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What Was Lost, Part 2:

What was lost... is now gained, as one of the crew depart...

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Following his cliff-jump (see log Sacrifice), Crichton is floating unconscious in the water below. Once again he's startled by Oo-Nii, and as he swims to shore we see a horde of Peacekeepers waiting with guns ready. Oo-Nii drags him back underwater, and takes John to his lair, under the impression that John is with Grayza. He tells John that Vella was his friend; he won't let John take what she discovered. John insists that he won't tell anyone where the third probe is buried, adding that he is not with Grayza, but this just makes Oo-Nii want to know its location too.

D'Argo and Sikozu are now in Oo-Nii's lair, and D'Argo shouts that he told Oo-Nii to find John, not kill him, and yells at him to get off John. Oo-Nii swims away behind a pillar, as D'Argo stuffs John back in the pool because he smells. Sikozu thinks she may know the reason. "The reason what?" John asks. D'Argo replies him and Grayza; apparently everyone knows what went on. Sikozu thinks it must be Heppel oil; some concubines have a gland implanted that creates Heppel oil – its perfume targets the erogenous zones. She doesn't think that Grayza would ever desire it, because the effects are irreversible; once implanted the concubines die cycles before their time. John mentions that he doesn't want to ever go near Grayza again, but D'Argo insists that he'll have to see her one more time, to take one for the team. Grayza has Jool and Chiana, and they have a plan to get them out, but they're operating on a need to know basis, and because of what happened previously, they think John only needs to be told his part. John is not too happy about this, but D'Argo says it's the right thing to do. John needs to keep Grayza occupied for a couple of arns, and wait for D'Argo's signal. D'Argo reminds John that when the Peacekeepers find him it has to be believable, which John ensures he can do. D'Argo asks if he's sure, and then tongues him.

The Peacekeepers find John washed up on rocks, unconscious. He wakes up tied in a room with Grayza, where he tells her he wasn't trying to escape. She gets on his back and uses her "influence" to try to get him to tell her why the Scarrans want him so badly, adding that if he tells her she will help him find his love, Aeryn Sun.

Braca forces Scorpius to drink from a big bucket of liquid on the floor, still tied up. This is just outside the cell, where the Old Woman tells Chiana that John had to die. Jool notices that the magnetics are dropping, because the colour is fading from everything, from rocks to skin, and it's getting hotter. If they stay here ten more arns they'll be dead; flesh cooked off their bones. Chiana insists that she'll get them out of this, when Sikozu comes along asking who is in charge. She sees Braca and tells him that she is his promotion...

D'Argo flies up to Elack on his ship, where he tells Rygel that if they can get Elack to crash into the Marauders then they might be able to escape, or at least get far enough away so the Command Carrier can't track them. D'Argo says that John doesn't know about the plan to use Elack, but they have no other option. Rygel believes he can convince Pilot, but tells D'Argo that they can't trust Sikozu – she'll betray them again, but D'Argo says they no choice.

Grayza asks, if wormholes are in space all the time, then why can't they be seen? John explains that under the right conditions they turn and appear, but the don't know how to make them do so. Braca interrupts, and whispers important news to Grayza, as Sikozu stands with the Peacekeepers in the background. As they speak, John picks up a sharp object, and when Grayza comes back over she tells John that his Luxan has failed; he's being hunted as they speak. John goes to stab her, but she resists, telling him not to fight her. John says that she wouldn't do this so far away from High Command, so he wonders if she's just playing Scorpius' whore.

Outside, John has dug a hole and Grayza offers him a pulse pistol with "one charge", with which to kill the half-breed and ruin everything, but John thinks there's no charge in the pistol. Grayza hands it to Braca, who shoots Scorpius in the back at point blank range! Scorpius falls in the grave, and Sikozu is pushed in by a guard. Sikozu says that Scorpius is dead, and Grayza instructs a guard to shoot her. Sikozu pleads with her but Grayza doesn't listen. Braca prepares to shoot, but Scorpius whispers to her to say a word, and it'll keep her alive. She repeats it and everyone stops, as Scorpius whispers, "do not let them bury me!" Sikozu gets out, and Grayza asks her how she knows special directorate code. Sikozu says the same reason she does, and suggests that the half-breed not be buried, but Grayza has none of it, and Scorpius is buried.

