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What happened with John and Aeryn after "Green Eyed Monster"? Robyn Bender presents the first in "The Talyn Suite" series of stories, "Where You Should Be".
WARNING! These stories are for adults only!


    FictionAdult Fic
    Each fanfic is rated in a similar way to movies, to give you an idea of the contents within.

    G - Suitable for all readers. No sex, violence or offensive material.
    PG - May not be suitable for younger readers. Generally very tame in terms of violence and language.
    PG-13 - Generally recommended for teenagers or older. May contain moderate violence and some stronger language, but not too graphic. Sexual themes may be implied, but are not explicit.
    R - Suitable for mature readers. Contains some adult content. The fiction may contain strong language, heavy violence, or some heavier sexual content.
    NC-17 - Absolutely for adults only. Adult fiction is grouped under the "Adult" section. Likely contains extreme violence, strong language and/or explicit sexual content.
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