked like human slowly creeped out of the mud, developed limbs and fingers. He rised and looked toward the stars. He was seeing them for the first time but already knew that one day they will belong to him.
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Postby bwilli18 on Tue May 23, 2006 4:43 pm

I've crossed over. I started this venture on Netflix 88 episodes (watched consecutively, twice and several episodes multiple times) and a mini-series ago. I keep rewatching PK Wars and I cry like Rygel coming down from pregnancy hormones every time John says, "Nowhere else in the universe." My wife is getting worried about me. I'm getting worried about me.

That said, I think I'm satisfied with the ending. In Farscape, despite all the tinkering with rules of physics and the occasional plot hole, the fundamental honesty of the show is that there's always a price paid. They couldn't slog through that fight with Scarrans and get away cleanly.

In that vein, was the trade Aeryn refers to in her supplication that bookends the PKW narrative a continuation of her prayer from Season 4's "Prayer" and the deal she offered to make at the end of that episode? Afterall, John got her message and came and saved her and the baby; thus, Aeryn owed the cosmos, god, whoever something in return.

But, after all the sacrifice by Aeryn and John, I think a safe and happy family flying off into Little D's new playground is a fine and honest way to let me move on.

If they make another one, of course I'll watch it. I haven't completely moved on, as evidenced by my prattling on in this forum with my extended support group--who get my inexplicable attachment to a work of fiction.
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Postby littlejamie on Sat Jun 17, 2006 6:38 am

With Sikozu who knows. Maybe she got off the planet in time maybe not.

As for the tradeoff I think it's about not accepting the peace without him.
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