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Talyn in Love
by unohoo, E-mail: unohoo@cox.net

About Talyn in Love

Disclaimer: They're not mine, I don't own ‘em, just please let me use your characters for a little while and I promise to return them as well as they began this ficlet. Thanks in advance.

Acknowledgement: To Runnik, for not only doing the beta reading (which is essential) but for all the encouragement and support (also essential). And if you think this voluntary job is easy, try it some time. It is a lot of work for which I am indebted to him.

Foreword: I don't know how Leviathans mature, so I figure my guess is as good as any until TPTB provide their ideas.

Time: After Fractures, after Fractures Epilogue

Spoilers: Everything up through Fractures

Location: On Moya, somewhere in the Un-chartered Territories

"Pilot, why have you called us here?" Rygel tucked in under one of Pilot's arms as he asked.

The juxtaposition of the diminutive Rygel next to Pilot made John think of Kermit meets Big Bird. Only the look in Pilot's eyes kept him quiet.

"I don't want Talyn to overhear. We can't speak over the com's. Moya is worried sick about Talyn. She wants you to help. Talyn has fallen in love with an *older* Leviathan. The Peacekeepers have her in a control collar. He wants to rescue her. Moya wants you to talk him out of it, Crais."

"Pilot, Talyn doesn't listen to me." Crais rubbed the back of his neck now absent of the transponder. "Aeryn Sun, do you think you can talk him out of it?"

John waded into the conversation, not giving Aeryn a chance to respond. "Is Talyn the equivalent of what I would call a teenager, Pilot? For humans that occurs when we change from being children to being adults, usually at about thirteen cycles."

"Yes. Leviathans mature quickly. They have to survive on their own shortly after birth. Aaah." Pilot suddenly comprehended. "But somebody has to do it, he won't listen to his mother. Aeryn…?"

"I will try, but I don't think it will do any good. Crais, I think we need to be prepared to leave with Talyn. We can't let the Peacekeepers capture him." Aeryn said.

"I told you he wouldn't listen. He thinks we know nothing of his feelings." Aeryn smiled wryly at John and Crais. "She is a captured Leviathan. He wants to save her, and he is allowing me to help." Aeryn finished packing her duffle bag. "Crais, are you ready?"

"I'm going too. If you find this Leviathan, you will need more help than Crais." John said. "And Moya probably should follow a safe distance behind. Can you do that pilot?"

"Yes. John, please tell the others." Pilot said.

Aeryn slung the bag over her shoulder and handed a notebook to John as she and Crais walked to the prowler. "Tell them now and follow in the transporter, we leave in a quarter arn. I don't think I can get Talyn to wait much longer."

Location: Talyn, getting ready to leave

"John, I couldn't say anything before, but this is very hard for me, being here with you. I realize you are the logical choice for this mission, but I really would have preferred D'Argo." Aeryn stared ahead, refusing to make eye contact with John.

"I know; it's hard on me too. Very hard. We need to talk. And thanks for returning my notebook. I took a minute to glance at it, to see what *he* wrote." John desperately tried to get Aeryn to look at him. "Did he start to teach you English?"

John could see Aeryn wince at the last. But Aeryn was not one to avoid the truth, she squared her shoulders and looked directly at John, "Yes, he was showing me the shape of the letters, and speaking the sounds so I could hear."

"Do you want to continue the lessons? I very much want to do that." John said.

Before Aeryn could respond, Crais commed, "We are starbursting now."


"I can't believe Talyn did a double Starburst! I thought Leviathans had to replenish their power before doing a second one. Will Moya be able to find us now?" John looked from Crais to Aeryn, worry plainly evident in his face.

"He never gave me any indication he was capable of doing this when I was tied to him." Crais shook his head in disbelief. "That is the least of our worries right now. She's out there, and so is a command carrier."

"Crais, have they detected us?" Aeryn struggled to control Talyn while she asked this question.

"It does not appear so. We can hide behind this moon. It looks like the command carrier is delivering prisoners to the Leviathan." Crais said.

"Talyn, we will do what we can, but you have to get us out of harms way now." Aeryn said. "Talyn, calm down, think for a microt, we won't be any good if we are dead and you are captured."

Talyn ducked behind the moon.

"We need a way to get on that Leviathan without drawing attention. If Talyn talks to her, will that give our position away?" John said.

"Leviathans talk over a different frequency than Peacekeepers usually monitor. It is probably safe for Talyn to communicate, but before he does, I found this information in the data Talyn has collected concerning Betty, the Leviathan's name." Crais anticipated John and Aeryn, and inserted a chip that showed the information they needed for a safe entry.

We should go to Betty in a transport pod, and we can key it with this information to allow entry. They will be less critical of an unarmed transport." Aeryn quickly installed the information into the transport pod for the mission, when she noticed John grinning from ear to ear. "What is so funny John? I think we are going on a fool's mission that will get us all killed."

