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Into the Lion's Den, Part 2:
"Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"

The end of an era...

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Picking up from Scorpius threatening to go to Earth, he tells John that he doesn't care of Earth or his species; only that they matter to John. He says that he's out of time – the Commandant (see log Lambs to the Slaughter) may return at any time, and he must give her results or she will scrap the research and the Scarrans will take over half the galaxy. John just tells Scorpius that he's screwed, but Scorpius reminds him that if he is "screwed", then things around here will get very ugly.

John, Aeryn and Crais are in the Officer's Lounge, and Aeryn says that if Grayza will return then they've succeeded, but John says that Scorpius will not let his project die.

In the restorative chamber, Jool, D'Argo, Rygel and Chiana agree that they'll stay no longer. The others enter, and John tells them that Grayza's arrival changes everything. He tells them that he's run out of time to destroy the research from the inside; there's only one option left – blow up the Command Carrier!

John tells them that all of Scorpius' data is on the ship, this ship is the Peacekeeper wormhole project. Rygel says that the ship is over a metra long, prompting Chiana to ask if it can be done. John says that he doesn't care how, while Aeryn tells them that there are over 50 000 men, women and children on board, but John maintains that they'll find a way to get them off. D'Argo objects, although John reminds him that is what they came here to do. He asks Crais if there is a way, and Crais replies that he'll need to see specs on the modifications since he left. John assures them that they can do this, and that they have to try. Rygel says that he saw what the Scarrans were able to do, he knows what horrible destruction wormholes can wreak (see log < a href="10315.php">Icarus Abides) – no one should wield such power.

Crais attempts to board Talyn, but an officer stops him, saying that Scorpius has ordered them not to allow Crais on board.

John and Harvey talk, and John asks if Scorpius really would attack Earth. Harvey says that he'd never underestimate Scorpius' resolve for retribution, and then asks if whether if he gained the ability to return home, he would really destroy that information. Co-Kura Strappa snaps him out of the discussion, and John is writing all over his hands – unlocking more secrets; they're getting close.

Lt. Larell tells Crais that he must get aboard Talyn, but Crais replies that Talyn is dead, unless he has something to trade.

Braca enters Scorpius' command room, bringing in Crais under armed escort. Crais says he has a demand, prompting Scorpius to send him away. As he is dragged out, Crais says that he demands he suffers no repercussions for his actions during exile, that the Leviathan hybrid be resurrected, and he will be the leader of that project alongside Lt. Larell... but Scorpius stops him. He says that he assumes Crais has something comparable to offer, and Crais responds that he has more than that. Scorpius says that once Commandant Grayza returns, any agreement they make may not be honoured, but Crais says that an executive order signed now, no matter what Scorpius' dishonours may be in the future, will stand. Scorpius accepts his terms, and has Crais released. Crais tells Scorpius that John has no intention of helping him – he is conspiring with some of Moya's crew to destroy the Carrier.

Aeryn enters the Peacekeeper training ground, finding an injured girl. She takes a look and cleans it up, but Henta comes along, and hits the wound, saying to let it bleed and scar, as she'll want it later, and sends her away. She tells Aeryn not to make her soft, but Aeryn says that there is so much she doesn't know. Crais comes along and tells Aeryn there is a problem, and to follow him. Meanwhile, D'Argo, Rygel, Chiana and Jool have secured there information on the Carrier for John, but are stopped by security.

John is still working, and Strappa says that the equations are flowing from him. Scorpius enters and says that it seems John's subconscious has blossomed, despite himself. He tells John that his plot against the ship has failed – his friends are in custody. Crais is brought in, and John leaps on him. He's restrained, but screams that Crais is dead. Scorpius says that if Grayza insists his friends stay imprisoned then so be it. John says that it was all him, but Scorpius tells him that he makes no more demands; cooperate or he'll kill them all.

D'Argo, Rygel, Jool and Chiana are in a cell, where D'Argo says he was a prisoner for 8 cycles before. Rygel adds that last time it took him 130 cycles to escape from the Peacekeepers – he was lucky.

John goes to the generator room to meet with Aeryn, but Crais is there too. She tells John that he needs to listen. Crais says that the ship can't be destroyed by throwing switches; he needed the distraction so that Scorpius would believe that the plot had failed – he kept Aeryn safe because he needs her. He says that all he cared for are gone, his parents were taken away, his brother is dead, so now he does and lives only for his interests. Despite that, he understands the power of the technology, and the horror that will wash over the galaxy if anyone wields it, but he now knows that he's the only individual capable of stopping it. John goes to leave but Aeryn says that they're all on the same page; they all want the ship destroyed. Crais tells John that the only way to do that is with Talyn. Aeryn adds that Crais proposes that he and Talyn StarBurst while still in the Carrier's hangar, causing it to collapse upon itself. It will then take at least half an arn to fully implode, giving the crew time to escape. John asks Aeryn to tell him that she believes Crais, so she asks if he's got a plan, and he replies "not yet". John asks Crais where they meet with him and Talyn, and Crais says they don't; StarBurst will be the hero's death that Talyn deserves. He says that he'll need a significant distraction to occupy Scorpius, and John says he'll get one.

John returns to the experiment room and tells Strappa that they're going on a trip to get his module.

Larell meets Crais in a corridor and asks what's happening. She tells him that she knows something is wrong, and if she suspects he's conspiring against Scorpius she must report it. Crais says that yes, she must, and tells her not to be disloyal to Scorpius in any way. In front of everyone, he hits her round the face, and tells her to tell Scorpius it won't work – next time he sends a spy, send someone he cares about.