D'Argo is back on the planet. Rygel has convinced Pilot, who bids him farewell. Meanwhile Grayza is still interrogating John, saying that he doesn't just have to talk about the Scarrans. John remembers the Old Woman telling him about the substance that would make him forget (see log Sacrifice).

D'Argo knocks out some soldiers, as Sikozu enters the girls' cell. Jool grabs her by the throat and a guard runs in, whom Sikozu tells to stand down. Sikozu turns Jool around and holds her, as Chiana gets Sikozu from behind. Sikozu explains that she didn't betray them, but needed a way to get into the cell. D'Argo has a plan, and Sikozu explains that she wasn't killed because she said the code; it saved her life and if they stop fighting her she will save theirs. Jool tells Chiana to put her fingers in Sikozu's ears, and screams, melting their handcuffs off. They all turn to the guards, and knock them out.

A Peacekeeper enters Oo-Nii's lair, and signals Braca, so Oo-Nii drags him under the water. Grayza examines the tile that John found, and says that it means their two species may be more closely linked than they think. John gets a hold of some of the forgetful substance, and shoves it up his nose so he won't remember anything. Grayza mounts him and says she can hear his heart, and he turns and gets on top of her.

D'Argo tells Rygel to get Pilot to begin the countdown. Rygel has DRD 1812 fixing his transport, and tells Pilot that she must start the descent in 1000 microts, and says goodbye.

John has Grayza tied up, as Pilot starts Elack's descent prematurely. Rygel tells D'Argo, who lets Chiana know and then signals John. John gets his things together and puts his clothes on, as Grayza tells him to untie her and stay. John says that she never heard his heart beat, and strokes her chest, dropping the substance on a candle and leaves. On his way out, he's met at the end of the corridor by Braca and a group of Peacekeepers, who John taunts before a shootout begins.

Rygel tries to get Pilot to stop the descent, as D'Argo explains to John that Elack left early. John asks for help, so Chiana sends the Old Woman to find D'Argo's ship, and brings Sikozu with her and Jool. Grayza picks up the sharp object so that she can cut herself loose. John's gun runs out of fire, as the girls arrive. They try to use the password, but predictably the Peacekeepers continue firing. John runs across the corridor and they all flee to the ship. Grayza storms out and berates Braca, who says that it seems they do have a ship. Grayza tells him that they must not escape.

John and the girls are having trouble finding the ship, as Elack flies over the ruins, causing a rumble. Rygel manages to wake Pilot and get her to pull up, and as his pod is finished and he departs, the others reach D'Argo's ship, but the Peacekeepers are following, when John's gun hits empty again. Pilot tells Elack "We must try. Target the Marauders," and while the others pile into the ship and leave, Pilot says "Elack... now!" and the Leviathan comes crashing down onto the Marauders.

D'Argo's ship was hit and the deception shroud compromised, meaning they'll reappear in 100 microts. Meanwhile the magnetics are spiking, and Braca says that two Marauders were destroyed, but one is operational so they can make it back to the Command Carrier, although Crichton will have two arns head start. Grayza insists that they are picked up in flight, as they're going after them now.

The Old Woman is still on the planet, muttering that the probes are still here, when Oo-Nii approaches her and tells her not to be afraid – he knows a way. Meanwhile, D'Argo and the crew have been forced to land due to the ship's damage. He fired a satellite probe in hopes of throwing the Peacekeepers off for about a day. D'Argo insists that they'll be gone by then, "look at your skin!" Jool retorts. If they stay here one more arn they'll all be dead from the magnetics. John recalls Vella talking about the probe, and Jool reminds him that if they get all three probes 600 motras apart and reactivate them, then the magnetics will be reversed (with 600 motras being "like, just over half a metra"), and off they go to find the final probe.

The Old Woman realises she was wrong; it was Oo-Nii, not Vella, who wants to use the probe as a weapon. She tells him that she will never reveal where the probe is, when Jool and Crichton come along to tell Granny that they're going probe-hunting, and John ushers Oo-Nii off. Oo-Nii reveals that he's wearing the Serax carver, and has been searching for the Darnaz triangle for twenty cycles. He insists John tell him the probe's location or he'll kill them.

