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What happens when Aeryn finally meets Mummy? Tragedy ensues...

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Talyn has landed on a jungle planet, to fully recover from his injuries, following the events in Green Eyed Monster. Rygel and Stark are complaining that "she" and Crichton were extremely loud during the night, and are now apparently "between bouts". In the next room, Aeryn and Crichton are in bed together, under the covers, and Crichton bangs on the wall pretending to groan. Aeryn tells him that, believe it or not, he was actually louder than that! As they kiss, Crais detects some ships in the vicinity and calls everyone to command. It's the vigilante – the ship that's after them – and it's landed on the planet...

Xhalax Sun and three Colartas, who are having problems with the plant's heavy gravity, emerge from a prowler. The injured one says that it will earn its share, but Xhalax shoots it, and tells the other two that their shares have just increased.

Crichton, Crais and Aeryn plan to go outside to act as decoys and keep the squad from finding Talyn until he has recovered. Rygel has been watching the chip of Aeryn and Xhalax, which makes Crichton angry and all protective over Aeryn's stuff. Xhalax is telling the Colartas not to screw up, when they hear the sound of pulse rifles firing. On Talyn, Rygel and Stark find vines from outside growing inside him. Stark and Rygel start to try and cut them, but Rygel is convinced hat Talyn will be able to pull free when he's fully recovered. Xhalax is watching Crichton, Aeryn and Crais as they scout, and opens fire. Much gunfire ensues, and during the fight Aeryn draws Xhalax away from everyone. Crais is shot in the arm, and elsewhere Aeryn manages to shoot Xhalax, but is distracted by Crichton calling for her. Xhalax grabs her from behind and tells her "move and you die"...

Xhalax asks Aeryn where "he" is, and a fistfight begins, during which Aeryn knocks Xhalax unconscious. Crichton finds Crais bleeding from the arm, and Crais tells him that they're using Colartas, who will find and kill him if he's left bleeding. One of the Colartas' hearts has burst, and the two agree to continue the hunt without Xhalax.

Aeryn has tied up Xhalax, and has patched up her injured leg. Xhalax asks who she is, and she replies that she is Aeryn Sun – her daughter. Xhalax says that if she is her daughter, then she is a Peacekeeper, but Aeryn responds that she is not anymore. Xhalax concludes that Aeryn must be with Crais.

Stark tells Rygel that Talyn is almost completely healed and should be able to break free of the vines soon. Rygel is pessimistic about the chances of the others returning from an encounter with a retrieval squad.

Crichton is holding Crais up as they move on to look for Aeryn, as the latter is forcing Xhalax back to Talyn. Xhalax tells her that naming the gunship Talyn after her father is sentimental and weak, but Aeryn tells her that she has only kept Xhalax alive for possible use as leverage.

Crichton and Crais are lost, but find some sludge that stinks, and so should cover their scent from the Colartas. Rygel tells Stark that as soon as Talyn's healed they are leaving, whether the others have returned or not, just as Aeryn comes back with Xhalax in tow.

The Colartas are confused since they are picking up no scent, but they manage to detect body heat. As Crichton is apparently trying to light a fire, he is visited by the Scorpius clone, who tells him that Crichton's subconscious summoned him. Crichton asks if the Colartas are everything Crais says they are, to which Scorpius responds by saying yes, in that at least, Crais was completely forthright. Crichton asks where Crais has not been forthright.

Xhalax retrieves a blade from under her skin, and cuts herself loose before inhaling some sort of booster that inflames her pupils and seemingly makes her immune to pain. She attacks Aeryn and Stark, and before Rygel can to it to her, she stabs him. She locks up Stark and Rygel, and Rygel is cut open and dying, and barely manages to ask Stark for help. Aeryn is tied up, as Xhalax says how remarkable Talyn is. She's severing his higher functions so that she can take him to High Command. She tells Aeryn that her orders are to subdue the gunship for transport, then track and deliver the second target...

Crais is tied up, as Crichton says that being a former Captain, he would know all the things that the Peacekeepers wouldn't want to get out, and he mentions that he always wondered why Crais wanted Talyn so bad, but then it came to him – Crais needs them. He knew they wouldn't help him but would do anything for Talyn – the Peacekeepers are after Crais too. Crais adds that it's not the only reason he helped them, but Crichton says the Peacekeepers can have him, throws water over him and leaves Crais for the taking.