On Moya, Strappa tells John to hurry. In his den, Pilot tells John that Moya understands; at least the violent death he was destined for will be a noble one. He asks if he'll see John again, and John tells him to be ready to StarBurst away if he doesn't see the escape, and to give Moya his love. Pilot says her love to him, as well as his.

Aeryn is walking the corridors with a rope, as John is prepping his module for flight. Scorpius asks why he got it, and John says that he has a theory as to why his primitive ship with no shields survives wormholes. Scorpius calls for the first pilot who is ready, but John says no – they may screw things up. He admits that he could die on the trip, but the Commandant will execute him on her return anyway. He invites Scorpius to accompany him instead, to experience wormholes up close, unless he's too scared.

Scorpius and John are in the module, and enter the nearby wormhole. Scorpius tells John that the experience is without description. They approach a zone of instability, as the entire ship listens to them over the comms. Crais tries to get to Talyn, but the same officer stops him and says Scorpius' orders changed – if Crais tried to board Talyn again he was to shoot to kill. Strappa announces that all their readings are in the danger zone, while Crais throws a small grenade to distract the Peacekeepers. Aeryn swings down from the ceiling and they take the Peacekeepers out. John tells Scorpius that flying wormholes takes finesse, and manages to stabilise. Aeryn has her hand on Crais' face, and tells him to go now. Scorpius says that he's never felt this "connected", and Strappa tells them they should return to the Carrier. Crais boards Talyn, and tells him not to be afraid. He says that his weapons were all captured by the Peacekeepers, and Moya will be enslaved unless they do something radical, together.

John and Scorpius return, when Crais' voice booms over the ship-wide comm. He tells Scorpius that he is making his final goodbyes, and that he is standing in Scorpius' heart about to squeeze. Scorpius tells Braca to locate and stop him. Crais tells Scorpius that he is the most repellent of creatures; he chose to be a Peacekeeper. Scorpius orders to scramble all Prowlers, but Braca tells him they're not planning to escape. Crais says that the last time he left this ship, his ship, Scorpius forced him out, and stole his life from him. This time, he is not leaving quietly. Scorpius calls to get the traitor off the ship, but as the Carrier starts to shake, John tells him to hang on to something. Talyn StarBursts, sending energy rippling the Carrier. People run through the corridors screaming, as D'Argo says he's done it – it's going down.

D'Argo and the others shout to be released, as the cell begins to fall apart. Aeryn clears the training ground, as Scorpius leaves the experiment room. The next room he enters becomes flooded with water, but Scorpius continues to walk, only stopping for a moment to watch his ship fall. John gets Strappa to leave, but saying that wormhole technology would not just be science – it's a weapon, it kills and he will not let the Peacekeepers have it. Strappa informs him that he holds significant data too, and Scorpius will find him and force him to tell him what he knows. They go to the Aurora Chair, to wipe his memories, where John tells him that he's very brave. Aeryn arrives at the cell, where as it collapses the bars bend, allowing everyone to escape. Scorpius returns to his command room and comms the ship to begin priority one escape procedures, and then tells Braca to go with him.

Aeryn comms John to tell him the others are OK, and John says not to wait – he's going to his module and they'll meet back at Moya. John erases the knowledge from Strappa's mind, as D'Argo calls Pilot to patch him through to his ship. He voice activates it for rescue retrieval. Aeryn is faced by Henta in a corridor, where she blames Aeryn for costing some people their lives. Aeryn replies that she knows she's saving millions, but Henta says she cannot save herself. Just then, one of the bolts of fire emanating from the destruction hits her, and Aeryn leaves. Pilot tells D'Argo that they must escape before implosion of Moya will be destroyed.

John reaches his module, but is met by Scorpius. John says that it looks like their partnership is over. Scorpius says hat John's name will be remembered by millions, as because of him the Scarrans will soon destroy them. John replies that one evil at a time is the best he can do. John asks if he'll still go after Earth; Scorpius replies that the only vengeance he cared about is no longer within his grasp. They tell each other the codes to remove their bracelets. John says "we were close", and throws the bracelet down. He says that if they're going to get off this boat, now would be a good time. Scorpius tells him that he may not be getting off, and says goodbye. John calls for him, but he leaves. Aeryn comms that the others are away, and she's leaving in a Prowler now. John tells her to fly safe.

On Moya, D'Argo says he knew they'd leave each other but he didn't know it'd take this long, and Rygel replies that he won't miss them, well, maybe a little. Chiana tells D'Argo that she'll probably try to find the Nebari resistance. Jool is with Pilot, who asks whether or not she'll leave if they find her people. She starts to cry, and says that from what she can tell, she won't be the only one leaving Moya soon, which saddens Pilot. On command, John is seated, still writing equations on his body, in silence next to Aeryn, who has her head held low.

Synopsis by Dani Moure

Alternate Perspective: To see a different perspective on this episode, read Mary Wood's summary.

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Episode Credits
Season 3, Episode 21 - Into the Lion's Den, Part 2: "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" (Part 2 of 2)
Writer: Rockne S. O'Bannon
Director: Rowan Woods
Production number: 10321
First UK Transmission: 28th Jan 2002
First US Transmission: 19th Apr 2002
Guest Stars:
Tammy MacIntosh (Jool); David Franklin (Lt. Braca); Marta Dusseldorp (Officer Yal Henta); Danny Adcock (Co-Kura Strappa); Lenore Smith (Lt. Darinta Larell); Sheridan Rynne (Brenna); Ross Sharp; Terrence Hepburn (Armak)
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