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Postby Mad on Sat Nov 25, 2006 3:13 pm

True , this but link farscape more to the comic strip universe,as the superheroes do not die never truly..... :o

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Postby Firecracker on Sat Nov 25, 2006 10:38 pm

Mreen wrote:Plus Grunshlick, who makes a living thru trading medical parts and has a habit of stealing bodies of the mostly dead, was on the planet, along with Sikozu, a smart, tech savy traiter who always makes deals with people who cant be trusted.
The two of them could have joined forces and easily boosted D'Argo's mostly dead self off the planet. Grunshlick probably has a handy freezer or four in that ship he and the drunken Diagnosian arrived in. Probably has D'Argo and few mostly dead Eidelons if he could manage them too <g>

heh. I would love to see the scene where Sikozu and Grunchlk are trying to escape the disintegrating planet with *mostly* dead D'Argo in tow. That would be a fantastically wonderful way to open the Farscape movie!

Mreen wrote:Another survivor is hat lady - Aeryn shot her once and she fell down dead. Ever hear of a Scarren dying with one shot? Not possible.

Oh I do like the way you think. I bet Sikozu and Grunchlk shanghied Akhna as well - working on that *mostly* dead schtik. ;)
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