On Talyn, Aeryn attempts to convince Xhalax not to sever Talyn's higher functions, saying that now she's finally found Xhalax she feels nothing but shame. Xhalax tells her that her sentiments won't work, and calls her daughter a traitor, telling her she is pathetic. Aeryn reminds Xhalax of the night she visited Aeryn, but Xhalax tells Aeryn that she paid for her actions. She says that she was given a chance to redeem herself – by killing Talyn, Aeryn's father.

The Colartas find Crais, but Crichton jumps them and manages to stab the two of them. Crais is angry at being used as lure for Crichton, and tells Crichton that if he's going to execute him then to just kill him, but don't leave him to die. He then asks Crichton how he will command Talyn if Aeryn is not there, or if she's dead.

Xhalax watches the vid recording, as Stark tells Aeryn that although Rygel was dead for several microts, he managed to seal Rygel's wound with the vines, which are aiding the healing process. Xhalax says that it's dead history; Aeryn's father is dead and Aeryn will now face a tribunal on account of high treason.

One of the Colartas wakes up in the jungle, as does Rygel back on Talyn. He says that he needs bed rest, but Aeryn wants him to go and untie them. Xhalax leaves Talyn and retrieves weapons from the prowler, as Crichton and Crais make their way to Talyn with the Colartas' tracking device. Aeryn is cut free, and goes after Xhalax, whilst outside Crais is attacked by the revived Colarta. Crichton helps, and as Xhalax goes to fire from the bushes, Aeryn jumps her. They fight, and Xhalax tells her that she would try and take Aeryn back, but her corruption is too advanced. Aeryn says that her corruption began the day that she was conceived. She tells Xhalax that her independence came from the woman she had only seen once, and she is the part of Xhalax that wanted to be a rebel. Xhalax calls Aeryn an aberration, but Aeryn says that she is her child. Crichton and Crais kill the Colarta, and Aeryn manages to get a hold of Xhalax's gun. Aeryn says that they have to kill Xhalax, but Crichton says that she cannot be the one to do it. Xhalax says that Aeryn can't do it, because she's afraid. Crais tells Crichton that Aeryn is right – they can't let Xhalax live - if they do, she will come after them again. Crichton says Aeryn will not be the one to kill her mother, so Crais tells him that he will do it. Crais tells Aeryn to go, saying that she must not witness this. Xhalax calls Aeryn a coward, and Aeryn drops to her knees, and asks if she is right and that if they let Xhalax live she will come after them again. Xhalax asks if Aeryn expects her to lie, to beg for her life. She says that Crais is right – she will hunt them down and kill them. Aeryn says a heartfelt "Goodbye mother," as Crichton takes her away. As they clamber through the jungle, Xhalax tells Crais to do it. Aeryn remembers when Xhalax came to her, and as she goes to turn back, they hear the sounds of gunfire, and Aeryn is left to be comforted in Crichton's arms.

Back on Talyn, Stark says that Rygel's recovery is a miracle. He says that Rygel is lucky to be alive again. Rygel questions "again?" and Stark tells him that for a while, he was dead, and that when he joined with Rygel to bring him back he met with Zhaan. He says that she looked contented, and whispered a prayer of guardianship; she's watching over them.

Crichton asks Aeryn how Crais is, and Aeryn says that he is trying to splice his neural engrams with Talyn's, so that Talyn will be able to navigate on his own again, and they can finally get some sleep, or not. She tells Crichton that he doesn't have to wait up, but he says he wants to. She tells him that it's all that they can do, but Crichton is concerned that a large part of Crais' psyche will now reside in Talyn, but it's the only way to bring Talyn back to life. Aeryn then tells Crichton that with Xhalax gone, all her connections to the Peacekeepers are completely severed.

Synopsis by Dani Moure

Alternate Perspective: To see a different perspective on this episode, read Mary Wood's summary.

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Episode Credits
Season 3, Episode 10 - "Relativity"
Writer: Rockne S. O'Bannon
Director: Peter Andrikidis
Production number: 10310
First UK Transmission: 5th Nov 2001
First US Transmission: 6th Jul 2001
Guest Stars:
Linda Cropper (Xhalax Sun); Thomas Holesgrove (Vek); Dominique Sweeney (Thek / Kek)
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