"Nothing, I just can't get an image out of my mind; a cartoon character named Betty Boop. She has this huge head and small body, kind of reminds me of what Betty looks like. Does Betty have a squeaky voice too?" John was snorting, failing to control his laughter.

"Human, I will never understand you. How can you joke at a time like this?" Crais said.

"Why not? We can die laughing or we can die crying. Either way we die. We may as well enjoy the ride." John tried to regain his humor; it didn't work.

"So far, so good." John commented as they docked with Betty. "It looks like our information is good, we are being ignored. We should head for the pilot."


"Man! I didn't think we'd make it to the pilot's chamber. How many guards are there, anyway?" John slid around the bulkhead into the pilot's chamber.

They both saw the pilot staring at them, a contingent of DRD's taking a defensive posture by the pilot. "Why are you here?"

John observed this pilot acted much like Pilot. "You needn't be alarmed. We have come to help you. Talyn demanded we free Betty from the control collar."

"You may call me Zeneyea, and who is Talyn? How are you going to free Betty?" Zeneyea asked.

"Talyn is a Leviathan, Moya's child. He is also very dangerous as he is a Peacekeeper/Leviathan hybrid. He is heavily armed, and has complete control over the weapons. He also does not have a pilot. Talyn's is very willful and he insists we free Betty of the Peacekeepers and the control collar. " Crais said.

"And, he thinks he is in love with Betty." John offered, hoping to bring some understanding as to why Talyn was being so stubborn.

"Oh dear, Betty is not reacting to this very well. She is much older than Talyn. She knows Moya, and is old enough to be Moya's mother." Betty's pilot visibly sagged. She was struggling with Betty and this information. "You can't free us now. There are over a thousand criminals on Betty, all heavily guarded. Most of them should be prisoners. While Betty would like to have the control collar removed, we both feel it would be far too dangerous for these prisoners to be freed."

"Can we set it up so that you can release the control collar once the prisoners are delivered to their destination?" Crais said.

"Yes! We can do that. I will guide you." Zeneyea said.

"There, the last of the links have been made. If you are right, you will be able to override Peacekeeper control at the appropriate time." John said. "We will have to convince Talyn to go back to Moya with us. But you know kids, they never listen to their mother."

"Yes, teenagers can be very stubborn. Moya and Betty are old friends. Perhaps you can convince Talyn that Betty will seek Moya out as soon as she is freed, and that Talyn must not try anything now." Zeneyea said.

"It will be good for Talyn to know Betty will find Moya. Talyn will be anxious. I don't think the age difference means anything to him. He is just a teenager." John said.

"There is another complication, Betty will want to see Moya, but…, er…., she is not interested in men, let alone boys." If Zeneyea could, she would have blushed.

"Oh no! I do not know how Talyn will handle that news. He is very difficult to control. Please don't tell him." Crais looked clearly worried.

"It may be too late. Betty is talking to Talyn. You must leave now." Zeneyea said.

John and Crais returned to the transport pod as quickly as they could without raising suspicion. They left Betty and headed back for Talyn knowing Aeryn probably had her hands full with this willful teenager. They didn't dare communicate with Aeryn and could only hope Betty's transmission was ignored.

To their horror they saw Talyn arming as they came around the moon in the transport pod. With the moon shielding them, Crais spoke to Talyn over the com. "Talyn, let us dock. Talk to us first. There is a lot you have to learn. Don't take your anger out on hundreds of innocent people. Remember, there are over a thousand people on Betty."

Talyn looked like he was going to blast them into eternity when just as suddenly he withdrew his cannon and let the transport pod dock.

While they were docking, John asked Crais about Betty. "Are Leviathans homosexual?"

"It's known in all species, John. You do know the term; homosexuality must exist where you come from. Is it a taboo subject?"

"I was just surprised." John reflected on how he really didn't know anything about a Leviathan's sex life. "As far as it being taboo, that would depend on whom you are speaking to. I usually don't think about it, but I don't mind talking about it either."

"That was very close. We really should think about getting a pilot for Talyn. We won't be able to control him much longer." Aeryn said.

"Yes, I wonder if a pilot can control him. He is not a normal Leviathan." Crais looked thoughtful, rubbing the back of his neck. Even with the transponder gone, he still felt connected. It was not a pleasant sensation.

"Crais told me you were able to wire Betty's pilot such that she can override the collar controls after the prisoners are delivered." Aeryn sat with John while he ate a late food cube dinner. Her eyes were speaking words she could not say.

"Yes. We will have our hands full with Talyn. We certainly could use his power, but it is too unpredictable. I don't want to talk about Talyn right now. That can wait a bit. Instead would you like to learn some English?" John opened the notebook to the page with the simple English words the other had written. He added the word ‘hope' to the list, sounded it out and looked at Aeryn.

She sat down next to him. John dared to hope.

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