John says that they need to reverse the magnetics, and they need the Old Woman as backup. Oo-Nii ensures that they walk ahead of him, and John leads them to the probe. He asks Oo-Nii where the other probes are, and Oo-Nii reveals they're in his lair; Vella swore he'd get half the bounty (on the crew), but now he'll get it all. As Oo-Nii retrieves the probe, Chiana appears and a fight begins. Jool gets a hold of the carver, but can't shoot Oo-Nii as he still holds the probe. Oo-Nii jumps off the cliff, and the Old Woman tells that he can live down there until the magnetic summer ends. She retrieves Winona (John's pulse pistol) from somewhere under her clothes and throws it over the cliff, prompting John to dive in to retrieve his pistol. Jool tells Chiana to help John while she gets the other probes. John and Oo-Nii get into an underwater fight, but as Oo-Nii knocks John out, Chiana shoots him from the shore. John manages to surface, after diving down to get both the probe and Winona. Jool has both probes, and John thanks Chiana for saving his life again. He tells Chiana to go to Jool, get the other probe and reactivate it. "How do I do that?" she asks. "Slam 'em on the ground and kick 'em!"

The group are spread out, and all three slam their probes into the ground. After a few seconds of nothing, the probes all rise up, reactivate, and the Darnaz triangle reverses the effects of the magnetics, restoring everything to colour. As the Old Woman puts it, "what was lost, is now gained." John calls the others to check something out – the lost Darnaz temple, and the priests, have reappeared. The Old Woman says that the Darnaz triangle must have trapped part of the past when it created the magnetic summers. Jool explains that these are the same priests that were here 12000 cycles ago. It looks as though they don't know what has gone on, and John asks do they stay or do they go. D'Argo thinks the decision should be Jool's; she's the instructor here now, so she goes to say hello.

Jool says goodbye to Chiana, then goes to John and says everything they've found proves their species are linked. John wishes that he could stay, but Jool knows he can't, because of Aeryn. He tells her to take care, and D'Argo goes over asking if he's the last; Jool tells him she can't convince any of them to stay. D'Argo tells her she's the only one that can, as she's not being hunted by peacekeepers. She says that the priests will need help; they have 12000 cycles of catching up. She tells D'Argo she is so sorry for not defending him. Maybe he wasn't Vella's intellectual equal... but he has more courage, integrity and honour than a dozen Vella's, and she should have said that to Vella. They exchange a lingering kiss, and D'Argo leaves.

Braca tells Grayza that they've retrieved the satellite probe; it must've been a lure. "I will find them again and when I do, they will pay for this humiliation," she vows. She tells Braca that if she hears any gossip, anything at all about what happened on Arnessk, he shall answer for it.

Everyone is on D'Argo's ship, except John who is being towed in his module. D'Argo says that at least Jool won't be hunted anymore by the Peacekeepers; "Unlike us" Chiana adds. "She could stay on Arnessk, have a goal, something to fight for" D'Argo continues. "Unlike us." Sikozu asks if they've heard anything from Moya, but they haven't as yet. Rygel sarcastically points out how good things get in their current situation. The Old Woman points out that John has a purpose. John asks her why she nearly killed him. She tells him that she couldn't let him tell Grayza about the probes, "Better you dead than millions." John asks her name. "Utu-Noranti Pralatong" she replies. "Well Noranti, you're right. I do have a purpose."

Synopsis by Dani Moure

Alternate Perspective: To see a different perspective on this episode, read Mary Wood's summary.

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Episode Credits
Season 4, Episode 3 - What Was Lost, Part 2: "Resurrection" (Part 2 of 2)
Writer: Justin Monjo
Director: Rowan Woods
Production number: 10403
First UK Transmission: 14th Oct 2002
First US Transmission: 21st Jun 2002
Guest Stars:
Tammy MacIntosh (Jool); Raelee Hill (Sikozu); Melissa Jaffer (Noranti); Rebecca Riggs (Commandant Mele-On Grayza); David Franklin (Captain Braca); Steve Le Marquand (Oo-Nii); Dinah Shearing (Voice of Elack's Pilot)
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